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Final Destination is the official screensaver for the Final Destination 4 movie, and can be used to customize your desktop.
Give your desktop a fresh but frightening look when you’re away from your computer using the Final Destination Screensaver.







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“Suddenly, we are blinded by a brilliant flash of light and slammed to the ground. We are surrounded by a giant field of dirt and rubble that seems to never end. Over the field is a thunderous sound which has the intensity to blow you away, but the clarity of a whisper. Outside the field there is a towering wall of fire that extends endlessly into the distance.

“We don’t have the time to look at the intricate structure of the wall, or the smaller field of dirt we’re in, or even the distant silhouette of the in-between. We are hypnotized by the sound of that ever-present roar.

“…Now time is short. We have to find a way out of the wasteland before the sound of the roar grows too strong and the wall of fire envelops us.

“Slowly, all of the action is removed from the scene. For one brief moment, we get a glimpse of the stunning beauty of the planet that used to be our home, and the tragedy we have brought upon ourselves. Then, the haunting screams and shouts of our fellow companions echo in the darkness. They may need our help, or we may be too late.

“…But we must be certain that we have the only key available.

“”Open the door. We must leave this place. We don’t have much time…

“Upon its release, the mouse will blink and move around. It will also produce an animation when you click it, and when it is near any of the special icons.

“The mouse can also be assigned to never blinking, which just makes it sit still at the desktop.

“The length of the mouse’s idle time is limited to the current duration of the screensaver, or until it is moved.

“If the mouse is moved, or the mouse button is depressed, the computer will wait until the mouse is returned to the desktop before continuing.

“Because the mouse will blink, this program can be used to make the computer appear to be powered off, even when the computer is in fact on. However, should the mouse not be left on the desktop, the computer will begin to poll for mouse activity.

“It does this by repeatedly checking to see if the mouse pointer has moved, and assuming that it has been moved if the mouse pointer is not on the desktop.

“This program also can poll for mouse button activity to make it appear as though the mouse buttons are not

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What you are about to see is a small taste of the film… but you’re not finished until you enter the world of the Final Destination.

The Final Destination Screensaver Features

Final Destination Screensaver includes nearly 70 interesting graphics, including a variety of themes for you to choose from.

About the Final Destination Screensaver

Final Destination Screensaver is the official screensaver for the movie, Final Destination 4.

We are aware of the fact that this screensaver is not listed in the official website of the Final Destination movie but we give you the possibility to use the power of the Final Destination Screensaver on your own computer.

You can change the look of your computer using the Final Destination Screensaver.

Each of the included screensavers has its own unique look.

Final Destination screensaver contains almost 70 different graphics.

You can change your screensaver to make it look like the Final Destination 4 movie whenever you want.

The Final Destination Screensaver is completely free and does not have any advertisements.

What is new in this release:

Version 2.0 – many new graphics.
Version 2.1 – fixed graphics problem.

Installation Details

Final Destination Screensaver can be used on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating systems.

Download Specifications

File size: 191 Mb

Digital rights management: No

Screen resolution: 320*270

Language of interface: English

Display bit: 8

Check this update

Size: 1.81 MB

APKEd as: untitled-release.zip

FileMD5: c9c65791f622df8fbd81bc4a8ea1884b

APKId as: 10031126

Java Required: No

Minimum version: 7.2.2


Final Destination Screensaver is the official screensaver for the movie, Final Destination 4.
Reverse the evil fate of you and your friends at the Final Destination Video Game and Movie Homepage.
What you are about to see is a small taste of the film… but you’re not finished until you enter the world of the Final Destination.

