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Sheryl Crow, Greatest Hits Full _VERIFIED_ Album Zip


Sheryl Crow, Greatest Hits Full Album Zip

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How to install custom icon into tab?

I’m developing application with Fabric.io and I’m now trying to use custom icons in tabs.
I have created new tab with primary color as first tab, now I want to add an icon to the tab.
In order to do that, I need to put my icon in /res/drawable-dpi/…/…/my_icon.png.
On Fabric.io I can see how to change the tab style with tab.type=custom.
So I tried to set tab.type=custom. But I don’t know how to set icon.
fabric.with {
tab.type = “custom”

tab.type(model: “white”, icon: “my_icon.png”)
// “my_icon.png” MUST BE IN /res/drawable-dpi/…/…/my_icon.png.


Any ideas?


The general syntax of creating a tab with custom icon is tab.type(icon: string, text: string, colors: array of [Color], type: string = “”, font: string = “”)
tab.type(model: “white”, icon: “my_icon.png”)

The notations are the same as ones you’ve read about for a basic Tab item.
As for the parsing of the icon you are passing, you should know that Fabric.io uses the Drawables directory within /res/ to store icons by default. That means you can set icon to my_icon.png or drawable-xhdpi/my_icon.png
I tried to recreate your situation and it doesn’t work. You can only set icon to drawable-xhdpi as you can see in the snippet below:

For a better understanding of the structure of Drawables directory, please check this article.


Fabric.io UI components includes a number of icons specified inside of res/drawable-* directories. Those directories are intended

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