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The 43rd Delaware General Assembly was a meeting of the legislative branch of the state government, consisting of the Delaware Senate and the Delaware House of Representatives. Elections were held the first Tuesday after November 1st and terms began in Dover on the first Tuesday in January. This date was January 2, 1795, which was two weeks before the beginning of the first administrative year of Governor Caleb Strong. All members of the Assembly were elected for a two-year term, with voters choosing two at-large representatives and the other six representatives for four-year terms.

The California Pathway to Independence was established during the 43rd Delaware General Assembly. It would end the era of slavery in Delaware.


Richard Bassett, Kent County
William B. Wright, Sussex County

House of Representatives
Matthew V. Conaway, Kent County
William D. Merritt, Kent County
Johann C. F. Stamm, Kent County
William H. Dunn, Kent County
Lewis F. Lippincott, Sussex County
John P. B. Yates, Sussex County
William C. Withers, Sussex County


Senators were elected by the public for a two-year term, with one third of the senators up for election each year. They were elected from six senatorial districts, with three senators elected from each district.

House of Representative
Representatives were elected by the public for a two-year term, with one third of the representatives up for election each year. They were elected from the state at-large, and was also be elected on a district basis for four-year terms.


Places with more information
Delaware Historical Society; website; 505 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801; (302) 655-7161
University of Delaware; Library website; 181 South College Avenue, Newark, Delaware 19717; (302) 831-2965

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Having been retired for most of last year for a number of reasons

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Ezekiel was writing to the Northern Kingdom, or Israel, which consisted of most of what is present-day Israel and the West Bank. The Southern Kingdom, the Kingdom of Judah, was conquered and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. Now the book of Ezekiel was written either when the Babylonians were destroying the Kingdom of Judah or when the Jews were exiles in Babylon.

Obviously, the Babylonians were not a sign of God’s blessing