The Final Destination Screensaver Features

Final Destination

The Final Destination Free

Final Destination is the official screensaver for the Final Destination 4 movie. With the help of the four cops, who are now formally trained as CSIs, you’ll follow them through the hotel where the cultists held the conference.
All the special effects, music and other details are taken directly from the movie. Use this screensaver to customize your desktop, so you’ll always see the hotel and the four CSIs as you’d see them in the movie.
Final Destination Screensaver Features:
– Music: “Cowboys like me” – Chris Cornell
– Special effects: Created using original movie materials
– High quality texture and high resolution images
– High quality animation
– Shake to unlock the desktop
– Several configurations for your computer
– 4-dimsions (1024 x 768 pixels, 1280 x 1024, 1600 x 1200 and 1920 x 1200 pixels)
– Customizable background
– Special effects: Motion path, static, and fade effects
– Some other great functionalities!
Final Destination Screensaver also allows you to set a screen saver password.

Resident Evil 5 is the latest game in the series, and contains a story much larger in scope than previous games. This screensaver features four different game scenes, with the player taking on the role of Leon, Claire, Ada, or Carlos.
The Resident Evil 5 Description:
“The Umbrella Corporation is dead, but their evil isn’t. Twenty years after the nightmare started, they are back, stronger than ever, and they’ve taken over the town of Raccoon City. As one of the few survivors, you’re the only one that can stop them. You must find key items and complete mini-games in order to survive.”
The Resident Evil 5 Screensaver contains four graphics modes, and is high quality screensaver available on a permanent basis.
The Resident Evil 5 Screensaver Features:
– Animated graphic mode for resolutions from 1024 x 768 to 1920 x 1200
– Free to try version
– Movie preview
– 4 game play scenes
– 4 graphics modes
– Customizable screen saver password
– Four game icons to make your desktop look like the one below.

Battlefield 3 is the latest game in the Battlefield series. This screensaver contains three game scenes, and is free to use.
The Battle for Binh Duong 3 Description:
“In the third chapter of the Battle for Binh Duong we see the battle go down the streets of the

What’s New in the?

“The soul of Final Destination is the icon, the same haunted ship it’s been since the beginning. It bears witness to all the lives that have ever been lost on sea; the first to be lost. Then, the Second Ship, and now the Third Ship. Some live, some die, and some escape, but one thing remains true: They all get there. But, what the devil is the Final Destination, and why is it, no matter how many ships go down, always the one right before the ferry lands, that has a creepy feel about it?”

Here is another Halloween version of the most popular retro game ever made and loved by everyone everywhere. You can choose to play the game in Arcade Mode or in Survival Mode. In Arcade mode you play against the computer, while in Survival mode you take on an endless wave of ghosts and madmen who will stop at nothing to get you. Your only weapon is a broken bottle. You are only given 60 seconds to get to the end of the screen, you have 60 seconds to set your bottle on fire, and you have 60 seconds to blow your brains out. You also have the ability to quit at any time in Survival Mode.

Artwork by Anthony Storm from Action Figure Studio. Email Anthony for commercial use of this awesome figure. Please make sure to order from Action Figure Studio. Search their site for more of Anthony’s art.

Another presentation of “The Killing Joke” graphic novel. The colorings are by Eric T. Dorey (ed_by_dorey@yahoo.com) a colorist with Ralph Macchio, that has provided the comic book coloring for Parker Brothers Comics and the Crisis on Infinite Earths project.

This is an extensive collection of Windows 3.1 screensavers, from more traditional windows to icons and general window screensaver screensavers. The screensaver at the bottom of the page is a big and bold clock screensaver and pretty good too, although it uses significant CPU resources.

Based on the popular Card Solitaire game, this is not your ordinary Solitaire screen saver.
In Card Solitaire you are presented with 8 colorful, yet classic, playing cards, each in its own individual and unique suit.
1 of each suit is dealt to you and can be moved around the board by holding the control key and moving the mouse.
After all cards have been moved, you are given 2 options: Either place a card on the initial position or move one of the cards on the board

System Requirements:

Note: The Retro Chip Challenge is designed to work on the emulator RetroChip challenge. It does not work on or with any other retro gaming platforms.
Main Features
• Run Game Programs on a Linux System
• Remotely Control Game Controls with a Web Browser
• Game Libraries
• Enthusiast-Friendly
• Stable Emulator
• Online Community
• Custom User-Friendly Controls
• Easily Configurable
• Easily Updated
What’s New in V1.