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MonaServer is a communication server that provides support for some of the most widely-used protocols: HTTP (with JSON-RPC and XML-RPC), WebSocket, RTMFP and RTMP / RTMPE.
Its goal is to deliver a more versatile alternative to protocol-dedicated servers, considering that all the aforementioned protocols serve the same purpose and work similarly: the server exchanges data with the client. Requests are sent from the client to the server, which delivers a response.
Packed inside a lightweight archive, the server does not require installation and can be started with just a double click.
It runs in the command console, where the status of all the servers and their associated port number are displayed within the main window. The servers then wait for client connections, revealing status changes and information regarding new connections within the same console window.
MonaServer features an integrated LuaJIT compiler and a NoSQL database management system, which will surely come in handy for developers who want to try it out.
Relying on OpenSSL, the server ensures the security of all the transferred data and the exchanged messages. In other words, it allows protected peer-to-peer communication.
The server is designed keeping in mind a few important directives: speed, versatility, scalability and clean code.

It’s a iOs app that lets you record your voice and transform it into a MIDI file.
It’s easy to use and has a UI where you can edit everything.
If you like it, just give it a review in the app store.
It does all the work for you, you don’t need to know anything about music, midi files and sound-effects.
An example of song is the Halloween theme from the Despicable Me movie.
The idea is simple, record a song (and optionally a background vocal track if you wish), and let the app do the rest.
The app is simple and there is nothing to learn.
All the options you need are laid out in a well-organized table on the left.
There’s an on/off switch at the top to choose whether you want to keep your input audio or transform it in MIDI.
When you click on the input button, your input will be recorded.
If you want to use multiple input tracks, hold the record button and you’ll see a plus button to add a new one.
After you record, press the “transformer” button and you’ll see the result

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– Import or import a template from a clipboard and export it in any format.
– Create a blank webpage.
– Use objects and shapes.
– Change the size of the objects and export them.
– Apply colors and export them.
– Make changes on the content.
– Export as html.
– Export to JPG, PNG or PDF.
– Import a webpage in a new workspace.
– Preview the page.
– Export a webpage to pdf.
– Use the layouts with CSS or frame or to make websites for cellphones.
– Change the style.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Import the page.
– Create a button.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Style the page.
– Export the page.
– Use the format that you need.
– Print the page.
– Export the page as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.
– Create buttons.
– Export the page.
– Use the JPG format that you need.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Style the page.
– Export the page.
– Use the layout that you want.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Import the page.
– Style the layout.
– Export the page.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Import the page.
– Create a logo.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Import the page.
– Change the font.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Import the page.
– Use the logo that you want.
– Export the page.
– Export the page.
– Use the CSS in which you need.
– Change the size and the color of the logo.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Use the menu that you need.
– Use the CSS in which you need.
– Use the CSS.
– Export the page.
– Use the CSS in which you need.
– Use the CSS.
– Export the page.
– Use the format that you want.
– Save a webpage.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Export the page.
– Create a shadow.
– Export the page to a new format.
– Use the CSS.
– Create a drop shadow.
– Export the page to a new format

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Pencil is a webdesign tool that allows you to create webpage designs and sketches with just a few clicks. The program is designed to help you create page layouts and to export them in order to use them when deciding the look of the website.
This tool provides you with a large collection of shapes and objects that are usually used when creating a webpage. If you need more items, you can look for a specific clipart in the online database.
You can use the program to export the template to multiple formats that can be distributed to the other members of the design team.

If you are interested in more information about our webshop software please contact us via email at: info@netbox.co.uk
If you do not have a website but would like us to build you one for you please click here

Open the website image on your computer
Open your website by opening the zip file on your computer
Open the image by dragging the image to the website where you want it to appear

Copy and paste your website image to the box that opens
Click Save button

As we work in a secure environment, we require you to enter your payment details on the secure server which will process the payment.
After receiving the details you entered, a secure connection will be established between your computer and our server.

If you enter your card details here it will send the secure connection to the correct server,

PayPal will allow you to check the details and if everything is OK, then click the “Complete” button to continue

When clicking on the “Complete” button, the website design will be created and the preview will be generated

After clicking the “Preview” button you can check the preview of the website. All the tools are still available for you to make changes.
Once you are satisfied with the look of the website, click “Add to Cart” and make the payment (for pricing information, please refer to our website)

After the payment is successful, an email will be sent to the seller with a download link for the purchased website

After successful download, the link will be pasted on your personal website


“Thank you very much for the quality of your webdesign and beautiful softwares. I think your quality are far better than the programs

What’s New In Pencil?


EasyPencil is a lightweight, easy-to-use, free and open-source GUI design toolkit for Windows. It was born from the idea of providing an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to create and share user interface (UI) diagrams for apps that you’re developing for your clients. The tool provides a library of predefined GUI objects and operations that enable you to quickly design applications for various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, etc. You can also use the predefined icons to easily sketch and create hand-drawn user interfaces. EasyPencil allows you to make the most of its user interface using the well-organized tools and its unique application-specific features. It runs very fast and provides a unique graphical experience for both beginners and professionals.
Key Features:

– Multiple UI objects: wxWidgets, wxStyledText, native widgets, and images are available. You can combine them together for a more refined design.

– All GUI objects are drawn in real-time and you can use the shapes that are the most used in the application for designing its main interface.

– Layout tools: wxBoxSizer, wxTabControl, wxGrid, etc.

– New and existing classes are fully compatible.

– A built-in shape collection is included for designing different types of user interfaces ranging from desktop to mobile platforms.

– All icons are provided in various sizes and formats.

– A special feature is the open clipart library which enables you to search, add, and import images that you need into your application.

– You can set the size of the application frame, set the default size of the buttons, and specify the resize behavior.

– You can easily manage and align GUI objects on the canvas.

– You can also import the button images to a specific page, zoom in or out, and customize the text.

– Many export formats are available: PNG, PDF, and SVG files are just a few of them. Additionally, you can export your user interface to Microsoft Office Excel for easier printing.

– A special palette feature enables you to use any color on any GUI object.

– You can launch the application in full-screen mode for a better focus on your work.

– You can easily drag and drop objects from the library to the application workspace.

– Most of the user interface operations are supported.

– New and existing classes are fully compatible.

– The predefined sizes of the objects allow you to easily resize them, as well as align them to the left, center, or right of the canvas.

– You can hide and show the desktop widgets on a canvas.

– The tool provides support for connectors, which can be used to wire GUI objects

System Requirements For Pencil:

• Windows 7, 8 or 10
• Processor: Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz or better
• RAM: 8 GB (16 GB recommended)
• Graphics: 2 GB or better
• Hard Disk Space: 25 GB
• DirectX: Version 11
• OpenGL: Version 3.3 or better
• Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
• Mouse: TrackPoint or equivalent
• Keyboard: Standard keyboard
• LCD: 1680 x 1050 resolution
• HDTV: 1680 x 1050 resolution