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Всё о продукте ОБД.The Oscar has been given to the creators of the documentary ‘The Cove’, or ‘The Whale Hunt’ as it has been dubbed in Japan. ‘The Cove’ is a scathing documentary critical of Japanese whaling, with a bleak view of the industry that is as damning as it is candid.

The film does not show violence or scenes of death, but it is a much needed wake-up call for many people who have been living with the industry, and its fishermen, for many years.

The Japanese government, or ‘The Whale Hunt’ as it has been called, has been promoting the activity of whaling as a tradition, a time-honoured part of Japan’s culture, but The Cove presents a harsh reality: that it is a controversial, wasteful and barbaric act, that has been hurting marine life, including the already endangered whales, and killing thousands of cetaceans.

The film follows the fate of the whales, as well as those of the crew, and the entire sub-culture of the whaling industry in Japan.

The ‘Greenpeace Team’ infiltrates the remote village of Taiji where the practice of ‘buoy hunting’ still takes place.

The documentary has been condemned by the Japanese government and a campaign against ‘The Whale Hunt’ has been ongoing, including a campaign to have the awards withdrawn. The documentary has been nominated in six categories and is the leading contender for Documentary of the year.

We waited with bated breath for the news that Mark Ralston of KCTCSN had picked up a well-deserved Oscar, but were a little disappointed when they announced that ‘The Cove’ had won Best Documentary at the Oscars.

When we’ve been so lucky to see Oscar winners nominated before, it’s never been anything like this: so special, so unique. The people who come together to tell their stories are an important part of the beauty of the Oscars, but while we’re always excited to see who will be nominated, we’re even more eager to see who will take home the prize.

The Cove has never before been nominated for the coveted accolade of Best Documentary and we can’t wait to see what sort of story the Oscars will award.Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey: University of Sydney

Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey: University of Sydney

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