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Even though it’s not as well-known as its younger brothers – the TR-808 and the TR-909 – Roland TR-606 is still a legendary drum machine. Launched as a companion to the TB-303 bass synthesizer, the 606 suffered the same fate as most of the instruments released by the Roland Corporation in the first half of the 1980s; in the beginning, it didn’t sell well, but later it went on to take part in pioneering various electronic music genres.
And just like its younger brothers, the 606 was cloned several times, both physically and digitally. Today we’re taking a look at a TR-606 emulation called Nithonat.
More than a simple emulation
Many plugins from D16 Group can be characterized by the fact that they look and sound great. Nithonat is no exception, although the interface doesn’t really resemble the original Roland TR-606 that much. Not that I’m considering this a bad thing in any way, I’m just pointing out that the piece of software looks less like an emulation and more like a thing of its own.
Indeed, Nithonat has added many welcome features to its well-designed interface. Each drum has individual parameters like tune, tone, attack, and decay which you can adjust to change the feel of your tracks. You also have more controls over the patterns, but the drum programming principle hasn’t changed since the original Roland unit; you still program the patterns using the keys, and you still have the accent function which you can use to modify the volume of the mix on a given beat.
A fun and useful drum machine
If you have any experience with sequencing drums in a DAW or other plugins, Nithonat will seem easy-to-use. You can choose different outputs for each of your drums so you can edit them later, and you can also use the plugin’s internal sequencer. All in all, Nithonat is a well-designed virtual drum machine that isn’t made only for those who love retro instruments and sounds.


Download ····· https://byltly.com/2n05x6

Download ····· https://byltly.com/2n05x6






Nithonat With License Key Download [Updated]

Nithonat – a sophisticated drum machine for modern music production, made for both drum loops and beats.
Key Features:
Looping sequencer;
1-32 drum patterns (with 64 instruments);
Variable play modes (plays in the real time (PBR) or pre-recorded (record) mode);
Drum programming (in patterns or samples of any size);
Use patterns by pressing and holding the “Shift” and “E” keys, patterns by pressing “PgUp” or “PgDn”,
drum samples by pressing the corresponding keys (example: one key to program pattern and samples);
EDIT from patterns (one by one, simultaneously from all patterns);
NEW: “Setting mode” (adjust the internal parameters of the drum);
NEW: “key settings” (key parameters can be adjusted, one key by one);
NEW: “Multiple timbres and tone controls” (each drum can have different effects, timbre and tone).
NEW: you can choose: (1) or (2);
NEW: select complete sound or part of the sound (2-part)
NEW: option “program one drum by one key” (only drum can be programmed by one key,
the frequency of the note will be automatically adjusted);
program sampling mode from drum samples;
programming in patterns (with samples);
play pattern samples instead of patterns;
possibility to change the “Volume” (retriggering a sample based on the changes in the “Volume”);
Drum samples in one-shot mode (press “PgUp” or “PgDn”);
the drum part can play until you press any other key (in real time);
programming of drum sounds (from drum samples): when you press the “PgUp” or “PgDn” keys, it will play a sample; the parameter
“Vol” can be used to change the volume of the drum sound (retriggering a sample based on changes in the “Volume”);
emulation of recording mode (without delay);
the sample can play as many times as you choose;
“Drum” tab (drummer set list);
“Reverb” tab (presets for 8 reverb effects);
“FX” tab (presets for stereo delays, chorus, flange, phaser,
drum echoes, tremolo, rotoscopes, vibrato, phaser mod, sound effects);

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Nithonat is a drum machine emulation with lots of fun and useful features. It supports up to 12 different drum modules so you can quickly create up to 24 rhythm tracks at the same time!

This software-based drum machine offers a wide range of great features that simplify the creation of melodic beats and grooves, and you can use a variety of built-in melody generators to make every track a unique song.


