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Banks in Japan are offering no-fee accounts with no minimum balance, a move designed to encourage growth in the country’s low-interest-rate environment.

The accounts, with no monthly fees and no minimum balance, are offered by various financial institutions across the country. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Mitsubishi) said on Friday that it had put together a national consortium of 3,000 banks and financial institutions, drawn from in-house and over-the-counter banks and credit unions, to offer the no-fee accounts to members.

The account will be available until 31 March, 2019, Mitsubishi said.

The move was designed to help boost loans and credit extended to small and medium-sized firms, as many of those borrowers need bank cash to cover their working capital requirements, Chief Executive Makoto Sanetomi said at a news conference on Friday.

“We think this will be very helpful when the economy is likely to enter a recovery in the second half of this fiscal year,” Sanetomi said.

The provision of low-interest loans is limited by the low rate of interest at which loans are being offered by the banks, as well as strict debt rules which limit how much banks can invest in their own lending.

While the two-year government bond yield is fixed at 0.05 percent, the banks pay an interest rate of around 1.6 percent on loans.

“We currently have a gap in the system,” Sanetomi said. “We should narrow that gap and take part of that gap by doing something like what we are doing here, which is to create no-fee accounts.”

The move by Mitsubishi is part of its efforts to respond to market conditions and make further improvements in its bank business.

“We are continuously focusing on improving services for customers through the enhancement of the provisions such as foreign currency loans,” he said.

The bank, which was set up in 1934, operates in Japan, North and South America and Europe. Its main business is in international finance.Q:

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Category:Servers (computing)Sears to close 40 stores in spring

Sears, which has been searching for a financial partner since liquidating its assets in August, said it plans to close 40 stores in the spring to trim costs.

The company will decide by the end of this month which stores will close first, according to a filing Wednesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Sears declined to comment on the move.

The company, which went bankrupt in August, has consistently said it