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Nov 17, 2019
In a nutshell, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit does not use less power than Windows 10 Pro 32-bit, yet it has a processor, memory and a hard drive with an equal or greater storage capacity. Likewise, running a 64-bit program allows your computer .
Dec 5, 2019
Intel’s Core i7 mobile line of processors are not compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows. But, Core i7 processors are compatible with 64-bit Windows .
Dec 6, 2019
Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows install to an exact partition on your hard drive, but the installation process for each variant is slightly different.
General Guidelines for Installing 32-bit or 64-bit Versions of Windows
Jul 31, 2019
For example, if you’re installing Windows 7 64-bit, you’ll choose whether to install 32-bit or 64-bit Windows .
Aug 24, 2019
We would expect to find a single Program Files folder under Windows 8 and earlier .
Feb 23, 2022
When you install Windows 8.1 or later on 64-bit PCs, you’ll have access to two Program Files folders: the 32-bit one and the 64-bit one .
Oct 10, 2020
So if you want to install a program that runs on 64-bit Windows, make sure your PC runs that specific Windows version. 
Apr 25, 2020
The following table identifies some of the installation differences for these different versions of Windows, .

Category:Windows 8Galelangi language

Galelangi or Ɓalèngi is a Palaungic language spoken in Myanmar.

The large number of locative suffixes is also a characteristic feature of the Galelangi language.

Galelangi script is an Old-Bagan script developed to write Palaungic language.


External links
Glossary of Palaungic languages compiled by Prof. Mau Aung

Category:Palaungic languages
Category:Languages of MyanmarQ:

Сложение строк и переменных массивов

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Getting the last value that has been changed in a table

I have an Access Database where the last inserted value has a time associated with it. I want to retrieve that value when there is only 1 value in the table and insert it into an SQL query.
Here’s a simplified example of the table:

Now, when I do SELECT * FROM tblShelf, I get the following result

What I want is for the First Name, Last Name and Last Updated values that are updated to be known.
Is it possible?


You need to read the current values to get the latest date and then compare that to the most recently inserted date. The most recent date and the last date on record will never match, so you can use a case statement to assign a column on the right side of the = operator.
If LastName is the name of the column you want to know the latest last name, something like this:
SELECT tblShelf.*,
(SELECT MAX(LastUpdated) AS maxLastUpdated
FROM tblShelf
WHERE tblShelf.LastName = LastName) AS LastUpdateDate,
IIF(LastUpdateDate = (SELECT MAX(LastUpdated) AS maxLastUpdated
FROM tblShelf