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Upstream Advanced C1 Teachers Book Keys Download


Upstream Advanced C1 Teachers Book Keys Download


The download will start automatically if your computer is connected to the Internet.This invention relates generally to a propulsion system for a towed vehicle, and more particularly to an improved propulsion system for connecting a driven member, such as a towed vehicle, to a drive axle through flexible drive shafts.
Most heavy-duty trucks, tractor-trailers, and the like are provided with a massive drive axle which rotates a wheel at the rear of the vehicle. The drive axle is typically connected to a differential which divides power between the two wheels of the driven member. The differential is typically adapted to allow some angular movement between the axle and the driven member in order to provide a measure of steering control.
The drive axle is driven by an input shaft connected to the output shaft of the engine in the cab of the tractor. The input shaft is typically connected to the output shaft by means of a differential assembly which uses a pair of bevel gears and a pair of pinions. Because the engine is fairly large, it is typically arranged so that its output shaft extends below the cab of the tractor. The input shaft is attached to a rotating structure which is not only supported by the chassis of the tractor but also by means of a differential housing connected to the driven member, such as a trailer.
Each axle includes a set of wheels which are mounted to a wheel support frame. The wheel support frame is made up of two parallel rails which are attached to the frame of the towed member. The frame of the towed member is usually attached to the frame of the tow vehicle by a fifth wheel assembly which is in turn attached to the frame of the tow vehicle by means of a kingpin assembly. The fifth wheel allows the two frame components to be moved toward each other as needed to position the towed vehicle next to the tow vehicle.
Each wheel support frame typically includes a bracket which is attached to the frame of the towed member. A pair of drive shafts extend from the respective axle assemblies and are connected to the bracket of the towed member by means of universal joints. The drive shafts pass through the kingpin assembly and ultimately are connected to the drive axle and differential assembly of the tow vehicle. The two drive shafts typically extend the same distance and are attached to the bracket at the same position.
A prior art drive system is shown in FIG. 1 and includes a drive axle 13 attached to the differential 12 which is in turn attached to the input shaft 11 of the engine. The input shaft 11 passes through the fifth

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