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Simple Slide Show is created for presenting a series of images and videos, one after the other, which supports many file formats. Its interface is quite friendly and can accommodate all types of users.
Add images and videos from a wide range of file types
Unlike other similar programs, there is no option to add entire folders. Both images and videos can be added from the same place using drag and drop. As mentioned earlier, there are many file formats supported by Simple Slide Show. When it comes to images, they range from JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG, all the way to TIF, EMF and WMF files. Numbers can be shown for each thumbnail to easily spot their order in the presentation.
Images can be inserted before or after others. Actions can be undone and redone. There are many programs which offer the possibility of blending video files with the slideshow, but this one is quite generous regarding supported file types, such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MTS and TTS, among others. More so, there’s an option that enables you to replace an existing video thumbnail with another.
Attach music, save projects and export slideshows
While creating the slideshow, sound can be added to each image and there are enough file types to choose from (e.g. AAC, MP3, WAV, WAX).
The project can be saved to file and later opened to pick up where you left off, as well as exported to be able to play the slideshow. However, the only difference between the two is that, after saving the project, the export feature makes a copy of all images and videos from the slideshows, in addition to a copy of the program, placing all these items into a single directory. Therefore, the slideshow cannot be played without this program.
Thoughts and conclusions
In conclusion, Simple Slide Show is an application which supports many image and video file formats but lacks richer editing options. There are no delay or transition settings, and it’s impossible to change the background color. It has a simple interface and ran well during out tests but, sadly, there’s no setting to watch previews of what’s about to be created. A fullscreen mode exists but that’s certainly not enough.


Download 🗹 https://byltly.com/2n2p3n

Download 🗹 https://byltly.com/2n2p3n






Simple Slide Show

A simple, light photo/video slide show creator that can be used for generating a wide range of presentations..

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• It can show images and videos from any format
• Add to your slideshow images and videos from a wide range of file formats
• Drag and drop capabilities make the job easy
• Images can be inserted before or after others
• Actions can be undone and redone
• There are many programs which offer the possibility of blending video files with the slideshow, but this one is quite generous regarding supported file types, such as AVI, MP4, MPG, MTS and TTS
• Add sound to images and videos
• Can make use of music and be customized in a wide range of ways
• There are many file types and a large selection of images and videos
• Available transitions between images and videos
• Preview slideshow before exporting
• Attach music to your slideshow
• Support a wide variety of file formats, including WMV, MPEG, AVI, MPG, MTS, TTS, TIF, MP4, MOV, JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG, among others
• Can replace a video with another when inserting it
• Create projects
• Save to file and open projects later
• Supports a wide variety of image and video file formats
• View embedded images directly
• View thumbnails on the left side
• Support for audio
• The program is highly customizable, and its interface can accommodate all types of users.
Key Features:
• Add sound to images and videos
• Attach music to your slideshow
• A wide range of file formats
• Create projects
• Convert between file types
• Can replace a video with another when inserting it
• Choose the background color
• Exports slideshow to a number of file types
• Free download
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There are a lot of file and photo editing programs available in the market. And knowing which one to use is definitely a complicated task! For that reason, we would like to introduce you to Simple Photo Editor, which is a fantastic photo editor and photo slideshow maker. It is especially designed for Windows and macOS PCs.
This photo editing software is very simple and easy to use. You don’t have to go through lengthy installation procedures, nor do you have to download and install any plugins or extensions. The whole editing process will be quite fast and hassle

Simple Slide Show

Create your own slideshow.
Edit images, videos, and music.
Easy to use and has no learning curve.
Interface is friendly and can be seen from a distance.
Simple to use.
Create slideshows with up to 100 images and unlimited videos.
Allows you to add images and videos from a wide range of formats.

Simple Slide Show is a slideshow creation program which is capable of producing slideshows based on images and videos. Its interface is quite friendly and can accommodate all types of users. The program offers a variety of settings, including the ability to add music and a background color. It features a simple and user-friendly interface which facilitates its use.
Simple Slide Show Pros:

User interface is friendly.

Easy to use and has no learning curve.

Slide show supports many file formats.

Simple to use.

Simple Slide Show Cons:

Simple slideshow creation options.

Can’t use images as wallpapers.

Can’t choose whether to add photos or videos.

Problem with exported slideshows.

Simple Slide Show Pricing and Features:

Pricing: Basic $39.95, Deluxe $79.95, Suite $199.95

Basic Version:

Includes 200 customizable slideshows with background music.

Total slideshows of 200.

Photos only with.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.tiff and.emf extensions.

Video files with formats:.avi,.mpg,.mpeg,.mp4,.wmv,.mts,.tts.

Editing options: Select images and place them anywhere in the slideshow.

Slideshow creator does not have the option to change the background color.

Slideshow creator can only add music.

Slideshow creator can’t add images as wallpaper.

Slideshow creator can’t have transition effects.

Problem with slideshow export.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you offer a trial version?
The trial version of Simple Slide Show, available from the official website, can only be used for 15 days. After that, you’ll have to pay the registration fee.

Can I save the slideshow project?
If you want to save the project as a backup, you’ll need to pay the license fee in order to do

What’s New In?

Simple Slide Show is a slideshow presentation software application with a simple, yet original, user interface. It comes with a wide range of file formats for presenting images and videos, all the way from JPEG to MPEG,.WMF,.JPG,.BMP,.TIF, and many others. It is part of the Freeware Section.
After pressing the Start button, a desktop window with a wooden console will appear. Below, there’s a thumbnail of the first image and option buttons to open images or videos, and there’s a palette where the set of images and/or videos can be selected for insertion. The number of images and/or videos can be added from the same folder by drag and drop. When there’s a video, there are several options for choosing a file format to be played. If you’re working with non-supported files formats, you must install the needed codecs. For example, you need this one if you want to play MPEG videos.
When inserting the images, the first thumbnail will appear in a fixed position and others will be added afterwards. The program offers options to insert the images in the previous or next sequence, before or after the ones already there. If you insert a number below the image, the image will be arranged by sequence automatically. There are more options in the sequence menu. It’s possible to insert more images from the same folder, or to do it from a selected folder.
After inserting the files, the slideshow has a timeline, where you can choose the speed of the moving slides, the number of slides, the duration of each slide, the transition effects, and many other options.
If the image is displayed in full screen, a button in the upper corner will open a preview window. However, the program allows to have a different preview for each image.
Moving images can be stopped or the video can be paused. If you want to resume the video, the file must be restored in a directory.
In the lower right corner of the window, there is a palette with all the images and videos that are part of the slideshow. There are a lot of operations that can be performed on these files, such as rotating them, deleting them, showing or hiding thumbnails, applying effects such as the sepia or black and white. In the palette, it’s possible to change the thumbnail size, add a number, or select the background and foreground colors.
Slideshows can

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 (or later)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Requires the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 installed.