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NI Massive 1.1.5 AiR Free Download


. Oct 17, 2014. NI Massive 1.1.5 AiR Free Download ] ]
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Nov 10, 2016
Review: Native Instruments Massive 1.1.5 AiR (free) by JFFX. Aug 17, 2015 · Thread · In Gaming. Nov 10, 2016 · Thread · In Gaming.

In Detail
AiR is a free Audio I/O module that aims to bridge the gap between software and hardware.

AiR is an audio interface that can be used in a modular environment where you can link it with other similar products.


AiR is a USB interface for the audio software Massive that allows you to synthesize music using the professional and creative audio software Massive, the MIDI interface Control 4 and Amp. AiR is compatible with Macs, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Massive audio software that generates samples for software such as the popular drum machine MULTiFORMAT and the mixer MASCHINE. AiR consists of a 12-bit audio interface that includes two AD/DA converters with high-resolution AD converters.

Massive features
A massive amount of high-resolution synth parameters, including morph, pulse waveform, physical modeling, LFO and sample rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz, enabling you to customize your synth to your desired sound.
Control the amount of oversampling so that the quality of sound does not decrease when you increase the sampling rate.
Full MIDI: link with a MIDI controller.

Examples of usage:
Combine the input of AiR to the output of the control 4 multilayer (Dual).
Combine AiR with a mixer (Dual) to create a multimixing environment.
Use a sample pack and the multilayer.
Connect AiR to and two major instruments (MAJOR).



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Category:Software synthesizersA new study led by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


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Binding WPF ItemsControl to a reference class

I’m working on a WPF app that’s using databinding against a SQLite database. I have an ItemsControl defined in XAML, and it binds to an ObservableCollection property on a view model class. This is basically everything inside the DataContext tag of the XAML file:

The DataContext of the page is set to the same view model class, and I’ve also set the DataContext of the ItemsControl to the same view model class, so that the bound properties update automatically.
The Playlist property is defined like this:
public ObservableCollection Playlist
get { return _playlist; }
set { _playlist = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); }

So far, so good.
Now for the tricky bit. The page has two buttons, which lead to views that contain editable data about songs. Each of those views is supposed to re-bind the item’s data when the button is pressed, with the view model binding the item’s data directly, and the item’s list view binding to the item’s view.
The view model creates these instances of the Song type, and any Song instance contains a reference to the song’s parent player (a PlaylistItem type),



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