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A computer is capable of performing calculus with large numbers and complex expressions in less than a second, thus helping in most domains of activity to also deliver accuracy. There are various types of calculators, ranging from simple operations to complex expressions, which is the type you’re able to achieve with SpeedCrunch.
Impressive libraries of functions and formulas
You might end up scratching your head for a while, because the interface is initially an empty canvas with an associated editing area, where your expression is written. The confusion is mostly created because of the lack of a numerical pad, but the application is a professional tool, while going through the menus reveals most supported functions.
Down in the view menu, you’re able to access an impressive variety of helpful libraries, such as the formula book, functions list, variables, constants, and even history. These panels can be detached and placed anywhere on screen in case you want to always have them in plain sight.
Define variables and export results
You easily find that the application is capable of carrying out calculus for algebra, geometry, unit conversion, electronics, as well as radio frequencies, making use of quite an abundance of operators and functions. Variables can be configured can saved for later use, and even looked up in case you create an abundant list.
Syntax highlighting makes it easy to tell variables from constants, and functions. All results are shown and saved in the large canvas, from which you’re able to send to clipboard. Additionally, the application allows you to export results under the plain text format, or HTML. You can change the result character display type, angle unit, and general behavior for more comfort.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that SpeedCrunch is a powerful calculator which is sure to help you solve some of the most complex expressions. Writing and defining operations and variables is not as difficult as it sounds, since you benefit from rich libraries of presets, but also the liberty of customizing elements.







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Calculator that allows you to perform complex operations in less than a second.
By ParagonSystems LtdOccupy Portland is being evicted today, with the protesters and their supporters unable to stand in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Portland building.

Occupy Portland has been out there since October 15, but today was the first day they were actually inside the building. Protesters had brought boxes, tables and tents, and had been standing in front of the building.

Activists had a sign that read “Disperse or else!” and were chanting, “Free the Wall Street Occupation.”

They were eventually told by authorities that they had to leave, but they stayed put. At around 6:30 PM Portland Police swept in to remove the tents and any belongings that were inside. Protesters have since been trying to re-enforce the front of the building.

Activists have been holding a march and vigil since yesterday, with the demonstration eventually making its way to the corner of Broadway and 13th Avenue. Demonstrators have been celebrating the eviction of the protest, but continue to be out there.

“It’s the beginning of the end for this peaceful protest,” said Dave Maass, a Portland activist who was at the building and witnessed the removal. “This will teach the occupiers to never put their lives on the line for this.”

A crowd of protesters marched down Washington Avenue, with the police department using “skirmishers” to push back crowds. The police were telling protesters to disperse, but activists held their ground.

Eventually, police in riot gear began attempting to push back the crowds, leading to some tense moments, before the protesters were eventually forced to leave.

“I’m tired of being violent,” said one protester. “I don’t want to be violent anymore.”

The city is facing thousands of dollars in fines, according to City Commissioner Nick Fish, who said he is “quite troubled” by the removal. He said that the city was just trying to get the protesters out of the way of traffic.


As the protesters were leaving, demonstrators broke through barricades set up by police. Police then shot tear gas into the crowd and pushed back the protesters. Four were arrested. Protesters were not allowed to re-enter the building.

The City of Portland

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Keymacro is a keyboard shortcut application, which works like the built-in windows.
It is very powerful, can be combined with other programs, and is even saved.
Keymacro allows you to configure keyboard combinations to activate certain tasks quickly and accurately.
The program has a nice, user-friendly interface that is based on a large colored button, a set of smaller buttons, a hot key row, and various lines.
Keymacro allows you to build your own hot keys for any purpose. For example, you may define up to 11 modifier keys, as well as 12 commands, plus you can set the keys to be activated in response to key or mouse events.
Furthermore, you can associate a specific command or modifier key with any combination of commands, with any combination of commands, and even with a specific mouse click.
Keymacro features:
• Support for all shortcut keys in Windows
• Define command and modifier key combinations
• Copy or open a window
• Load and save configurations
• Save hot key combinations
• Support for multiline hot keys and strings
Keymacro supports the following command modifiers:
• Command key, Shift, Ctrl, Alt
• Command key and modifier key (Command+Shift+Alt)
• Modifier key (Control, Alt, or Shift)
• Modifier key and modifier key (Ctrl+Alt+Shift)
You can define hot keys, hot key combinations, and modifiers for up to 99 commands. In addition, Keymacro supports string hot keys.
In addition to keyboard combinations, Keymacro supports double-click, right-click, mouse button, and mouse move combinations.
The program is very simple to use, and you can execute the configuration simply by pressing the desired key combination.
• In addition to simple keys, you can include entire hot keys
• Hot keys can be multiple lines
• Configuration can be saved for later use
• You can define hot keys for any command or modifier key
• Your configuration can be saved for later use
• You can assign any combinations of commands or modifiers to any hot key
• You can specify hot key strings
For example, you can activate the File menu or open the text editor by pressing the F1 key combination.
Keymacro can be used to set up macros to automate a number of tasks, as well as to make a setup that can be accessed whenever you need it.
You may set up hot keys that execute macros

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• Multitouch gestures
• Variable and mathematical presets
• Symbol, number and unit conversion
• Ergodic expressions
• History and Print

v4.10 is out! Features:
– Variables and equations
– Variables Presets
– Equations Presets
– Barcode reader (QR)
– Fetch text
– Messager
– More than 100 symbols to choose from
This app is compatible with iOS 10 and iOS 11, available on the App Store

The new version of the app adds a rich set of features that make it easier to write and share equations with your friends:
– Live previews and quick equation type
– Quick equation type selector: from the drop-down menu, you can write a short equation using the expression editor; from the “Type of equation” submenu, you can write an equation for your friend
– Multi-touch support (you can write and slide numbers on the iPhone screen, or type with two fingers)
– Full screen mode (you can hide the bottom menu bar for writing)
– Keyboard hints: in the equation editor, you can see keyboard hints when you type a new character. The equation is “optimized” to match the written characters. You can see keyboard hints when you type a new character. The equation is “optimized” to match the written characters.
– A selection of preset expressions
– A list of equations for your friends: when you write an equation, you can send it to the specified contact
– Export to PDF
– Export to Text

The app now supports WhatsApp. Just tap on the send message button, and choose the equation format. You can also send a photo and the equation.

Welcome to the app!
This app was created for students and teachers in primary and secondary school to make learning math easier.

The app has:
– A rich set of functions: add, subtract, multiply, divide, exponent, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, quotient, derivative and quotient by X, exponential functions, factorial, and power.
– Most of the functions have options that let you choose between multiple accuracy levels, e.g. up to 4 decimals.
– A rich set of formulas: The equality formula. The absolute value formula, the greatest common denominator. The largest common denominator of fractions. The product of two fractions. The quotient of two fractions

What’s New In SpeedCrunch?

• Calculate any mathematical expression, algebraic or trigonometric function• Real-time results with great precision• Ability to perform complex calculus on any expression• Contacts, files, and notes management• Expressions can be saved• Ability to send expressions to clipboard

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System Requirements For SpeedCrunch:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 1GHz (Intel or AMD)
HDD: 500MB
Autodesk Revit 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Autodesk Design Review Pro
CPU Monitor 1.7.0
Multimedia Card: 1MB or higher
OS: Windows 7 or 8
CPU: 2GHz (Intel or AMD)