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Sukhmani Full Movie Hd 720p Download

Reboot is a Tamil action film directed by debutant Santosh Sivan. The film stars Mohanlal, Sonya Reddi, R. Madhavan and Shiv Panditt. The film’s score and soundtrack are composed by Hiphop Tamizha. The story of the film starts with the death of Nirupama (Sonya Reddi), a woman that Gopal (Mohanlal) loved and who was in love with Deepa (Shiv Panditt). Gopal’s sister Jaya (Sonya Reddi) tries to fix her brother’s marriage with his friend/fiancé, Nisha (Nigerine Jyothika), a doctor.. The film revolves around a man from the United States named Gopal (Mohanlal) who lives with his wife in a village in Karnataka.

Mohanlal is the real-life brother of Malayalam film director Kalabhavan Mani. Thirumangalyam, directed by the same director, was released on the same day with this film.The film is about a dysfunctional Gopal family, who has the tradition of accepting “black money”, for saving “the family”. Gopal seeks refuge in the US for several years and wants to settle his family in this country. However, his wife Nirupama and daughter Jaya both oppose this idea. Gopal’s wife is a nurse and a homemaker. While she loves her daughter, she is also worried about her husband’s absence and the fact that Jaya is receiving the love and affection of her stepbrother (who was the reason behind the divorce of Gopal and Nirupama).

As the story progresses, Jaya helps Gopal and his family in the US and she is paid by Gopal, who later returns to the village with money and an unconscious Nirupama.

Mohanlal, who plays the role of Gopal, also changes his name to John. In the first half of the film, Gopal learns about the value of money and also that he and his wife were not separated for their own pleasure. Gopal aspires to be a real hero. He takes his daughter from her mother and decides to settle in the US, which he never told his wife. Along with a few others, Gopal opens a doner kebab stall. His sister then takes over the store and names it “Chinna Doner Kebab”.

In the second half of the

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