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Algorithm to find intersections of strings

I have an array of strings [[“name1”],[“name2”]…] and i have a dictionary of strings to numbers
{ “name1”: 1, “name2”: 2, “name3”: 3 }
I am interested in finding the intersection of the two arrays. The intersection i am looking for is an array of all strings in the dictionary (if the string is in both arrays it should be in the array)
I have been able to achieve the same using a for loop but am looking for a better way to do this. I tried using dictionary of set but dictionary of set stores the intersection in a different way.


I solved this using a standard set
dictionary = [{“name1”: 1, “name2”: 2, “name3”: 3}, {“name1”: 1, “name2”: 2, “name3”: 3},]

def intersection(a, b):
“”” Return the intersection of two sets or none “””
if not isinstance(a, set):
a = set(a)
if not isinstance(b, set):
b = set(

There are several ways to fix Yosemite Apple Software Error (0x8000B25D) or -2. Turn on System Integrity Protection Click On This Fix, Mojave Sierra High Sierra Downl
This is a list of the AppleTalk configuration information that is stored in the System Configuration profile. This information is used by applications, such as Apple Configurator, to connect your computer.Related Articles

The man accused of slapping a cyclist inside a Melbourne train carriage will stand trial on Tuesday after a pre-trial conference.

Joaquin Ascencio stood mute to the charges of common assault and reckless conduct against him.

Ascencio had arrived at Melbourne Central train station in a taxi on September 29, when he reportedly punched a 33-year-old cyclist in the face.

Ascencio was arrested after CCTV footage captured the man being slapped across the face.

In an earlier court appearance, the accused told a magistrate that he and a group of mates had seen the man pushing a woman into a carriage and hitting her, but claimed to have acted in self-defence.

Magistrate David Butler dismissed the claims.

The court heard Ascencio did not deal with the assault by speaking or moving.

The footage from the train camera was central to the case because the alleged assault was filmed by a passenger inside the carriage.

Magistrate Butler said the passengers could not be prosecuted for recording the incident.

Ascencio was remanded in custody.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

It’s the second time Ascencio, 23, has been charged with assaulting a cyclist.

In November 2012, he was arrested after punching a man at a dance party in a crowd of thousands.

Ascencio was due to stand trial for that charge in July 2013, but the case collapsed after the victim refused to give evidence at a committal hearing.

The former AFL and cricket star was charged with common assault and indecent assault after punching and shoving a woman after a night out in 2010.

The 31-year-old woman left a free club and was walking in Collingwood to nearby MacRae St when the assault allegedly took place.

She attended a drug rehabilitation centre for months but it was later recommended she undergo an operation to remove her breast implants in order to prevent similar injuries.All our exclusive OCN