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The QuteMol application was designed to be an interactive, high quality molecular visualization system. QuteMol exploits the current GPU capabilites through OpenGL shaders to offers an array of innovative visual effects.
QuteMol visualization techniques are aimed at improving clarity and an easier understanding of the 3D shape and structure of large molecules or complex proteins.







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QuteMol is a molecular viewer that provides a unique user experience in molecular visualization. One of the strong features of QuteMol is that is is based on a virtual environment, that enables the user to interact with the molecule that is being depicted.
The movie shows features of, including (but not limited to):
* Create molecular models of complex macromolecules (proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA)
* Visualize structures of small molecules, oligopeptides and drugs
* Map protein atoms onto atomic structure
* Colorize molecular structures
* Segment molecular structures
* Match molecular structures with PDB coordinates
* Edit and view movies
* Assess stereochemistry
* Merge molecules
* Compare structures
* Polymerize structures
* Perforate molecules
* Build molecules from scratch

Duane Edwards

November 30th, 2008, 12:07



hi guys,

i’m new here, and i wanted to say that im trying to make a website for my research where people can download everythining of my work (pls see my website), so for this I wanted to have a virtual machine that can let the people to test their own file with this and that no problem with the movies or other things that I have and I started with QuteMol, but it’s just going up and down my pc because i’m not good with programs like this.

Hi, I am currently developing a plugin for QuteMol called “view”. It is currently meant for visualizing fairly simple models (up to 200k atoms). This is my first plugin. I have been looking at it over the last couple of weeks and I will try to submit a version by the end of the weekend.

Hi, I am currently developing a plugin for QuteMol called “view”. It is currently meant for visualizing fairly simple models (up to 200k atoms). This is my first plugin. I have been looking at it over the last couple of weeks and I will try to submit a version by the end of the weekend.

I hope you’re going to document it – that would be great.

But if you don’t use QuteMol for your main work, I’d recommend Qtromo (he’s the author) – it’s much easier to handle (and designed for the same purpose). Don’t mean to bash

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QuteMol is a molecular viewer and a molecular design tool developed at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. The program is commercial software marketed by the company QuteMol BV (
Free for academic use!

This is Python script for image rendering. Rendering is performed in tiles way. Each tile is rendered separately using OpenGL. Rendering may be done on any size image and is independent on the image size, but from the amount of memory usage.

This is Java cross-platform molecular graphics system application. It allows one to edit molecules using SMILES notation, view, compare, navigate and analyze chemical structures with hundreds of predefined high quality graphics and utilities.

Do you know how to do a series of mutations on a protein sequence to make it more stable? One thing we can do to enhance the stability is replace one amino acid with another. But the real problem is how to do it.

the Phylo-3D programme was developed to provide a user-friendly workbench for molecular modelling and virtual screening. A wide range of molecular graphics and analysis tools are used. Phylo-3D is written in Java, and requires Mac OS X or a Java Virtual Machine (Java 2 or later, downloaded from Sun) that is installed in the default location.

The program contains an efficient hierarchical representation of protein structures (NMR, X-ray and other molecular graphics). QMViewer is the molecular viewer: all operations can be performed directly on atomic coordinates, as well as on their 3D density maps.

The basic structural editing is performed via the 3D interface, selecting and moving the following objects: chains, helices, sheets, 3D-connectors, channels and ligands.

Protein databank and non-redundant PDB files are processed by your system, file information is extracted, PDB structure is visualized and analyzed with the following MOL- files: dimer, monomer, ligands, atomic refinement, etc. MOL files are supported.

The Molecular Viewer utility converts atomic coordinates into 3D visualisations. It has one or more modes of operation: (a) comparison of structures, (b) interactive 3D visualisation, and (c) molecular graphics creation (primarily for chemistry students).

