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NCLink is a RS232 software for transferring data for CNC communication.
,. PC which may be far more advanced and that may even be 64 bit.
Jun 15, 2019
Users and manufacturers have used the NC Link to transfer data, configuration, and vehicle functions over the serial ports of older hardware such as.


I started with the older version of NCLink and kept the serial port settings the same. Since NCLink has a 64 bit version, I then installed the new version of NCLink, and then set the serial port settings on the older version to the new settings. This process worked quite well. The programming software will tell you the serial port settings, so it just takes a bit of measuring and inputting the settings.

The vast majority of today’s commercial microphone arrays employ a complex array of analog electronics, typically on several channels, whose outputs are merged in a single digital audio “mix” in which the resulting audio signal is rendered to a power amplifier and ultimately to an audible speaker system. The mixed audio is then processed by an equalizer or other audio processing circuit designed to equalize the audio levels to compensate for differences in gain and frequency characteristics of the various microphone or transducer channels, and to aid in boosting or attenuating specific frequencies to compensate for low and high frequency signals that are not directly captured by the microphone channels.
The analog electronics used to mix and process the audio are incorporated in an external mixer/processor device which is generally connected to a computer or dedicated audio controller. The external mixer/processor device may, for example, be a desktop “sound card” such as a Roland® Corporation, Inc. DM-100 product or a Soundblaster® 16-bit sound card such as a Creative Labs product.
The currently available mixing and processing hardware requires a large power supply or input power supply. The large power supply limits the number of channels which can be connected to the mixer/processor device. The large power supply also requires regular monitoring of voltage and temperature to ensure that the power supply is running within acceptable limits.
In recent years, power for the processing and mixing functions has been supplied by low-power power supplies or battery power. These supplies are usually lithium-ion batteries and the power is supplied continuously and at a consistent level. The level of power supplied by the battery power is usually significantly less than the power supplied by the larger power supplies. Typically, the total DC current http://www.hjackets.com/?p=61714


I have read somewhere that the DC link is encoded using I2C-1 on the Microchip A2D speed to USB conversion software. Computer .
Dec 13, 2007
Also, I’m assuming 32 bit operating systems can use 64 bit processors (Intel, for example) and 64 bit operating systems can use 32 bit processors (Windows 8)
Jun 21, 2012
If you install’slackware64′, you will find that slackware64 uses also a 64 bit kernel.
Oct 12, 2011
I am having no problem with the 16 bit computer I just connected it to. .

Jul 12, 2016
What I found out was the car is being built in China and it will be shipped to Austria. .

May 13, 2017
The NCLink Receiver Emulator does not have a 64 bit version. What type of motor controller is being used in this system?


May 18, 2017
yes a lot has changed since i ran this computer in 2004. it is a 32 bit computer and you can run 64 bit operating systems in a 32 bit mode. this may or may not be a big deal to you. what it will do is the clock speed will be limited to what the 32 bit operating system can handle. if that is not an issue to you then that is fine to use with the NCLink.

NCLink software

Oct 10, 2017
i found a very similar link that you have posted above. i used a different program to run the link in python. so i could monitor and control the pinout. that was easy enough to do. the code is in a zip file available below.


Mar 21, 2019
not sure. i have not been able to find out which manufacturer is making the motor controller.


Jun 24, 2019
@sir, thank you for your help in the processing of my request. the information you have provided in the file exchange and the associated web addresses are very helpful. i found what i was looking for and am now looking to learn about it further. thanks again for your help and the time you have taken to read my post.

MFC Link

Aug 28, 2018
MFCLink Commercial.rar


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