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The Conjuring 2 (English) 2 Full Movie In Tamil Free Download


Supernatural Thriller brings to the screen another real-life case from the archives of renowned demonologists Ed. Morta and M. Macready. Residents of the suburban town of Jervisville, Pennsylvania, unaware of the real existence of the shadows, witnessed the appearance on the streets of the town of two women dressed as spirits of the XIX century. The eldest of them was the prototype of the queen of the night from the books of Edgar Allan Poe, and the youngest was the American queen of midnight. They came down to earth during a thunderstorm when electric lightning flashed. The journalists who met them called them “Carmen” and “Rano”. Their next visit to the town became known after some time. Many people came to the editorial office of the local newspaper for their appearance, but no matter how much they were waiting, no one could see them in their house.
A cocktail of witch hunts and conspiracies
A professor from the University of Pennsylvania, who was a staunch opponent of polygamy, came to the city. Accompanying his friends and his doctor’s wife, who opposed female circumcision, the professor suspected that they were all witches. At that time, there were already two female demonologists in the town, one of which, being a famous witch hunter, and the other a healer.
“In the future, she will write about herself,” one of the historians said about “Carmel” and about her famous “chariot”, but, perhaps, she became so famous in history precisely because at one time she had to face a witch hunter .
After some time, a strange incident with the ring immediately occurred. One evening, a black cat crossed the road along which the professor was traveling, and a few days later a whole group of men came to visit him with empty buckets, which, as it turned out, were prepared as payment for treatment.
An interesting connection: they disdained the ring, but used the buckets.
Three witches
Not everyone liked the story of the new female members, especially after the police intervened.
The wife of the possessed husband also came to the town for occult intentions. The healer who visited her more than once expressed a desire to take part in the experiment. However, she warned that it would not be easy for her, because before starting treatment, she would perform a ritual, which is the basis of black magic.
The entire male population of the town took part in the “sign