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WASTE Description:

The main goal of WASTE is to provide a secure and simple protocol to enable the small group to communicate and collaborate on a range of topics. It is designed to be as generic as possible to meet the needs of groups of any size and domain.

In a WASTE group, members may have various roles, including more than one person acting as administrators and moderators, while ensuring that members cannot spoof or hack their identities.

WASTE has the following features and capabilities:

Instant messaging

Roster management

Trusted group communication

Secure file transfers

Provide and receive confidential information

Moderation and control of various group activities

A single leader can control and monitor the group in real time, without requiring every member to be online.

Groups can be created and deleted at any time and will be automatically deleted after the members have gone offline for two weeks.

Groups may be password protected with one-way hashes that cannot be spoofed or hacked.

The software is published with the entire source code and allows for additional members and management features.

The software provides the following advantages over other instant messaging products:

It allows for simple and secure management of groups of any size, not just those consisting of 50 or fewer users.

It provides a high degree of security by including the following features:

Member identities and encryption keys are both verified at login.

A single, trusted group leader is selected.

Moderators are required to confirm group membership.

Confidential information may be provided or requested.

Group members cannot share sensitive information with others unless the group owner chooses to allow it.

Group members cannot spoof or hack their identities.

Group members can only join or leave the group once per hour.

Proven and strong security measures prevent the group from being compromised.

Group members have the ability to “check in” to the group, allowing the leader to easily determine if anyone has gone offline or is attempting to spy or hack the group.

Provides the following benefits over the other Instant Messaging solutions:

A single group leader can monitor the group in real time.

A group owner can allow a trusted third party to manage the group on his behalf.

The group does not need to be stored on a shared networked drive or maintained in a specific directory or folder.

Allows file sharing

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WASTE is a new approach to encryption and instant messaging that removes much of the fuss and confusion surrounding these technologies by using two core components: encryption at the protocol level, and an approach to managing keys.
WASTE is a secure, open source, centralized, peer-to-peer, encrypted instant messaging system.
WASTE is specifically designed for small teams of users and for secure communication within those teams. The primary design goal is to ease the design and maintenance burden on the individual user.
WASTE is very simple. As a network topology expert, I always fell like learning about new software was the hardest part.
I took as much time as I needed to understand the basics, and that has served me well. The rest of this article is designed to explain the WASTE architecture in more detail.
WASTE does not require a client to be installed on each computer. Instead, WASTE is a network service that runs on the computers, and as such uses zero resources on the computer itself.
WASTE is not an easy, automatic solution. WASTE is a software product that allows organizations to create their own secure, trusted network by taking advantage of peer-to-peer technology.
The goal of WASTE is to make the design of secure networks as easy as possible. WASTE makes all network and cryptographic design choices for the user. The user has the ability to view the network topology as a whole, as well as at the level of individual users.
WASTE can be used for secure and efficient group chat.
The WASTE encryption and key management scheme is explained in this article:

Category:Cryptographic algorithmsQ:

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What’s New in the?

WASTE is a software product and protocol that enables secure distributed communication for small (on the order of 10-50 nodes) trusted groups of users.
WASTE is designed to enable small companies and small teams within larger companies to easily communicate and collaborate in a secure and efficient fashion, independent of physical network topology.
WASTE provides secure instant messaging, group chat, video streaming, and file-sharing for small groups of users. The WASTE communication is end-to-end encrypted and the connection between the group members is untrusted. Users remain anonymous and cannot be discovered by others.
The group is self-healing, and this is achieved by a combination of a highly optimized peer-to-peer networking stack, a strong authentication mechanism and a hierarchical directory system.


I think its similar to everything-js (
I haven’t tried it but it seems to be a node-based solution.

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System Requirements For WASTE Unofficial:

– 1 GB of free space on your PS Vita
– 3.0 firmware or later
System Requirements:
– 1 GB of free space on your PS Vita- 3.0 firmware or later
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