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Route Manager is a powerful and advanced application designed to save time, money and orgainze all of your vending information. The application provides prospect source tracking, account management, product management and more. Tracking your products and equipment is simple and will allow route optimization for product and equipment location.
Route Manager will aid in tracking new location prospects and turning them into accounts. These accounts will contain equipment, product and other information in a easy form for viewing and editing. The prospects and accounts list present location information and status at a glance. Each prospect and account may contain documents such as contracts and proposals as well as images of the location and equipment.
Route Manager allows a business to easily track vital information to execute and maintain a profitable sale cycle and stream line production efforts. The product will track an account from the initial prospect entry while collecting vital data for filling, product and equipment control, and reporting.
Route Manager not only handles the prospect, accounts and equipment interaction in a well structured and consistent model but also manages the inventory aspects of the qequipment and locations. Route Manager can also handle all of your scheduling needs for route management with appointment and repeating events for collection schedules in a central managed calendar without the need of any external software.


Download ->>> https://byltly.com/2nacxz

Download ->>> https://byltly.com/2nacxz






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Route Manager is a straightforward and simple application designed to automate your prospecting, sales and customer management processes. It is a complete integrated software system designed to handle every aspect of your business and to make your life much more efficient.
Unlike other vendors in the industry, the system is designed to address all areas of your business in a single integrated system.
Route Manager will allow you to track prospects for years with a full up-to-date record. The application allows tracking of prospects from the initial address information to contact notes and more.
Once a prospect has been identified and passed the initial contact information stage, the system is designed to track the entire selling process. Tracking of documents and sales information will allow you to estimate and plan for incoming accounts. The initial stages of the selling process will allow you to test and nurture your prospects.
The system will allow you to capture multiple contact information points from a prospect. That way, you can keep track of notes and contact details over time and even have the ability to create customized reports with multiple selection criteria, searchable or not.
The application is designed to be the central point of contact for all sales and prospecting activities with the ability to provide online or offline access and uploads.
Route Manager Benefits:
Route Manager will help streamline your entire sales process from the initial identification of new prospects through to the final appointment and sale.
If your business requires a uniform method for tracking prospects, accounts, equipment and your inventory across your entire organization then you can rely on this single point of contact.
Route Manager will provide full automated online sales capabilities allowing you to capture and store a prospect’s information online for later entry.
The system will allow you to track every aspect of a prospect from their initial contact information through to the final appointment and sale.
Route Manager will help with time management by allowing you to manage your sales from any computer without the need to install any additional software.
Route Manager will allow your team to work from a centralized location instead of being scattered around the office or out at various branches.
Route Manager will support external customers as well as in-house employees.

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Route Manager

► All prospect information is tracked
► Accounts are easily managed with Data Link feature
► Configure for each prospect: where is the location, what is the pick-up/delivery time, how many times per day, how much money is collected, etc.
► All equipment, product and other types of related data are tracked
► Project tracking and management with version control
► Represents your business in a professional and unique way

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Route Manager is a powerful and advanced application designed to improve prospect tracking, account management, product management, inventory, and reporting. It tracks all prospect, accounts, product and equipment in an intuitive fashion.
Route Manager:

About Us

We are here to provide general support to our customers. We mostly deal with requests for technical support and user experience. If you need help with our Google Play app, please contact us by e-mail: playstore.support@gmail.comInterleukin-4-induced augmentation of interleukin-2-driven proliferation of alloreactive T lymphocytes.
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What’s New in the Route Manager?

Assembles all the information for tracking your prospects and accounts as well as important aspects for vending and production
Manages all the inventory aspects for vending and production
Manages all the scheduling needs for route management
Saves you time and money on sales and management
Manages all your prospect, accounts and products
Manages product ordering and storage
Manages products in your system, including customer returns
Manages all aspects of your inventory from location to product
Version 1.0 includes the following modules:
· Job Invoicing
· Equipment Listing
· Vending Invoicing
· Q&A Equipment Listing
· Product Listing
· Analysis Quota Report
· Office Invoicing
· Product Scheduling
· Price Tracking
· Reporting
Version 1.0 runs on Windows 10, 8 and 7.
Route Manager does require the.NET Framework 4 to run. Additional modules will be available in future versions.
Roadrunner Vending has been designing and manufacturing vending equipment for over 25 years and is now recognized as a world leader in the vending management technology space. Roadrunner Systems manufactures vending equipment, vending software and vending service for the demand-based, impulse, and specialty vending industry. Roadrunner is a market leader in applications for fleet management and user-based (store based) routing.
VendLite is a line-of-business application for network or enterprise connectivity. VendLite is a component of the Roadrunner menu. It requires the complete application, is not standalone, and should be downloaded with a Roadrunner application installation.
Route Manager will run on the following operating systems:
Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 8, 8.1, Server 2000
.NET Framework 4.0

Lastest version has bugs, I expect you will fix those soon as final version.
This is bugfix:

Thank you for your feedback. We have already implemented those changes and we will release a new version as soon as it is ready.

Also Route Manager is not standalone, not because we can’t, but because it is better to have the complete application for functionality and security reasons.

Thank you for your feedback. We do have more modules planned for future versions, these will allow new features and improvements.

Thank you for your feedback. We were thinking to have more advanced module, but we do not have plans in the moment.

System Requirements For Route Manager:

At least one card that is installed in the computer’s system slot or drives that are installed in the computer’s internal disk drives.
Firmware Version: 4.30.05
Please check with your system vendor regarding software required for the installation.
Reset Web Configuration
Support for the following firmware versions is available.
The firmware release 4.30.05 includes the following information.
– The brand name and model number of the disk drive were added.
– The