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Mon Oct 16, 2015
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Preserve product attributes on qty increase / reduce actions

When a product has a qty attribute and I perform an action such as increase, reduce or edit, the attributes of that product are changed permanently.
In Magento, if I have multiple products of the same type, however, this isn’t the case – any qty increase/decrease performed on the products are reflected correctly on all of the products’ qty in the admin.
Why is that? Is it because we are working with instances of the product model?
Update: the attribute set has the following settings.
Product Attributes
Qty per unit: 0 (scalable)
Default Option: 0
Qty Increments: 2
Minimum Value: 0
Maximum Value: 0


This can be explained by default magento using a fixed product attribute set. If you have a product attribute set like this:

You can increase the qty like this:
[$product->setData(‘qty’, $product->getData(‘qty’)+1);]

And this will only affect the new product.
If you try this with “physical” products:
[$product->setData(‘qty’, $product->getData(‘qty’)+1);]

Magento will use the default product attribute set and it has the same qty there. So after this statement the number will be 2 in the attribute and product. So the qty is increased “physically” as the qty in the attribute is 2.
If you do this for “virtual” products, the new attribute will not be used. So the product has 0 in the attribute and on the product. If you physically change the qty in the settings you will see that your product now has 1 in the attribute and the product. So the qty is increased “physically” as the qty in the attribute is 1.
So the reason the number increases in the attribute is because the default product attribute set has a qty attribute set to 0, and this is use by default mag https://arteshantalnails.com/2022/06/07/emmetro-grapher-crack-product-key-2022/


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