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Math formula editor
X-Maxima’s main feature is the ability to write mathematical expressions that can be evaluated quickly and precisely. Currently, two operations are supported: writing equations to be evaluated, and evaluating already written equations. This application features a rich collection of mathematical symbols that can be inserted by using a template or by typing directly. It can be used by programmers and mathematicians for writing mathematical forms, by researchers for evaluating mathematical forms, and by teachers for writing exercises.
Create and manipulate documents
Maxima also includes several other practical features, such as the ability to create and manipulate documents, which are supported through the use of a plain text editor. It provides a simple interface that allows you to create and save new documents, preview existing files, delete and rename documents. It supports Microsoft Word documents by exporting templates.
Draw graphs and create new labels
Exporting data to PDF or other format is the other convenient feature of this application. It lets you work with mathematical expressions and then generate a graphic report. You can use mathematical expressions to create diagrams for various applications, calculate areas, volumes, and the like, and display a wide range of information.


By the way, you can use mathematica for the same purpose, and it’s freely available and open source.
Mathcomp package is a commercial package, open source, but it’s expensive.

Tuesday, March 19, 2007

Book Review: The Homecoming

The Homecoming: Letters from a World War II POW to His Wife and Family

by Clyde Edgerton

256 pages, Anchor Books, 2007

ISBN 978-0-385-52545-0

A few years ago, after a few too many beers, I told my buddy, “The best thing I ever wrote was about the horrors of war.” It’s true. I would never have found the right words to describe my experience as a P.O.W. with a vivid enough imagery. But I remembered too well, when the United States entered World War II, the lines at the factory where I worked were filled with the men going off to war and the women trying to keep the factories going at home. In my life, the madness of the war has lasted six-and-a-half long years and no one wants to be in it.

Having spent 14 months in a Japanese POW camp and then two more years in China when the war was over, Clyde Edgerton

X-Maxima Crack

X-Maxima is an incremental update that brings Maxima further along, adds many new features to the interactive Maxima environment, and improves the performance of the Maxima kernel on Windows. X-Maxima supports many of the additions to the Maxima Lisp that occurred since the previous X-Maxima release. X-Maxima on Windows is an increment of the free X-Maxima application, Maxima. All of the functionality of X-Maxima remains available. However, the implementation on Windows is more polished and stable than that of the Linux version.Post navigation

Day 18: Trip to Remose Valley

We started our trip to the Northern Kajiado area early morning, hoping to get there before it gets too hot. We left Kisumu in the early morning and got to the cattle ranch near Phalucha by 9am. The ranch owner asked us to take food back to town for him as he didn’t have enough for all of us. The trip took about 3 hours on a narrow gravel road with poor road conditions and I had to concentrate not to go off the side of the road. At the small town of Phalucha we had another long wait for the car to be repaired. As soon as it was repaired, we stopped for an early lunch at a hotel, but was really tired from the long trip and went to sleep without eating anything. The afternoon was spent slowly driving to the city of Kajiado.

It was another scorching afternoon but the mild weather didn’t prevent me from sleeping. As the sun got higher, I felt quite hot and decided to take a cold shower to cool myself. I didn’t do much walking today as I felt quite tired. A couple of people in our group asked if I could lend them my iPhone to check emails and they must have felt my mood when they asked as I said no, that I wouldn’t feel like doing anything this afternoon. Normally, I wouldn’t care whether or not my phone was with me as I love to walk and there isn’t much that I can do on a phone. But this time, I felt sick of myself. The fact that they came and asked a friend like that when they should know that I’m not someone who would trust them with my phone.

I walked around the city and took some photographs. I waited at the bus stop for the bus to Kajiado as there was a pool of water there.

X-Maxima Crack +

X-Maxima is an enhanced version of Maxima. It contains features that allow it to be run from X-Windows. It is also completely self-contained, unlike other solutions out there that require a number of other packages.
X-Maxima comes with some unique features.
Simplified access
Many of the included features will take a long time to become familiar with if you are a Maxima user. X-Maxima is a full-featured Maxima that is also a GUI application. You can keep it on one screen or view it in full-screen mode. In this respect, it’s like MS Office.
Using widgets you can easily switch between different modes and easily access the features of each. The interface also comes with an editor that lets you write equations and visual mode to edit them. The GUI of the application doesn’t include any of the cosmetic features that are present in Maxima.
X-Maxima comes with many built-in functions that allow you to communicate with other programs. These include plotting, outputting tables and graphs, and exporting the content of a Maxima cell. These functions are very useful when working with other programs.
To make things even better, you can script the input and output of a GUI app using the interface to Python. X-Maxima also supports various access points for the X Window System. You can interact with the GUI by using less and more. Also, it provides a variable to define the size of the font, as well as a scale widget that can be adjusted to suit your needs.
X-Maxima does not install any of its components to the Windows registry. By default, the program is not able to run without permission.
There are some shortcomings with X-Maxima.
The lack of a dedicated menu makes it hard to use for beginners.
X-Maxima is distributed under the GNU Public License. It’s possible to find the source code for Maxima here.

This language package provides a high-level language, development environment and a set of libraries for creating and working with MathML.
The MathML Core subset is a 100% open standard that was originally developed by MathML’s primary contributor, Daniel Glazman. It defines a subset of MathML designed to support basic mathematical expressions.
The MathML Math subset is designed to be used by markup languages to implement mathematical notation.
The MathTools standalone

What’s New In X-Maxima?

Included in this bundle is the free version of X-Maxima, which comprises the majority of Maxima’s features. It does include Maxima’s own LaTeX and PDF math typesetting features, and the easy to use nwchem or Qute programs for calculating chemistry.
Qute is a library for chemistry written in C with bindings for Python and Maxima. It provides a minimal, concise front end for using chemistry libraries in computations.
nwchem is a Fortran implementation of the LAPACK library for manipulating matrices and linear algebra routines. It is free and open source software designed for Linux and Windows OS.
Academia.edu is a learning platform for students and teachers. Instructors and students post content, earn points and badges by sharing materials, and collaborate on assignments. Students continue to earn points based on the quality and quantity of their assignments. As an incentive for participation, students accrue Academic Hour Dollars (AHDs) that can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon.com, iTunes, and other trusted websites.
We appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve our software and service. It is very important to us that you continue to enjoy using our software, and we do take this feedback seriously. We have a passion for math and sciences, and we are very dedicated to making sure you have the best resources available. If you have any feedback about our software, we want to hear it. Please let us know. Thank you.


Maxima is a powerful, free, open source mathematical software system based on the language Maxima, which is written in Lisp. It provides a simple, intuitive, and powerful calculator-like programming environment for the expression of mathematical formulas and symbolic computations. Maxima is used by university students and professors throughout the world.Related Links

Actress Anna Faris is supporting a new campaign urging people to celebrate what makes them different and to not judge people based on the stigma of mental illness.

The campaign is one of several new public health initiatives featured in the latest annual report from the World Health Organization, which notes many parts of the world are in the midst of a mental health crisis.

To help combat this, the society is launching the Global Campaign for Suicide Prevention with the support of the Global Alliance Against Suicide (GAAS) and the World Health Organization.


System Requirements:

Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP (SP2)
2 GB free disk space
DirectX 9
19” monitor (1920 x 1080)
DVD drive or similar CD-ROM drive
Copy and paste the downloaded files and run XR00_Expert_IV.exe.
All the possible options are available.