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Stamp collectors all around the world might have difficulties in keeping their collection organized in a written inventory and most of the time will they end up using multiple text documents. However, this method is quite time consuming and less reliable than a standard database. Stamps Multi Collector was created to help users maintain an organized digital catalog of their stamp collection, though its database management capabilities and increased stamp sheet customization.
User-friendly interface that provides a good collection of features for organizing your stamp collection
Stamps Multi Collector features a thoughtful design that will facilitate the users’ ability to create a stamp database and insert numerous details for each individual item of the collection. The application allows the creation of multiple collections, based on standard, online or existing database templates.
Each collection can be customized in terms of location, name or icon and users will have the chance to add multiple details concerning the characteristics of each database. Furthermore, each stamp receives its own data-sheet, where users can add infromation about its condition, value, location, material, perforations, etc.
Keep your stamp collection organized and up-to date with this utility that offers increased customization
The application allows users to enter all their stamps into a digital database and it provides the means to also search information about the stamps online, right from its interface. However, in our tests, when trying to access any website, the application exhibited constant freezing and needed to be closed forcibly.
Users will be able to customize the way which the application displays their stamp collection, through a powerful layout manager tool. This feature provides an extensive array of customization tools that will greatly help collectors configure their preferred collection view.
Valuable piece of software that will help stamp collectors centralize and manage their collections
This application might be a good choice for those who are passionate about stamp collecting and are seeking for a solution to keep a digital inventory of their collections. It will provide them with numerous tools for organizing the individual items into databases and customizing all the different characteristics that collectors might require. Nevertheless, its extra features such as the built-in web search are not so well implemented and might exhibit unstable behavior.


Download ✑ ✑ ✑ https://urluso.com/2n4lk0

Download ✑ ✑ ✑ https://urluso.com/2n4lk0






Stamps Multi Collector 0.14.34 Crack Free

Stamps Multi Collectoris a useful software program developed with the purpose of allowing users to manage, organize and catalog their stamp collection and keep a complete and integrated record of the items in their collection. The software offers a nice user-friendly environment that will guide collectors to organize their stamp collection into unique and visually attractive databases.

Stamps Multi Collector is an add-on tool that allows users to organize and catalog their stamp collection and keep a complete and integrated record of the items in their collection. The software offers a nice user-friendly environment that will guide collectors to organize their stamp collection into unique and visually attractive databases.

1. User-friendly interface
2. Enhance collection view
3. Create multicollections
4. Improve collection search
5. Inbuilt Web search
6. Keep track of condition and inventory
7. Digital stamps catalogs
8. Encrypt images and logos
9. Add metadata and comments
10. Support CSV files

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Stamps Multi Collector 0.14.34 Crack+ Free License Key

Stamps Multi Collector is a software solution that lets users organize their stamp collection. It helps collectors keep track of the characteristics of all items in the database. Stamps Multi Collector provides improved and more efficient database maintenance as it consists of a built-in web explorer that lets users find stamps online and view their collection.

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Stamps Multi Collector 0.14.34 License Key

Stamps Multi Collector is a multifunctional software that will enable you to organize and manage your stamp collection, even if you do not have a ready-made database. With this tool, you will be able to create numerous collections for your stamps and it will offer extra features such as a web-based search, quality control over the databases and the possibility to set the stamp frames.
Note: This trial version is limited and will expire within 48 hours
System Requirements:
1 GHz or faster processor
512 MB RAM
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
eBook Reader or Kindle with Wireless Connectivity
Due to the free trial period, the application cannot be used for commercial purposes
Manuals and Guidelines:
1. Register the Stamps Multi Collector trial version;
2. Create your account by following the instructions found on the registration page;
3. Set the language you wish to use in the application;
4. Start the Stamps Multi Collector by pressing the “Run” button;
5. Choose “Go to previous web page”;
6. A page containing your Stamps Multi Collector account will open, allowing you to download the user manual.
Download Stamps Multi Collector
£20.00 ($29.95)
The Bottom Line
Stamps Multi Collector is one of the most valuable tools for stamp collectors. Its database features and ease of use are overwhelming and it enables you to organize and manage your stamp collection. Its database customization abilities will help you customize the way you want your collection to look, while its numerous features will make stamp collecting more enjoyable.

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What’s New In?

Stamps Multi Collector is a desktop utility that will help to collect and organize stamp information. Its database management capabilities will allow to create, delete and modify multiple files for each stamp. Stamps collectors can create multiple collections for each stamp and customize the way the program displays their collections. Stamps Multi Collector features a user-friendly interface that will help collectors in building their databases and customize their collections. This program is supplied free of charge, however, it is limited to English and Spanish versions.
Some of the application’s features:
– Create multiple collections for each stamp
– Choose a common name and icon for the stamps
– Set keywords that will appear on each stamp’s data-sheet
– Set the sheet’s position
– Set the stamp’s roll number
– Set the stamp’s origin
– Add details about each stamp
– Search for online databases
– Set the stamp’s value and mintage
– Set the stamp’s postage
– Choose between British and United States standard covers
– Create a stamp database from a standard online template
– Choose the font, the logo, and the shadow color
– Choose the text size, the margins, and the print orientation
– Generate image from the stamp’s stamp number
– Choose the paper type, the security features, and the printing methods
– Set the ink, the perforations, and the paper weight
– Add stamps to your digital database
– Sort stamps using four different criteria
– Sort stamps by offset
– Sort stamps by roll
– Sort stamps by mintage
– Sort stamps by number
– Sort stamps by density
– Sort stamps by text on the stamp’s data-sheet
– Set the stamp’s size
– Set the stamp’s effect and background color
– Choose the stamp’s image
– Choose the stamp’s color
– Set the stamp’s name
– Apply the stamp’s image
– Apply the stamp’s name
– Choose between the original format and search
– Sort stamps using the added field
– Filter duplicate stamps
– Open a catalog file (text format)
– Print a catalog (text format)
– Upload a catalog (text format)
– Export a catalog (text format)
– Import an external catalog (text format)
– Apply a catalog (text format)
– Export a digital catalog (text format)
– Import an external digital catalog (text format)
– Generate a stamp catalog (image format)
– Generate a stamp catalog (image format

System Requirements For Stamps Multi Collector:

Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.83 GHz or AMD Athlon
Hard Drive: 1 GB free space
Video: DirectX 9-capable
Audio: DirectX 9-capable
Additional Notes:
Cleaning Install:
Cleaning install is the recommended procedure to ensure all software is updated to the latest version. Before you begin, make sure the base game is completely uninstalled. You can do this by going into the SteamApps/Common/steam folder and removing the game folder.