Dosage is a computer program for the visualization of molecular structures of biological molecules

QuteMol Free (April-2022)

QuteMol is a cross-platform open source molecular modeling application (C/C++) using Qt4 and 3D graphics technology. QuteMol was developed to be a free tool for molecular modeling, protein design and 3D graphical representation. QuteMol is a cross-platform application including Linux, Windows and Mac versions. The current GUI version is also Mac and Windows compatible.
QuteMol is an application developed and supported by the Italian Environment and Health Research group (ISPO) and the Research and Development Center for Nanosciences (CNR-DIS) at the University of Parma (Italy).
QuteMol Features:
● Stereochemistry Support and Energy Saving● Drag and Drop molecules● Select-Write 3D Molecule● Desktop widgets● Fonts support and anti-aliasing● Save and load models from disk● Wavefront (.obj) and Collada (.dae) files● Free and powerful visual interface● SVG and PovRay import and export feature● Different levels of models’ detail● A variety of view angles● Multi-threading● A variety of visualization techniques● OpenGL Shader support● Pre-built databases of molecules
QuteMol Uses:
QuteMol is a molecular visualization application. It is not a solution for the study of the structure, function and interaction of proteins and molecules. QuteMol is intended to be a cross-platform application (Linux, Windows and Mac) for the representation of molecules, their 3D-skeleton, and their solution in a three-dimensional space.
Integrated with Qt.
Qt is a cross-platform application development framework for C++ and Qt.
Qt-QWidgets: a high-level set of widgets (graphics, text and navigation) that allows faster development and simpler maintenance of C++ applications.
Qt-QGraphics: provides a powerful graphics and animation framework for Qt.
Qt-QOpenGL: QOpenGL is a simple, fast, and high-quality open source OpenGL implementation, which targets Qt applications.
Qt-QXml: a high-level set of XML tools that allows to parse, edit and create XML documents.
Qt-QSvg: a fast and cross-platform vector graphics library designed for use with Qt and the Qt toolkit.
Qt-Qml: a Qt-based declarative language for building user interfaces (UIs) for desktop

What’s New In QuteMol?

Wiresampler is an open-source sampler-DSP (digital sound processor) DSP library, based on OpenMAX IL interfaces and a C++ source code is avialable for XMOS XS1-Z3-2 evaluation boards.
Wiresampler was designed for both CPU and GPU programming. Also it can be easy ported to other SoC platforms.
Wiresampler software consists of two component libraries, which are based on OpenMAX IL specification. The first is the flexible and scalable part, which is the library used by Wiresampler and is compatible with OpenMAX IL 1.0 specifications. The second is the part that works with fixed point interface. This part works with ARM fixed point architecture, which is fully compatible with the XS1-Z3-2 evaluation boards.
All software components are unit tested and can be compiled and tested in a standalone environment.
QuteMol Description:

NxX Java bindings that provide access to the Java API for libviso’s VISA and OpenMAX IL interfaces to the XML CV Interface.
This interface allows to reach the rendering Engine directly. It also provides access to the 2D and 3D XML renderer for the XML CV. It provides a list of XML CV functions that handle the display of the sequence, the annotation and the properties of each structure in the visualization.
QuteMol Description:

The goal of NESTED is to provide a simple to use, fast and intuitive OpenGL based Molecular Graphics application using the XS1-Z3-2 platform. The visualizations produced by NESTED exploit the XS1-Z3-2 multiprocessor system and using OpenGL shader programming effects to provide better clarity and an easier understanding of the 3D shape and structure of large molecules or complex proteins.
NESTED is based on the free OGL-Library that renders directly on the hardware without any software rendering, thus without any particular needs of OpenGL. The application can be directly ported to other platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux…) and can be used under commercial license conditions.
QuteMol Description:

The aim of Ovito is to provide a simple, yet powerful and versatile molecular graphics application. The visualizations produced by Ovito exploits the XS1-Z3-2 multiprocessor system and using OpenGL shader programming effects to provide better clarity and an easier understanding of the 3D shape and structure of

System Requirements For QuteMol:

The game runs on the Windows operating system.
The game is available in the Windows Client (English).
The game is available in the Russian Client (English).
The game is available in the Steam Client (English).
In order to install the game, you must have installed Steam (a free service from Valve, the company behind games such as Half-Life 2, Portal, and Counter-Strike). You can download it by visiting their website. It is a program that lets you install games on your computer.
During the