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Securing your documents from prying eyes is nowadays a general preoccupation, what with the multitude of threats trying to get over your data and unethically exploit it.
A software solution such as SafeNotes should, however, help you in your quest against any type of unwanted attention directed towards your personal files, being designed to encrypt all sorts of annotations you alone can access.
Stores and encodes your notes, passwords, and other content
Following a hassle-free installation, the program prompts you with a main window that does not stand out from the crowd of text editors, opting to rather put more weight on the techniques of safely storing your notes, passwords, and any other sensitive data, and not on the aesthetic factor.
The way the program works is quite straightforward. You simply need to open a document, start writing, and save your documents to your PC. When you want to explore them, you must type in the master password you chose, otherwise it will be impossible to reach their contents. However, you can change the status of your files and make them publicly available.
Lets you create document collections
It is worth mentioning that the application comes with multi-tab support, which means you can work with multiple documents at the same time.
If you are a multitasker, the program provides you with an extra goodie. You can save a specific list of documents to your bookmarks in order to easily open them simultaneously at a later point in time.
Comes with basic editing tools
As for your documents’ looks, there are several editing options at your disposal. You can select the font and color of your text, use bold and italics, as well as underline words. What’s more, you can choose the type of alignment that best suits your needs, and for comfortable navigation, you can search for and replace strings of text.
As an added bonus, you should know that the program incorporates a clipboard manager storing all the content you may want to revise and use in your documents.
Reliable program that keeps your documents away from prying eyes
On an ending note, SafeNotes is an approachable and reliable piece of software that guards your notes, passwords, and other sorts of content from intrusive presences. It encrypts all your data and denies access to it unless the user is in possession of the master password, so you should rest assured knowing that your files are safe.









SafeNotes Download [Mac/Win]

SafeNotes is a software application that allows you to securely store passwords, notes and other data so that no one can access them but you.
Security and privacy feature with ever increasing online threats and zero-trust systems.
Different security and data encryption modes to satisfy different levels of user needs and use cases.
Encrypt webpages, passwords, e-mail contacts and address books.
Download SafeNotes (safeNotes.exe)
Program Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Nov 03, 2012 · SafeNotes is a program that I wrote to solve a problem I had: I was the only one in the house who could access my passwords on the Internet and see my e-mail contacts, but I didn’t want my family to see what I had on Facebook and other sites!

The free version of SafeNotes can be used to encrypt passwords, notes, websites and more! Use this software to encrypt and lock your internet browser. SafeNotes encrypts any word document or text file and can automatically encrypt files in a directory. You can use the passwords that are saved in this document or programs that have saved them.
Features of the Free Edition of SafeNotes:
– Encrypt websites (software to automatically encrypt websites)
– Encrypt passwords (automatically encrypt passwords)
– Encrypt notes
– Encrypt programs
– Password manager (holds all passwords in its own encrypted format)
– Encrypts any word, pdf, or text file (including e-mail, other documents, etc).
– Password safe (holds passwords for programs)
– Can automatically encrypt e-mail, other documents, documents/pdf, websites, flash, pdf, acl, dll, exe, hta, wow, batch files, and internet browsers
– Can automatically encrypt web pages
– Hide all passwords in this document or any other password manager that has stored the passwords
– Password manager (holds all passwords in its own encrypted format)
– Use any password
– Manage passwords using the auto fill feature (comes with at least 7).
– Backup and restore passwords from the password manager section
– Enjoy a safe, secure, and free internet experience.
– Fully supported!
Download SafeNotes, Install, and use with ease.
Download SafeNotes from the link below:
Download SafeNotes – Free Edition
Download SafeNotes Full Version
SafeNotes (Exe Files

