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TweakFS Mini Explorer has been designed as a mean of tidying up the desktop of all the temporary files/zips that sometimes clog it.
At times there were dozens of files and with this utility I now simply work with or checkout a set of files and then put them away for quick future reference in a set folder location.
Here are some key features of “TweakFS Mini Explorer”:
■ Can be dragged to any location on the desktop via top and bottom panels.
■ Remembers last position on startup.
■ Full OLE drag ‘n’ drop and Windows Explorer context menu.
■ Rooted at the Common Documents Folder, there is an option to change that.
■ Double-clicking top and bottom panels rolls it up.







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To make using your own folder system as quick and convenient as possible, you can now organize files using any of the tools that are already installed on your system: Windows Explorer, Windows File Manager, and even Internet Explorer’s bookmarks. This is a perfect tool for people that work with several different files at the same time.
Run TweakFS Explorer now from the Windows Start menu:

TweakFS Explorer Open Folder

Tips: Run TweakFS Explorer
· Put TweakFS Explorer in the Windows Startup folder
· If you do not already have the file, download it from the link on this page.
If you have a problem with getting the software to open do not panic. Please contact us using the button on the left side of the page. We are here to help.

TweakFS Explorer Features
TweakFS Explorer comes in a number of languages but you can customize the end results by selecting your options and styling the program. You can choose from English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, or any language of your choosing.

To ensure that all of your language selections are applied correctly you can select Help-> about. Or you can click the menu button and choose Help-> about.

Learn More
You can even design this software to look like any other program that you might have already.

Getting Started
Once you have downloaded and installed this software, it is time to get started.

TweakFS Explorer Installation
1. Launch TweakFS Explorer.
2. Click on the drop-down menu with the yellow question mark.
3. Select “My Documents”.
4. Click OK.
5. Place your files where you want them on the desktop.
6. Continue to use TweakFS Explorer.
Some of you may want to arrange your settings into a folder structure of your own design. You can customize the order of this.
If you do not want the program to remember the last path location you worked with click on the drop-down menu once more. Make sure that “Remember Last Path Location” is unchecked.

4. Open the Folder in Explorer
To open a folder in Explorer click on the folder’s icon.

5. Open Document In Browser
To open a document in your default browser click on the document’s icon.

TweakFS Explorer Manage Files
Using a tree-like structure for

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TweakFS Mini Explorer is a file explorer to show several files at one time.
Install TweakFS Mini Explorer on your system:
TweakFS Mini Explorer is available for Windows 2000,XP,Vista and Windows 7.
You can get it at the TweakFS Mini Explorer page.
Download TweakFS Mini Explorer 16.8.8


I’m a huge fan of NTFS Config for these things, as well as NTFS Tweak Utilities and NTFS Backup. Both are quite affordable, and allow you to easily manage permissions and many other things on your NTFS partitions.

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TweakFS Mini Explorer Free License Key Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

Align to Windows Explorer Context Menu
TweakFS Mini Explorer’s main goal was to replicate the context menu of Windows Explorer.
TweakFS Mini Explorer was designed and built using C++, Qt and Win32API for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

TweakFS Mini Explorer consists of following Windows Explorer Context Menu:
Right click
Select all
Open with
Keyboard Shortcut
Search for
Search for All Text
New Folder

“TweakFS Mini Explorer” also contains the Windows Explorer Search function. So when it is pressed, the TweakFS Mini Explorer’s main window shows the search results window (with Up and Down buttons).
The search result window shows up as plain window and is moved on the desktop using drag ‘n’ drop features (more on that later).
When starting “TweakFS Mini Explorer”, the Windows Explorer Search context menu is automatically available.

The application will ensure that all these operations are available on any Windows operation system when starting the TweakFS Mini Explorer.

The application is provided as a commercial, which means that there is no free trial available.
In order to receive support with future bugs and new development direction, please send a mail with the information below and the application will be delivered to you.

I do not receive from you the address where you want me to send the application. Could you please provide me that address?

“TweakFS Mini Explorer” may be used on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Please note that TweakFS Mini Explorer uses the Use the current folder for Windows Explorer context menus, Windows 8 decision to remove this option.

If you will still experience problems with “TweakFS Mini Explorer”, please send an email with the information below and I will be glad to include it in my next next release.
If the problem is still not solved, you can contact me in order to receive the application on a monthly or a yearly base.

In order to receive support with future bugs and new development direction, please send a mail with the following information:
– The full version of “TweakFS Mini Explorer” you purchased.
– The application’s serial number.
– The application

What’s New In TweakFS Mini Explorer?

TweakFS Mini Explorer is the right tool for Windows Explorer, drag and drop, development and debugging on top of the Windows Explorer. The small application provides an extensive set of options such as things like drag and drop, context menu, back and forward, deep down browsing through the file structure, etc. TweakFS Mini Explorer also has an option to save search history.

3-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer, fixing unorderable files in the Mini Explorer.
4-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer has been improved to provide a clean look and feel.
5-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer provides a new feature: a stack icon to roll the Mini Explorer up.
6-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer fixed a bug on right click on the Mini Explorer’s panel, a popup dialogue box.
7-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer can now be dragged and dropped to the dashboard panel.
8-2005: New option for setting the ‘Common Documents’ path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\ and TweakFS Mini Explorer can now be set to open the Mini Explorer, with a different setting.
9-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer has been revamped. The application is now full OLE based.
10-2005: TweakFS Mini Explorer has been improved to reduce its size and interact better with the Windows dialogs.

Find the location of all files and folders in C:\ or your drive

This utility can also display all files in the system registry. With great ease you can find where these files are located. The only requirement is that you must have an Internet connection.

The basics

This folder is a utility which provides the location (folder/file) of any selected file/folder in your C:\ drive. To do so it will search the registry for this information. All of the windows provided are so you can simply open them, drag & drop folders/files. Also you can uncheck those files that you don’t want to open.

How do you use TweakFS Location Finder?

Once you select a folder/file and click on the “Find location” button, a new window will open where you can find and select the folder/file or folder/file that is located.


This program should work in the same way in all Windows versions, but if you are using Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.1 and so

System Requirements For TweakFS Mini Explorer:

This mod is designed to be compatible with the new Modular Combat System introduced in Fallout 4: Far Harbor and Fallout 4: Nuka World. Please visit the compatibility tab below to check for system compatibility.
Open up your PS3/Xbox360 main menu.
Go to the Mod menu.
Select the “Load Game” button.
Select “Data Management”
Open the folder which has your game on it.
Open the.mcf file.
Select “Load Game”
Ensure the