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UnlockGo (Android) is a specialized software solution that is meant to assist users into quickly removing screen locks from their Android devices.
Connect Android device first
It goes without saying that you first need to connect your Android smartphone or tablet, using its corresponding cable. Also, you are advised not to connect multiple devices simultaneously.
It should be mentioned that some of the operations supported by this application only support a limited number of devices, so you should check the list of supported models. For example, you can only bypass the screen lock without any data loss on early Samsung devices (that were released before S7).
Remove Google Lock (FRP)
FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection and it is a security feature that is present on all devices running Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) and higher.
UnlockGo (Android) can help you remove this protection from your connected Samsung device, while also erasing all the data on your device.
Unlock Screen Lock
Alternatively, you can use UnlockGo (Android) to bypass several types of screen locks, such as PINs, patterns, fingerprint IDs, or even face recognition.
Just like the previously mentioned function, this one also deletes all your data from the device. In other words, it should only be used as a last resort, when you no longer remember the screen lock and you just need access to the device even if this means you lose all your files.
This operation can be performed on a wide range of device models and brands, including Google, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Huawei and so on.
To wrap it up
All in all, UnlockGo (Android) can come in handy when you have purchased a second-hand device and you want to make sure the previous information is removed for good. Or you can use this app when you just cannot remember your password anymore.


Download ○○○ https://urluso.com/2myite

Download ○○○ https://urluso.com/2myite






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This software allows you to remove the screen lock from your device (in case you forgot the password) and it also wipes off all the data on your phone.
What’s New:
♦ New User interface:
● System settings now placed on the main screen, according to new system requirements
♦ New video: Introducing Vue.js, the next-generation client-side JavaScript framework
● iOS 13 now supports all 32-bit and 64-bit iPad models
● Add several additional operating systems
♦ Remove/Bypass Google Lock (FRP)
♦ Remove/Bypass PIN locks
♦ Remove/Bypass Pattern locks
♦ Remove/Bypass Fingerprint ID locks
♦ Remove/Bypass Face Recognition locks
* Only supports locked OEM devices that belong to the following brands
♦ If your device has this protection activated, then it must be bypassed with your smartphone’s PIN code or pattern.
♦ UnlockGo (Android) can only be used if the device has been unlocked before, otherwise, the screen lock is too strong to be removed or bypassed.
♦ Your device must be running Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher.
♦ The application can only remove/bypass the screen lock, but no other security features, such as the type of data encryption or data recovery options.
♦ UnlockGo (Android) cannot remove the screen lock if data encryption is enabled.
♦ UnlockGo (Android) can only remove the screen lock when the tablet is connected via USB cable.
How to use UnlockGo:
(1) Download the application from Google Play and install it on your smartphone.
(2) Connect your Android device, through its USB cable, with your computer.
(3) Open the application on your computer and the device will be unlocked, meaning you can now use it.
(4) Press the ‘Unlock’ button, which will direct you to the device’s Android settings. Once you are there, you will see a list of available screen locks, along with their respective passwords.
(5) Select the type of lock you need to bypass and simply enter the correct password or pattern.
(6) Once unlocked, the phone will reboot, in order to apply the changes.
(7) After your device has been rebooted, press the

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published:25 Oct 2017


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UnlockGo (Android) (Latest)

• Unlock the screen lock on your connected Samsung device.
• Remove screen lock functions, such as pattern, PIN, face ID, fingerprint.
• This app supports every Samsung Android device on the market (including the latest S-model).
• Also supports any Android operating system (OS) version above 4.4 (Kitkat) for Samsung devices.
• It is meant to be used as a powerful and safe alternative to factory reset.
• It can be fully functional only on Samsung Android devices without android version 4.4 and above.
• Support process of Samsung Android devices, including old Samsung models.
• It removes all the security functions, such as screen lock, fingerprint, face ID, PIN and others.
• Detects what screen locks have been installed and what methods can be removed.
• Works on all Android devices on the market (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG).
• Supports Android OS versions above 4.4 (KitKat).
• Support any amount of data and files.
• Backed by a reasonable engine and with a fully automated and controlled processes.
• Works in all Android devices in your pocket.
• Bring back the safety of your device and your personal files.
• Stay in touch with your mobile.
• Easy and quick to use.
• Any Samsung Android devices, including original and un-locked ones.
• Remove the screen lock function.
• Remove data lock function.
• Remove all the data on the device.
• No need to restore previous data.
• No need to call for a technician.
• Backed by a powerful engine with a very comprehensive set of functions.
• Encrypted method.
• Safe and reliable.
• Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
• Remove authentication and stay in touch with your mobile.

The app itself makes it easy to set a screen lock for your phone, using one of many available options. The app can be set to allow for password, pattern, PIN, face ID or fingerprint-based authentication. You can even set a screen lock that switches the device off whenever the lock is disabled.

After a screen lock is set it can be bypassed when you have previously used the app, or if it’s new to you. Each of the screen lock types will display the information needed to bypass that particular type of screen lock.

Add more screen locks after the initial set up, and the app will let you know how

What’s New In UnlockGo (Android)?

It’s a highly anticipated mobile app for beginners, especially for unlocking users of any Android devices.
UnlockGo (Android) launched on the 3rd of May, 2017 and was initially available in this platform only (Android app for free). But not long after it was released, the application was also released on iOS (iOS app for free). And it is at the time of this writing a total success – so, if you’re looking for more help from this particular software, it may be worth checking it out, even if you have no idea why you need it.
Key features

In addition to our top 3 features above, we have also compiled a list of other top free Android apps that you should check out. These apps include Driver Boss (for Android), Solangi (for Android), Patience (for Android) and more.
UnlockGo (Android) – do you know any other apps that can do the same? If you’ve got something interesting, just feel free to mention in the comments below.

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System Requirements For UnlockGo (Android):

Additional Notes:
Replay Save Data:
Launch this console at the main menu.
Video Recording:
At the main menu, select “Replay Save Data.” (this will overwrite the save data file if it exists. If there are any errors with this, please try again.) Press X to exit. If you have done this, press X again to begin the recording. If you have not done this, pause the