SafeNotes Crack

SafeNotes is a simple notepad application that can secure text documents without requiring the user to change the size of the letters and font. It encrypts the text and decrypts it at the security module of the operating system. SafeNotes provides a great interface to create documents, make notes, and encrypt them.
SafeNotes can be used to encrypt documents stored on your computer. After turning on the computer, SafeNotes will detect whether there is a password protection or not. If the password is present, then the encryption procedure will start immediately. It takes about 30 seconds for the encryption to complete.
I have used SafeNotes to create and encrypt my shopping lists, financial records, bank statements, and recipes and some other important documents. It worked flawlessly as a stand-alone program. I haven’t installed it on a server because it is not compatible with my Windows 2012 server. When it comes to compatibility, it doesn’t support Windows 10.[Anthropological studies on the craniofacial and dental morphology of Chukotka natives (laps)].
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SafeNotes With Keygen

A note-taking software with all the features you might want to keep all your notes, passwords and other important files and folders secure and off-line.
The last line of defence against the risk that someone could steal your notes is to lock them so that they can’t be accessed without a specific and secret password. Take control of your data by encrypting all your notes, passwords and other important files with our Safe Notes software.
Safe Notes has several features worth mentioning: it stores all files privately and offline and you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space if you save all your notes to a single file. You can even encrypt and password-protect your notes and switch them off for quick access when you want it.
Safe Notes has convenient features like a date/time stamp and a password-protected note that will allow you to keep all your sensitive documents private and off-line. You can also save your notes and set them to automatically hide and password-protect them after a certain time period or when you quit the software. You can even password protect a note and share it with a group of people, all with just a couple of clicks.
Analysing your computer usage:
You’ll get an overview of all the files and folders on your computer. We take care of your privacy by using a quiet, safe way of notifying you when files are being changed. We won’t access your files, only notify you that someone has changed a file or folder. This way, you’ll have control over what you show to others. We never store any personal or sensitive data in our files.
Encrypting your notes:
We keep your notes separate from other files. Each note is encrypted with a unique encryption key. Encrypting each note helps to keep it safe and to prevent anyone else from reading your sensitive notes. You have access to all your notes, so you can quickly review them at any time. We give you full control over who sees what information.
Automatic password protected:
You can set a hidden password on your notes. This prevents everyone but you from viewing or accessing your notes. If you have access to the hidden password, you can use your notes exactly as you want. If you lose your password, you can recover your notes from backups.
Protecting your notes:
The password protection feature can be set to automatically hide your notes when you quit the application. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your notes while you’re not using the application. You can decide how

What’s New in the SafeNotes?

SafeNotes is a collection of document security. The basic idea of SafeNotes is to use a master password to access encrypted notes. You can use an unencrypted copy of your encrypted notes if you wish.

You can open multiple encrypted notes at the same time. You can store a list of your encrypted notes in the bookmarks so that you can easily open them at a later time. You can also import notes from existing notes applications.

Note names are not stored in the notes databases. Instead, note names are obtained from the program.

The program allows you to add annotations to your documents in plain text. You can also add signatures with a simple drawing tool. You can include comments with mathematical formulas.

What’s new in this version:

– Update the program’s database.
– Set a password to access notes.
– You can create a password dialog box to set a password and view a list of the notes that you can view with this password.
– The notes files in the notes databases are encrypted.
– Remove notes and notes databases from the program.
– Add notes and notes databases to the program.
– Add notes, notes databases, and keywords for encrypted notes and notes databases.
– Colorize text in notes and notes databases.
– Colorize text in notes folders.
– Changing notes and notes folders in a notes database.
– Add notes, notes folders, and keywords for encrypted notes and notes databases.
– Colorize text in notes and notes databases.
– Colorize text in notes folders.
– Change notes, notes folders, and keywords for encrypted notes and notes databases.
– Export and import notes databases.
– The program now supports the Italian, German, Greek, and Hebrew languages.
– Update the program’s database.
– You can export a notes database or a notes folder to a zip file.
– You can import notes files to the program.
– Create notes and notes databases from notes files or databases.
– The notes in a notes database are encrypted.
– The program now supports the Czech language.
– Update the program’s database.
– You can change notes and notes folders in a notes database.
– The program now supports the Catalan language.
– You can change notes and notes folders in a notes database.
– The program now supports the Estonian language.
– Update the program’s database.
– You can add notes and notes folders to notes databases.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB dedicated graphics card (Graphics drivers must be installed)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 50 GB available space
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