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Raymond Weil Watch Serial Number Check


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Raymond Weil Watch Serial Number Check

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Checking watch serial numbers can be done by taking out the case back and comparing the watch numbers to the available. for the watch 5408-lm-00739.

A watch is a small timepiece that is typically worn on the wrist. Watches are usually used to indicate the time of day as well as provide a record of elapsed time. Watches come in many forms, some of which have also become status symbols or adornments to clothing. The term “watch” can refer to these forms, as well as to the entire industry of watch.

Design and construction

Watches are worn for the primary purpose of displaying time. Watches are usually worn on the arm, on a chain or strap, so that the hands are directly observable.

There are many types of watches. Some have no case or movement and are therefore completely encased in the strap. Others have a complete case with dial or display at the top and movement within the bottom, allowing the watch to be visibly closed. Yet others are completely transparent, sometimes.

Watches are typically categorized by what they display:
Timepiece: a watch that indicates the time, displayed on a dial or display on the front of the case and normally driven by a mechanical movement. The time can be either on the face or, less commonly, behind the case.
Portable watch: a watch that is carried on the wrist, in contrast to a watch set on a wall or similar fixture, although it is possible for a watch to be wearable and set in a stand.

In addition, most watches display time in one of the following formats:
Analog display
Digital display
Digital analogue

Many watches also display the day, month and year and, less often, the time zones.

Watches may also be divided by the type of case they are housed in. The most common case types are:
Metal or stainless steel
Plastic or resin
Titanium or other composite material
Leather or other material

Watches are also commonly categorized by their size, by their style and by the current fashion.


Watches became common in the late 18th century. The word “watch” is derived from the Latin word vīcus meaning “time”, and the watch has been in continual use since that time.

Watches were first used in the 18th century by the Swiss to measure time for wall-mounted offices. In the 19th century, as improvements in clock-