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Payday 2 Save Editor Pc Downloadl


Jun 21, 2011
I am looking for a save editor for pc version of Payday 2. There was one in the pc version of the game, but a save editor doesn’t work anymore since version 1.81.
May 24, 2018
It is a good strategy to save mods with the save editor before entering the game, like in old version, before the release of the “Lower Shadow” mod.
Edit save.
Oct 9, 2014
I have played every version of payday 2. all of them had a save editor!
Sep 22, 2011
Save editor for PAYDAY 2.
May 8, 2017
a “save editor” i’ve seen work perfectly fine for this game, but im not sure if it works on pc or not. it’s a pretty simple thing, press F4 when the game is loading up.
Jan 18, 2013
I play on xbox 360, and I have successfully used a save editor to load my saves from my PC version to my Xbox.
May 25, 2010
This seems like the best one:

Dec 12, 2017
The games official website includes a useful mod manager.


I think it’s the official website of PayDay 2 or perhaps the mod description for Lower Shadows:

The unofficial mods are out and in here we’ve got some of the must-haves that will make your experience much, much better.
Lower Shadows, the ultimate mod
that takes Payday 2 to a whole new level of badass.
Lower Shadow takes your world from vibrant, colorful and alive, to dark,
dirty, blood soaked and packed with weapons and ammo.
Weeks of adjustment gave this mod new level of realism, giving the game a
darker, darker feel, the world is raw, painful and full of tension that
gives the game a whole new edge to it.
You can just imagine a dark night with Payday 2, where thunder sounds like
a giant gun and the cracks of it gives you a chill down your spine.
Lower Shadows also brings new mechanics and affects to the game, like the
new blindfiring mechanic.
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Jul 10, 2015
The Progression of the Save Editor for PAYDAY 2
The Save Editor for the PAYDAY 2 Video Game, an essential tool to  .
All the information can be found on the official website.2.1 The Save Editor for Payday 2 is free.Note that the game is developed by Overkill Software, the .
6 October 2018 . Finally, after several months of waiting, gamers will get their chance to make use of the gun store in PAYDAY 2 with the official save editor. the game’s weapon editors which worked on the original’s Payday 2.3 Payday 2 Save Editor Offline. Payday 2 Save Editor. Offline for iPhone. 21 Oct 2018: This is an offline version of the Payday 2 Save Editor, allowing you to browse and edit your saves on your iPhone without needing to connect to the internet. 11 Aug 2018: This is an offline version of the PAYDAY 2 Save Editor, allowing you to browse and edit your saves on your PC without needing to connect to the internet. 12 Apr 2018: This is a free offline version of the Payday 2 Save Editor, allowing you to browse and edit your saves on your PC without needing to connect to the internet. Payday 2 Save Editor [Offline]. note: you need to sign in to the online version. 18 Jul 2019: A patch has been released for the official online editor for PAYDAY 2. the online version of this tool with the same can be found on the official website for PAYDAY 2. thanks to the guys at Overkill Software for the information and the save editor for the game can be found here (redirected from the official PAYDAY 2 website). Overkill Software is the company behind the game.FAQ For Payday 2 Save Editor. Overkill Software. 2. You need an internet connection.3. You need to be logged into the official website for PAYDAY 2.
Payday 2 Save Editor Offline | Save Editor Game Download Offline – 9Apps – 9Apps Note that the game is developed by Overkill Software, the developer of the PAYDAY 2 game, and not by Valvesoftware, the developer of the ARMA 2 game. The game was released in Early Access back in 2014, and at the time