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Those who rely on the sleep and hibernation features offered by their operating system might seek for a way of testing their performance and process cycle. This can be done manually, although it will not provide valuable insight in the events that occur when such a command is initiated. PassMark Sleeper is here to provide a better tool that can help people test the sleep or hibernation cycles on their PCs, with its highly configurable analysis tool.
Consistent interface that provides access to several sleep cycles and an event log viewer
PassMark Sleeper features a simple interface that offers easy access to three predefined sleep states (S1- S3) and one hibernation state (S4). One can easily select the preferred one for the testing sequence and the application will provide an on-screen timer for the elapsed time for each selected state.
Furthermore, a dedicated event log viewer is provided, which will display all the events that are occurring during the sleep or hibernation cycle. All the displayed events are color coded and users benefit from a legend in the interface that will help them identify the status of the messages much easier.
Configure a testing sequence for your PC’s sleep and hibernation cycles, with this compact utility
The application comes packed with a dedicated configuration module that will offer users a way of defining the parameters for the testing sequence. Custom durations for the different sleep or hibernation cycles can be entered, but the application doesn’t offer information about the time unit. This could be obvious, but novice users might be confused at first.
Looking on potential improvements, it would have been interesting for the utility to also provide a realtime event log, during the actual sleep / hibernation cycle. Therefore users could understand the process even better. Additionally, one minor shortcoming is that the log view area cannot be resized and this could frustrate some people.
Useful software solution that can offer insight into the sleep / hibernation cycles of your PC
Analyzing the sleep and hibernation cycles on a PC is something interesting and this could be one reason which makes this application a good choice for those who wish to test such processes. It will offer them easy customization of the testing sequence parameters and an informative event log. In it, they will be able to identify the different stages of the sleep / hibernation cycle.









PassMark Sleeper PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

Create desktop alerts, pop-ups, notifications and pop-under windows. Allows to create an alert when a newly created file, folder or desktop shortcut is created, or an event occurs, which is useful for example when you want to be notified when you have a new item on your desktop or when you want to be informed about system shutdown. The alert will be displayed for defined time on the desktop and/or will be displayed in a window (pop-up, modal).

You can also use the task scheduler to create automatic alerts. It will run a program or script when you select a specific task and a defined date.

The program is easy to use. For example, you can create an alert to be displayed on the desktop on a specific date and time. For this, you just have to choose the file, folder or desktop shortcut and define the time period when the alert is to be shown.

That’s all. The program will create an alert for you on the desktop of your current user account and keep you informed about any kind of an event. No additional software or service is needed to be installed. Just start the program, select the option for the desktop alert and the program will be running in the background.


Create alerts for desktop, files, folders or shortcuts

The alerts can be shown on the desktop, a modal window or on a pop-up window

The alerts can be shown for a given time period

Only the creation of new items will be shown

All files, folders or desktop shortcuts will be shown in the event log

The dates can be shown in an extended format

The dates can be shown in an overview or in time interval

The dates can be shown as a list

The alerts can be started on a specific date

The alerts can be stopped on a defined date

The alerts can be stopped and started on a chosen date

It’s possible to create tasks for file, folder, shortcuts or desktop alerts

It’s possible to define tasks which can be started automatically on a specific date

It’s possible to define that an automatic alert can be stopped on a given date

To create an alert or a task, just select it with a right click on the desktop or open the desktop or file alert

The files, folders and desktop shortcuts are shown in the event log in the listview

The created

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As you know, Windows is one of the most secure operating systems, particularly because of the a.k.a. “Trusted-Path” Security Model. But, not every user enjoys a stable Windows system, both because of issues that may crop up once in a while and also because of the fact that some types of malware can be classified as “evasive” and “persistent.” The latter type of malware might reside on a user’s computer even if the PC has been properly cleaned. The former type of malware might propagate within Windows or cause other kinds of malicious actions in the system. Therefore, if one’s PC is infected, it is necessary to do as much as possible to clean the threat, as well as to remove the traces of this malicious activity. This is where a trusted antivirus like Panda Cloudant for Windows comes into the picture and offers a handful of powerful functions that can be used to recover from such threats. Here’s what Panda Cloudant for Windows has to offer:
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3. The last option that this antivirus provides is a cloud-based system, which has the ability to detect and remove the malware that does not seem to be “on-demand” and that also does not seem to be part of a boot-time scan. The user will be able to access this mode from Panda Cloudant for Windows main Start menu, and she/he will see a mini window on the right side of the interface. This pane will contain a small contact list, and it will be able to display a list of systems on the network that have the Panda Cloudant for Windows application running. But, one

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Continuing the workbench has been packed with this version of the PassMark Sleeper. The previous version offered a facility to test the sleep cycles of the operating system and it also included a log for the events that are happening during the test. Now it is possible to select between different sleep states and hibernation state and a dedicated Log Viewer is included in this version.
Similar conditions are in this version as well, but the visible difference is that this version offers a user’s guide. There are several ways to test the processes and they are easily configurable by the users.
Key Features:
Sleeper interface
Configure testing sequence
Event log viewer
Choice of sleep / hibernation states
Real time log viewer

PassMark Sleeper version 2.6 is the final version of the PassMark Sleeper. This version brings some new features and enhancements to the tool. Here are the key features of PassMark Sleeper 2.6:
Sleeper interface with a new tutorial
Instantly start a new Sleeper test with a simple click on the Start Sleeper button. The tutorial offers the opportunity to quickly understand the major features of the tool, making it easier for new users to appreciate the tool.
Configure testing sequence
Even though the Sleeper tool offers a set of three states for the users to choose, the process of configuring the test sequence can be made easier. The configuration can be done directly from the UI, without having to open and close the test sequence config dialog.
Event log viewer
Thanks to this change, the users will be able to change the logging level in the application via a preference dialog. This allows them to add more details in the log view, making it even more informative.
Source code
The source code for the changes made in this version has been released and it is accessible from the PassMark website.

PassMark Sleeper is a Windows utility for observing the processes running on your PC during the sleep and hibernation cycles. This is done by using a virtual time measurement which is made to appear as if the computer had a problem. It will simulate a crash of sorts and the program will be able to view in detail each process that has frozen, just like an operating system would have done. This program is very useful for those users who wish to know what their operating system is doing when it goes to sleep.
Through its monitoring of the operating system, this program will allow users to observe all the running processes of the system in

What’s New in the PassMark Sleeper?

(March 11, 2011)

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System Requirements:

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