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The RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST plugin has 3 preamp, shaping, style (vintage to modern), adjustable Low and High frequency, adapted sampling rate and 2 types power amp.
The assumtion of user are people that satisfied enough to the sound and wish more tweak to the guitar head amp or at least middle sound engineering that gain money in this area.







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• High and Low Frequency
• Preamp
• Sampling Rate for effects for compatibility
• Two Effects:
• Vintage
• Modern
• Controllable Preamp Volume and Preamp
• Adjustable Power Amp Volume and Power Amp Sound
• Power Amp Tone
• Power Amp Volume
• 2 types of power amp and their effects:
• High and low frequency
• Volume control
• Preamp
• Power Amp
• 2 types of power amp:
• Vintage sound
• Modern sound
• Two of (AP) or 3 of (VA)
• 2 types of effects
• Vintage
• Modern
• 2 power amp section:
• High and Low frequency
• Power amp tonality
• Volume control
• Power amp

RevolutionZ Guitar Head Amp LE VST sample library is priced at $1700, which is 50% off the retail price of $3500!
This offer is for a limited time, so you better hurry in order to get your hands on this incredible amp head product!

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RevolutionZGuitar Pro

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RevolutionZ Guitar Pro + Bass = RevolutionZ 2in1

RevolutionZGuitar Pro the new generation of electric guitar means you can replicate the likes of artists such as Niall Horan and Usher. RevolutionZGuitar Pro is incredibly easy to use and offers exceptional flexibility.

RevolutionZGuitar Pro Description:

RevolutionZGuitar Pro Version 3
RevolutionZGuitar Pro is the new generation of electric guitar. After years of development, RevolutionZGuitar Pro was launched at Bambuser’s NAMM, the world’s largest exhibition for musical instruments. RevolutionZGuitar Pro has an array of innovative features that allow it to be the leading guitar sound generating hardware on the market today. RevolutionaryZGuitar Pro is easy to use and comes with a USB drive containing hundreds of presets. RevolutionZGuitar Pro easily reproduces the tones of the most popular artists at home and on stage. RevolutionZGuitar Pro covers the most popular musical style, from pop and rock, to blues and jazz. The tone of RevolutionZGuitar Pro is soft yet deep, with warmth and aggression. RevolutionZGuitar

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Version 2.4 (June, 2014)
Minor bug fixes
Changes and improvements for users feedback
Version 2.4 (November, 2013)
Add a new preamp model
Minor change for price tag
The main change is a new preamp model / user call it “Blue Ice”
More details:

RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Free Download VST is a plugin to mod the guitar amp sound in easy way, you only need to adjust the preamp gain level and the preamp style. All main filter and shaping have been upgrade to three new filter mode “Bypass”, “Gain” and “Noise Gate”.

Users can choose from three preamp model “Vintage”, “Modern” and “Blue Ice”. “Vintage” has the warm and sweet sound, “Modern” is the medium and clean sound. “Blue Ice” is the first default preamp model for RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Torrent Download. From the three preamp model, “Blue Ice” is the best compromise.

Cracked RevolutionZ Head Amp LE With Keygen VST plugin will be perfect if you are looking for medium sound with good sound engineering on guitar amp sound or middle sound engineering on synth.

RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST Plugin features:
– 3 preamp models
– 11 shaping types
– Optional samplerate change
– 5 poweramps
– 3 types preamp have various filter function
– 3 types preamp has various gate function
– 3 types preamp has various distortion function
– Tunable filter in full frequency range
– Total 11 different guitar amp sound is selectable
– More than 5 more settings to adjust the sound further

RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST Plugin Compatible with:
* Windows XP SP1 & SP2
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Mac OSX 10.4
* Mac OSX 10.5
* Mac OSX 10.6
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003
* Windows XP SP2

RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST Plugin Package:
1. RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST Plugin x 2

RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST Plugin Version 2.1 (September, 2013)
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST Plugin Version 2.1 (September, 2013) includes the following features:
1. Fixed the issue that the plugin has no response when the EQ function is set to “On”
2. Fixed the

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With powerful professional preamp, you can now master your own sound with your favorite guitar.
The head amp feature modern hardware and software technology to give your sound a boost.
High-definition quality gain structure, powerful drive and natural tone control, you can accurately adjust the parameters of the sound with an interactive display.
Features • 3 types of professional preamp: Clean, Overdrive and Distortion • The preamp soundstage can be expanded to 4 times • The overall tone can be adjusted to 4 levels • For each gain structures, the audio bandwidth, LFO, LFO speed, noise gong, velocity, vibration, volume and song title can be displayed in the display• 3 types of power amp: Class A, Class AB and Class D • The overall tone can be adjusted to 4 levels
RevolutionZ head amp LE screenshot:
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Sample Rate:
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Options:
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Demo:
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Link:
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE price:
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What’s New In RevolutionZ Head Amp LE?

RevolutionZ Head Amp LE plugin on VST and AU plugin formate,
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE plugin are much powerful than the previous RevolutionZ Head Amp.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE Free to use, no trial version or license is required.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE is the last amplifier in the line. revolution Z head amp LE VST, AU Plugins download [
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE by Samplers Revolution can be loaded on various audio applications, such as the Ableton Live, Direct Wav, FL, Cubase, Sony Acid, Apple Logic, Studio Artist and many more. You can also be quick to the ears with the simplicity of the RevolutionZ Head Amp LE.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE is a re-imagination of the original effect, RzeZ Head Amp.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE made by professional musical effect engineers, rich with 24-bit resolution and high resolution oscillator. It’s great fun as well as it is a revolutionary effect.
Every instrument you plug in the RevolutionZ Head Amp LE, the unique guitar signal path is the same as live with RevolutionZ Head Amp LE.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE plugins design the speaker-like and audio-like processing, simulation like the rich character of the live sound, and ensure the stability and security of the product.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE plugins can be loaded on your favorite DAW to help you record and mix, and make a variety of guitar processing, and to create a new record that shape your dream sound and to bring an exciting sense of entertainment.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE audio synthesis include various types of natural processing, from the highest quality speaker like as the live sound to the most detailed and realistic.
RevolutionZ Head Amp LE plugins are an absolutely revolutionary and powerful sound of VST and AU plugins.
If you have a question, please contact with our support staff. Thank you.
Sample Bank
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RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST / AU /OSX Pack 1
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RevolutionZ Head Amp LE VST pack 1
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System Requirements For RevolutionZ Head Amp LE:

Windows OS:
64-bit (x86-64) Processor: Intel Core i5-2500, AMD Phenom II X4 965, Intel Core i7-3820, AMD FX-9590 or better
64-bit (x86-64) RAM: 4 GB
64-bit (x86-64) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (2 GB VRAM) or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (2 GB VRAM) or better Hard Drive: 21 GB available space
21 GB available space DirectX: Version 11