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How to find duplicate data in ListView using java

I have a ListView in my application which is populated from a given list of data.
Now I want to validate this given list of data whether any of the data is duplicate.
Please guide me how to do this.


I suggest you use an ArrayList for your Data. Then you create a class (called DataPoint, for example) that stores your data’s value. Now create a method that will check if there is more than one of a particular DataPoint. This is the core of the validation. You can use a HashMap or a Set for this. However, I would recommend using a Set.
You can create a data-point like this:
public class DataPoint {
public int data;
public String name;
public DataPoint(int d, String n) {
data = d;
name = n;

public int hashCode() {
return data;

public boolean equals(Object obj) {
if(obj == null) {
return false;
if(obj instanceof DataPoint == false) {
return false;
DataPoint otherData = (DataPoint

9. August 2015


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