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VirtualDub-F-Portable Web Page Maker 2.5 Portable. Download Master Norton Ghost. Proxy Finder Enterprise 2.5 Proxy leeching software.The P500 from Brando overcomes the most common challenges a LED video projector can face: heat. The projector is bright and has decent contrast, but the midrange (green) curves so much that the image becomes washed out and detail suffers. Very few LCD projects this size will hit the 2500 lumens level, and it couldn’t get much better color accuracy than this.

When it comes to displays, the most important place for decent color is the projector. To test the P500 for color accuracy and overall brightness, we used the excellent ColorMunki Display Research XE display software. The first thing we noticed when we ran the P500 through the standard P3, P2 and P1 color temperature tests was that the white balance looked out of whack. This was to be expected with any projector operating close to its maximum lumens, but the way the white balance behaved made it much more apparent.

The projector was set to its default settings: the white balance was 5050K, and the projector was set to an output of 1900 lumens. When we turned the projector to this level, you could see all the color errors in the test charts. We used the standard tungsten light source (12V1) for the tests, and the mean deviation from neutrality for the blue, green and red channels was greater than 1.5, which can be seen in the chart below. This is not a minor difference in white balance.

FPSCP on the P500: delta vs. tungsten at 1900 lumens

Source: ColorMunki

These errors are most likely due to the use of a display gamma curve for the ColorMunki test software. Gamma is the curve that tells the projector how to handle the non-linear light output of a projector. This value must be exactly right for the accurate representation of colors, and various large-screen models have gamma curves that are shifted relative to each other. We are not suggesting that the P500 has gamma