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NOTE: This application has been discontinued in July 2021 and is no longer available for purchase! However, you can still download it from Softpedia and use it with the limitations stated on this page.
Two of the reasons why Windows 8 was not popular among most users when it was launched was the lack of the Start Menu and the introduction of the Start Screen, which basically split user’s experience between the desktop and the Modern UI. StartBar8 is an intuitive application that aims to fix both these issues.
The software utility can only be installed on computers running Windows 8 and it adds a customizable bar to the left side of the screen – it works quite similar to the Charms Bar, if you hover your mouse cursor to the left side of your screen (no matter if you are currently exploring the desktop or the Start Screen), a bar is displayed.
However, unlike the tiles from the Charms Bar, the ones of StartBar8 can be personalized and modified after right-clicking them. You can replace an item’s label, icon and action, so that you can associate a frequent task to the customized tile: open a file, launch a folder, shutdown the PC, restart or lock it, access the Command Prompt, the Task Manager or the Device Manager.
The aforementioned bar also provides access to the actual StartBar8, where you can explore all available tiles on your Start Screen, but you can also browse through the most recently accessed files and folder, just like you would do in a traditional Start Menu.
Scrolling down through the sections of StartBar8, you also get the possibility to effortlessly browse through the files in a chosen folder and preview its images without leaving the app. In addition, you can manage your Windows libraries and recent files, along with the network connections.
All in all, StartBar8 is a handy tool for making the most of your Windows 8 computer, especially since it integrates smoothly within the OS. If you are pleased with its feature-set, you can purchase a license and enjoy the functions of StartBar8 beyond the evaluation period.


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# Install StartBar8 in Windows 8
StartBar8 is a start menu replacement. StartBar8 can provide the useful StartMenu experience with tiles, and many of the similar functions you get from StartMenu. But the tiles in StartBar8 can be customized, and provide an interface that is flexible and fun.
If you have experience with Windows 8, you will know that many of the tile functions can be performed from other areas of the Start screen and that the StartMenu interface is useful and has a lot of power. But the StartScreen might get cluttered quickly if you want to find different programs, music, photos or videos quickly. The StartBar8 start menu is a convenient way to perform these functions quickly.
In addition, you can customize many of the tiles in StartBar8 by changing their text, image or hint. Plus, you can drag and drop tiles on the start menu. StartBar8 is a great replacement for Start Menu. It can provide the Start Menu experience with tiles. You can also customize the start menu using this start menu application. StartBar8 is a start menu application that can be called from Start Screen. By using StartBar8, you can easily perform the start menu functions that are available from StartScreen.
Install StartBar8 in Windows 8:
StartBar8 is an app developed by startbar8.com for Windows 8. To install it, you must install the app in a computer running Windows 8.
StartBar8 License
StartBar8 is licensed under GPL. It means that you can use this app free of charge. After reviewing the agreement, you can download and run StartBar8 for testing purposes. StartBar8 trial version allows you to use this app for the testing purpose only.
StartBar8 Limitations:
# StartBar8 is a free app available under the GPL version which means you can use this app for testing purposes without any limitations. But you must have a valid license or registration key to get the real version.
# StartBar8 is also available for the Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.
# StartBar8 is available for the free demo and trial version. You can use this app for the evaluation purpose only. If you wish to purchase this app, you must register or buy it from the official website.
# StartBar8 does not support the latest Windows 10. It works only in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
# Start

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StartBar8 is a utility that helps you combine your open files and Windows libraries. With it, you can explore the files and folders in your library and library folders with only one click, access your tasks list, and perform various file management operations. It has an intuitive interface that makes the software more user-friendly for beginners. StartBar8 can be customized to help you efficiently operate your files and libraries.
It is a compatible product and it can be installed on all 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (SP1 is required). StartBar8 also comes with a 60-day trial version, which you can use for free, after which you can purchase a license for the application and enjoy the benefits of StartBar8 beyond the evaluation period.
What’s new in the latest version?
Fixed some minor bugs.
StartBar8 Screenshots:

Why is the Windows Start Menu gone?

Windows 8 offers a replacement to the Windows Start Menu. You can access the Start Screen. It’s basically your desktop.

