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SysRstPnt is a command-line application that can be used for viewing, creating and deleting system restore points from Command Prompt, another console-based environment, as well as a batch or script file.
Run Command Prompt as administrator
To use this tool, make sure to start Command Prompt with admin rights or it won't work. The syntax is SysRstPnt.exe action [-c:description] [-d:number] [-s], where "action" can be set to "list", "create" or "delete", depending on what you want to do with the Windows restore points.
View a list of all system restore points
If you want to list the checkpoints (SysRstPnt.exe list), the tool shows the index number, date and time, type (e.g. critical update, application install or uninstall) and description of each restore point, in addition to the total checkpoints identified. It's also possible to view all restore points, including the already removed ones (SysRstPnt.exe list -s).
Create checkpoints by name and delete them by index number
If you want to create a new system restore point (SysRstPnt.exe create -c:description), you have to specify a name, and the program will display its index number and type (e.g. manual checkpoint). To delete a checkpoint (SysRstPnt.exe delete -d:number), it's necessary to indicate its index number. Quiet mode can also be enabled to disable "Press any key to continue" messages (-q).
Couldn't list removed checkpoints in our tests
The -s switch didn't prove to be operational in our evaluation, as the program only showed existing restore points, without removed ones (same output as SysRstPnt.exe list). Other than that, the restore point manager worked smoothly on Windows 10.
It created, deleted and displayed checkpoints rapidly while remaining light on computer performance. Too bad that it cannot delete restore points also by description, not only by index number, so it ties you to the "list" switch.







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Download SysRstPnt_7.7.7.zip and unpack it to any folder of your choice.
Run the exe
Double-click on the “SysRstPnt.exe” file to run the utility.

By default, the application will appear in C:\Program Files (x86)\SysRstPnt. You can change this by clicking “Edit” and changing the path to “c:\program data\sysrstpnt.exe”.
Common Notes:

If, like us, you prefer SysRstPnt to have icons instead of Windows menu items, set SysRstPnt to run from “SysRstPnt.exe” and set the icon size to 32×32. The same icon name can be used for both values. Otherwise, just click “OK” to set the icon size.
[IMPORTANT] Make sure the file SysRstPnt.exe is included in the application’s folder (exe). Also, the program might need to restart in order for the changes to take effect.

If you need more details, read the “How to…” section in the Help menu.

Suspend System Restore

Suspend System Restore is a utility developed to temporarily disable system restore and end-user restore operations. Run from the Command Prompt, the syntax is SuspendRST.exe.

Make sure to run the utility as an administrator. The goal of this utility is to enable users to temporarily disable system or end-user restore during a system installation or repair, or in a critical environment. It’s possible to enable system restore or end-user restore after the suspension period ends (SysRstPnt.exe resume –r or SuspendRST.exe resume –r), which may corrupt the Windows OS.
Running the utility should take no more than a few seconds.
An alternative way to suspend system restore is to use SysRstPnt.exe [action] [-i:index]. The different actions (list, create, delete or resume) can be used for this purpose, and you can add parameters to the latter method. For example, running SysRstPnt.exe create -i 0 and SysRstPnt.exe delete -i 0 will create and delete system restore points in Windows, but the system will not be fully protected and it’s possible to create a

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We didn’t notice anything particularly useful about SysRstPnt besides the ability to create and delete restore points, and a welcome shortcut, as the task is not that common. For deleting restore points, the program gives you more control than SysRst.exe, but its setup and command line syntax remain confusing.
System Restore
System Restore is a tool that allows you to roll back Windows system changes like updates, repairs, and virus attacks, if you encounter errors on your PC. It creates restore points automatically after any changes to your system or programs, which can be useful when certain errors prevent you from performing other tasks, in addition to allowing you to recover files and settings from a previous state if you reinstall or reformat your PC.
For example, a PC might be infected by a virus, which causes numerous problems. The virus was detected by the computer’s antivirus software (i.e., your anti-virus software), and it causes a system error (or crash) when trying to remove it. The error message may simply say that your system has been shut down while an error was being processed, or it may give you a problem reading or writing memory. In any case, you may end up with hundreds of errors.
To reset your computer to its factory state or system settings before you reset it to the latest operating system, you’ll have to restore Windows to an earlier point in time. If you were to turn off your computer, then get a factory recovery disk and enter Windows Repair mode, your computer would return to the factory default. However, if you were to do nothing, your computer would shut down, leaving your files inaccessible.
To avoid all this, the system recovery option allows you to restore Windows to a recent state, with options to preserve the most-recently saved system configuration and software settings. The recovery process keeps all the settings and files that were current when your PC was shut down.

The following tutorial takes you through the process of creating a new System Restore point and restoring to an earlier point.
Setting Up and Using System Restore
You can use System Restore to restore the settings and files of the current Windows operating system to their defaults and revert any changes you’ve made in case you reinstall Windows, or you decide to format your PC. Restoring to a point in time before a current problem was created, and using a point in time later than the first error that occurred after your system was updated, can make it possible to fix the problems.

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SysRstPnt creates, displays and removes system restore points based on the actions specified.
SysRstPnt is written in C# and uses the.NET Framework for Windows Forms.
SysRstPnt is 100% safe to run.
You may run the program as many times as you want, they will not be removed.
SysRstPnt is fully compatible with Windows 10.
As a.NET based program, it is available on all Windows compatible devices including Windows tablet or smartphone.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


“Description”=Software developer.

“DisplayText”=Sets the number of restore points to be displayed.

“DisplayName”=Sets the name of the restore point.

“CreateTime”=The creation time of the restore point.

“SystemTime”=The system time at which the restore point was created.

“FreeSpace”=The number of unused bytes in the restore point.

“FreeSpaceMB”=The number of unused MB in the restore point.

“SystemTimeMB”=The system time at which the restore point was created.

“CreateTimeMB”=The time at which the restore point was created in system time.


“Description”=Software developer.

“Index”=The index number of the restore point.

“Name”=The name of the restore point.

“SystemTime”=The system time at which the restore point was created.

“FreeSpace”=The number of unused bytes in the restore point.

“FreeSpaceMB”=The number of unused MB in the restore point.

“SystemTimeMB”=The system time at which the restore point was created.

“CreateTimeMB”=The time at which the restore point was created in system time.


“DefaultSuffix”=The default suffix for a new restore point.

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System Requirements For SysRstPnt:

Legal Disclaimer: The use of this emulator is not intended to create any rights or obligations for one party or another in any type of action or claim. Using this emulator is solely for the purpose of recreation. The developer is not responsible for the current state of the emulator.
Windows, Linux and Mac OS X:
Please note that this emulator is in Early Access and is in no way fully complete.
Windows 32-bit: The Windows version of this emulator supports the following system requirements:
Dual core CPU
16 GB or more RAM