– Make up to 24 rhythm tracks at the same time, arranged in sections
– Use up to 12 different drum modules, resulting in over 20 built-in drum kits
– The familiar Roland drum pattern programming interface, with an accent function
– Start your song at any point with a set of catchy phrases, and use the internal sequencer
– Trim, cut, loop, edit, and splice beats at any point
– Make drum programming a breeze, with built-in phrases and drums
– Use built-in melody generators to create songs with great melodies
– Filter, adjust tempo, adjust the volume
– Use the Volume Map feature for maximum control and flexibility

You can use the virtual drum machine to create numerous musical styles. You can make up to 20 drum tracks and arrange them in six different sections or combine them in one large drum pattern. You can also use the built-in phrase and drum generators to easily create tracks with a catchy melody.

The device comes with a variety of built-in drum kits, including the hi-hats, ride, ride/hi-hats, overhead, snare, tambourine, and drum fills. You can create patterns and generate original melodies using built-in phrase generators. You can also use the source recordings of drum kits to create your own beats. The virtual drum machine includes an internal mixer and a volume map, so you can quickly adjust all sounds simultaneously.

Nithonat Setup

We’ll be taking a closer look at this software-based drum machine, so let’s start by setting it up.

Step 1

Download the software from the download button on the image below.

When the download finishes, close the installer and double-click the.zip file in order to extract all the files.

Step 2

Go to the folder where you extracted the files and double-click “nithonat.exe.”

The software should now start. You’ll

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Nithonat is a virtual sound module for use with your DAW. It has hundreds of drum hits in each of its 32 kits and it has a unique approach to the old-school Roland TR-606 drum machine.
Nithonat Features:
Percussion Instruments:
Drum kits include a variety of different drum hits, including many new Roland-exclusive sounds. You can play eight drum kits simultaneously with eight drum-heads. You can even use two drum-kits with MIDI play to control a MIDI pad.
Keyboard Instruments:
The keybed is fully customizable, and you can use any virtual instrument or plugin to control it. You can control all of the parameters of the different instruments using the keyboard. Also, you can play all the instruments through virtual instruments or plugins.
A variety of over 40 chords have been modeled. You can use your favorite chords or you can make chord changes on the fly.
Nithonat has an internal sequencer. It allows you to sequence the drums using the keyboard and it also allows you to play the instruments of the kit simultaneously.
You can read the release notes here.

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What’s New in the Nithonat?

Nithonat is a virtual retro rhythm machine for your DAW and is a standalone product. The TR-606 inspired drum sounds are very powerful and versatile and great for all styles of music. The easy to use drum patterns, ease of editing and a great drum sequencer, and even more powerful sound set of LV2, give you all the tools you need to create your own songs.
In addition, you can use the internal drum sequencer to chop drum segments together to create your own drum tracks. You can add additional low frequencies and bass drum sounds, or just insert a wide range of intuitive and fun samples into the drum loop to bring an instant sound board to your DAW.
What’s New in Nithonat 6.0.2
– Add support for new Russian locale: RU, that has 9 more sounds.
– Add more loops with 8 new new Roland drum samples.
– Add a delete button to the files list.
– More read me included.
– Bug fixes and more.
What’s New in Version 6.0.2:
– Add support for new Russian locale: RU, that has 9 more sounds.
– Add more loops with 8 new new Roland drum samples.
– Add a delete button to the files list.
– More read me included.
– Bug fixes and more.
Please, support us if you like what we are doing.

The Native Instruments Sfz (Sample Foundry) sample pack is a collection of loops, samples, effects, and a sample player/tagger written in NI Kontakt 4. It contains samples of several well known and not so well known Native Instruments instruments as well as the Sfz Engine library.

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System Requirements:

* Windows 7, 8, or 10
* 1 GB of RAM recommended for best experience
* Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent processor
* NVIDIA or AMD GPU with at least 1GB VRAM
* Intel HD 4000 or AMD equivalent
* 2GHz+ (Boosted) CPU recommended for best experience
* DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
* Windows Update is turned on for the latest service pack
* For best experience, have a minimum of 2GB of RAM.
* For best experience, have a