The Start Menu is lost because, Windows 8 offers a more efficient way to start your apps and system tools. You can find them in the “Start” menu or the taskbar, which is the bottom part of the Windows 8 desktop.

It’s still there, just not visible.

Luckily, StartBar8 can help you integrate Windows 8 to your Windows 7 or Windows Vista. StartBar8 will bring you the Start Menu back.

How to install StartBar8?

This program is compatible with 32-bit Windows systems running Windows Vista and Windows 7 (SP1 is required). StartBar8 will definitely run on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 and 2016, but you can’t install it on any of these Windows versions.
Download the installation file to your desktop.
Run the setup file. Follow the instructions on the screen of the software.
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Windows 8 brings with it a new start menu that doesn’t live up to your expectations. StartBar8
is here to bring back the start menu to Windows 8 users and keep the Start Screen clean. StartBar8
is an application that gives you a new start menu, where you can customize your start menu through
simple gestures. StartBar8 makes it easy for you to organize your Windows 8 start menu by dragging
and dropping things into your favorite groups. StartBar8’s customizable start menu will let you quickly
see all of your apps and programs, and you can have custom start-menu tiles with text to easily identify
them. The StartBar8 application is completely free and the start-menu.app file is available for download
from the official site.

How to install and use StartBar8?
StartBar8 is a program application that is developed by MicroSoft and it is now available on our website as a free download. StartBar8 is designed for Windows 8. It has been tested successfully on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 systems.
Click the Download button below to download StartBar8 setup now. It is a Windows program. You may also run the setup file if you have Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Before downloading you can know about the features of StartBar8 here.

Some critical features are given below:

Build: 6.3.2010

File size: 1.11 MB

Compatible with: Windows 8

Support Windows 7 or Windows Vista: Yes

The full version of StartBar8 is available in the site.You can also try the free version of StartBar8 before you buy the full version.

If you want to get this software then click on the button to start downloading. It’s full offline installer standalone setup of StartBar8.

You should also check out the Main Features of StartBar8 in the features section below.

Download the trials and full versions of StartBar8 to have a good experience.

Installing StartBar8:

Click the downloaded file and install the program by following the on-screen instructions.

StartBar8 FAQs:

Q: What is StartBar8?
A: StartBar8 is a start menu software that allows you to customize the start menu in Windows 8 and
starts it up from the left. It also allows you to easily add, remove

What’s New in the StartBar8?

StartBar8 is a Windows 8 Start Screen app that is designed to add a customizable, full-screen menu bar to the left side of your desktop screen for easy access to your files and folders. It provides various functionalities, such as easy access to files, Windows libraries and recent files, network connections, and a ton of customization options.
StartBar8 Features:
– Instant access to the Start Screen from the left of your screen.
– Easily browse through files and folders on your Windows PC, whether it is the Start Screen or the desktop.
– Discover any file on your PC and launch it.
– Add tiles to the bar for frequent tasks and shortcut any item to the bar as well.
– Toggle between network connection types.
– Customize the bar appearance to suit your taste.
– Large icons on the bar to explore files on your PC.
– Favorites items to access frequently without searching for them.
– Use network folders as favorites.
– Easy access to folders, system documents, Windows libraries and recent files.
– Switch libraries, folders and documents with a simple click.
– Preview images in folders.
– View images in thumbnails.
– Find network resources or devices.
– Manage your network connection or wireless network.
– Import and export network folders.
– Sort apps alphabetically in your Start Screen.
StartBar8 Requirements:
– Minimum 1 GHz processor
– Windows 8 (64-bit)
– 1 GB of RAM
– 1 GB of free space on your hard disk
– Internet connection
StartBar8 Version:
Build: 1.0.3 (Released on 11.12.2014)
– Corrected crash during startup.
– Added Save As and Print option from the menu bar.
– Updates available in the Free Updates section.
– Updated Start Screen API to v2.
StartBar8 Activation:
100% FREE, no signup required
StartBar8 Total Size:
1.6 MB
StartBar8 System Requirements:
: 1 GHz processor
: 1 GB of RAM
Hard Disk Space
: 1 GB
Other Requirements:
Internet connection
Windows 8 (64-bit)
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System Requirements:

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