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It’s rather difficult to define art, especially since it comes under such a variety of forms. Creating art mostly costs time and the right set of tools. Visual styles can be created on a computer with the helps of dedicated applications, and Whimsibrush is a suitable example of a neat drawing tool with which to design neat patterns.
Simple interface quickly gets you up and running
The application comes in a lightweight package which is easy to carry around on a thumb drive in case you want to use it on other computers. However, Adobe AIR needs to already be on a the target computer for the installation to function, as well as the program, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and grab it if it’s not there.
As far as the visual design is concerned, most of the space represents the canvas, with small, yet intuitive buttons for selection of brush style, toggling mirror mode, clearing everything, and saving the drawing. Interaction is only done with the left mouse button, thus considerably reducing the effort on your behalf.
Brush styles and save options
You don’t really get to create regular drawings with plain brushes which just leave color trails. There’s only a specialized brush which pains image patterns, with 17 different styles to choose from. Mirror mode makes it possible to draw on both sides of the canvas at the same time in a synchronized pattern.
Although the general set of controls is intuitive, it could have used some minor options to adjust size, transparency, or color. However, the faster you move the mouse the bigger the pattern, and it always rotates according to movement direction. Pictures can then be saved as JPG, but at a fixed resolution, regardless of system configuration or main window size.
A few last words
Bottom line is that Whimsibrush might not provide a wide variety of drawing utensils, or configuration options, but its simplicity and diversity of brush patterns are sure to help you easily create cool patterns once you get the hang of things.


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The application launches fairly quickly, which is nice, as it avoids the sluggishness of applications with such a lack of basic tools. It’s fairly easy to use, and design neat drawings for use in presentations or on the desktop.

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Decent, but lacks some features
Whimsibrush Cracked Accounts is a very simple and easy-to-use drawing application, although it does lack the ability to choose a point and begin drawing a line exactly there.
It has three brush styles, which includes a pencil, pen and color brush which give you the ability to draw interesting looking patterns. To do this, you use the left mouse button to select the line you are going to draw, and then you can draw it by moving the mouse further up and further right with the same button.
The software does not have a clear method of saving your creation to the hard drive which can be an issue if you want to see it later on.
The software does come with a selection of desktop wallpapers, which you can choose to be your wallpaper if you wish.
I would rate Whimsibrush Crack For Windows as a good drawing application, but it’s not a great drawing application.
Drawing in Whimsibrush is a simple thing to do.
Lacking the ability to simply start in one place and start drawing a line there.

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Whimsibrush Activator Download

Take advantage of the simple interface to quickly create cool pictures or patterns. With this application, you can create digital art that has never been possible before. Simply select one of the available brushes to start drawing. When finished, you can save the picture or pattern as an image file directly from the application or use image editing software to modify the image.
What’s New in This Release:
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Whimsibrush Activation Code

Simple interface quickly gets you up and running

You don’t really get to create regular drawings with plain brushes which just leave color trails

Brush styles and save options

Although the general set of controls is intuitive, it could have used some minor options to adjust size, transparency, or color

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What’s New in the?

Whimsibrush is a totally new and original drawing program. With a huge collection of cool brushes available at the press of a key, you can design beautiful patterns in an easy to use, intuitive interface.

Surprisingly enough, this is a simple, one-button drawing tool. Once you’re comfortable with its appearance, you will be surprised by how easy it is to create amazing pattern designs. Simply press a key to begin a new pattern, and let Whimsibrush do the rest.

Start designing your own patterns by choosing from a variety of 17 cool brushes. If you find the one you’re looking for, simply double click it and your new pattern will begin. When you’re ready, simply press space to save and close the window.

This software is free, easy to use, and fun to play with. Check out the tutorial pages for an in-depth look at all the features Whimsibrush has to offer. It’s available for download online and on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

This is not a full featured drawing program. It is designed to be a quick, one-button drawing and pattern creation tool. Whimsibrush allows you to create cool patterns. Save them to your hard drive, and use them as an aesthetic device.

If you don’t like the patterns you are creating, simply close the window and start over. Again, there are no save or restart options.

Did you notice the link to the screenshots of Whimsibrush in the second paragraph of this review? It’s not a hint as to what this software is. It’s simply an attempt to convey to you what this tool is all about.

You can start a new pattern right away in the drawing area or select one of the 17 available brushes, double click and go.

As you can see there is no real starting point. No gradient tool (although it can be added, as well as the option to choose your own colors). No undo/redo options. No tools at all to create straight lines.

In addition to the patterns, there are quite a few options for adjusting the brush itself.

Thats it. No tutorial, no nothing.

Whimsibrush is a quick drawing tool which allows you to create and save cool pattern designs. It’s a great tool for a quick burst of creative activity. Some may

System Requirements:

-Windows 7 or later

-Intel Pentium 3.0GHz or later
-4GB of RAM
-12GB of free space
-DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
-Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
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