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Santa 039;s Letter Creator X64

What’s New in the?

Custom letters for Santa to be delivered to children.
Santa's Letter Creator is a Christmas letter-making application that enables users to design and send custom Christmas letters to children in their addresses book. With this app, users can create letters in an easy-to-use manner. Once the letters have been composed, they can be printed out, attached to an email message or sent directly. The application is completely free to download.

Santa's Letter Creator is an easy-to-use utility that enables users to design custom Christmas letters to be delivered to children. The application comes with six different templates that can be used when it comes to designing a personalized letter.

Simple, straightforward setup process

Setting up and using the application is pretty straightforward. Users need to provide an email address – which will be shown in all messages sent from the program –, along with specific mail server settings, thus turning the software into an email client on their computers.

As soon as the setup process has been completed, users can start writing those Christmas letters either by creating their own messages or by selecting one of the already available templates.

Clean, intuitive interface

Santa's Letter Creator comes with an intuitive interface, allowing users to select the letter type they want to create from a drop-down menu on the main window. They also need to enter the child's name, so as to personalize the message.

The app allows users to easily create custom letters in order to further personalize the message they want to send to children. Custom letters can be saved for later use, and there is also the option to open one of the already saved such messages.

Print letters to place them under the Christmas tree

Any composed letter can either be sent as attachment to an email or can be printed in order to be placed under the Christmas tree.

The software provides users with the possibility to save children names in an address book, so as to be able to send similar messages to them in the future as well. Details such as birthday, location or email can be added to each entry in the address book.

In conclusion

All in all, Santa's Letter Creator is an easy-to-use, fun application that allows users to create personalized letters supposedly written by Santa, to bring joy to children on Christmas Day or in the weeks before that. It requires a small investment that is easily offset by its intuitive interface, the included address book, and its support for the creation of custom letters.

Publisher’s Description

Santa’s Letter Creator is an easy to use utility that enables you to create a custom Christmas letter to be delivered to children. The application comes with six different templates that can be used when it comes to designing a personalized letter.

The free trial version

System Requirements For Santa 039;s Letter Creator:

– Requires DX11 graphics card and Microsoft DX11 Shader Model 5.0
– Supports multiple DX11 graphics adapters with Open GL 3.3 graphics driver
– Minimum system requirements: Windows 7
Minimum graphics card requirements: ATI Radeon HD5770 or NVIDIA GeForce GT640 or higher
– Oculus VR: The most advanced VR video game platform on the market.
– Oculus Rift: The Oculus VR device powered by Valve and designed by Oculus VR.
– Natural Motion: The most advanced motion tracking sensor on the market