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PowerPoint Presentation is something we work on starting from middle school when we have projects to be done and all the way towards our working career. This means that regardless of whichever stage you are currently at, losing a presentation due to accidental deletion or partition corruption can be more or less a disaster. 
Kernel PowerPoint is a professional software application that helps you recover and repair lost PPT files regardless of how they got inaccessible in the first place.
An app that is easy to use
Just as PowerPoint presentations are supposed to be simple and straight forward, so is Kernel PowerPoint.
The UI is as simple as it can, all buttons and tabs are visible and self-explanatory, so you won't waste times trying to figure out what makes this program tick.
The file recovery process is also straightforward, as all you have to do is browse where your corrupted PPT file is, chose between two search options (a fast one and a slower but more effective one), select which slides you want to be recovered, then assign a directory for your recovered files.
An effective file recovering tool
The software tool assures the integrity of the data during the recovery process, regardless of the intensity of corruption and the size of the PowerPoint file. Kernel for PowerPoint recovers data from PowerPoint files of all formats. It includes popular formats like PPT, PPTX, PPS, and PPSX. Also, it supports all recent versions of MS PowerPoint.
It manages to accurately recover text, formatting, fields like hyperlinks, OLE objects, images, animations, etc. It also recovers basic shapes, callouts, Word Art, stars, banners and Media Player files from the presentation files.
An app that can be used by anyone working with PowerPoint
Kernel PowerPoint manages to provide great service when recovering corrupted PowerPoint presentations, making it a useful tool for both school graders, students, and office workers alike.







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1. Build in unique personal archive function to automatically backup & secure your precious files. And it can be run in the background to restore files with no downtime. 2. To improve the speed and stability of the software, combine the Restore Mode with a different function. 3. The Kernel PowerPoint Activation Code can restore damaged and missing presentations and provide you a detailed report to help you find the files you need.
Kernel PowerPoint Cracked 2022 Latest Version Features:
1. Recovers PowerPoint files of all types (PPTX, PPT, PPS, PPSX), and supports all the latest PowerPoint versions. 2. Finds and recovers keywords, text, formatting, animations, shapes, callouts, images, hyperlinks, videos, OLE objects, themes, states, transitions, sounds, files, and animations in PPT presentations. 3. The software is powered by powerful algorithms and collects information from the opened presentations to fully recover PowerPoint presentations. 4. The software can also recover files like templates, presentations templates, layouts, graphics, charts, and drawings in a specific folder. 5. It helps you keep track of where the PowerPoint file is and what steps you have taken to recover the presentation. 6. It supports a clean restore mode, which prevents deleted and corrupted files from being recovered. 7. The software provides several restore options, and you can choose between the fast and full restore. 8. To help users in recovering their files, it also provides a detailed report for each recovery result. 9. The Kernel PowerPoint For Windows 10 Crack can recover PPT presentations of various formats including PPTX, PPT, PPS, PPSX, PPSM, PPSS, PPTM, PPTT, PPTJ, and PPTXS. 10. To extend the user experience, the software includes some powerful features like AES 256-bit algorithm for data encryption, and screen capturing.
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1. Take less than one second to recover files from corrupted PowerPoint presentations. 2. Easy to use. 3. Simple to use. 4. Search on your disk for PowerPoint presentations. 5. The Kernel PowerPoint supports the most PPT file formats on the market: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPSM, PPSS, PPTM, PPTT, PPTJ, and PPTXS. 6. Powerful
Kernel PowerPoint Compatibility:

Kernel PowerPoint Latest

Recover your PowerPoint presentations and sheets from the internal memory. Recover corrupt or broken PowerPoint presentations.
Recover corrupted PowerPoint presentations that have reached the end of life. The software supports PPS, PPT, PPTX, and PPSX files.
Recover a corrupt PowerPoint presentation from the SD card or other external memory. The software can recover from external memory such as SD cards and external hard disks.
Recover and recover slides, charts, text fields, pictures, images, animations, VBA formulas, OLE objects, documents, and fonts from the corrupted PowerPoint presentation.
Recover text and formatting from tables, charts, images, and slides. Preview all recovered files and folders to check the quality of your recovery.
Powerful and easy-to-use software that includes all formats of PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Slides recovered from your PowerPoint presentations and sheets.
PowerPoint Presentations recovered from your presentation files.
With our software you can recover PPS, PPT, PPTX, and PPSX presentations and spreadsheets.
PowerPoint Presentations recovered from corrupt or broken PowerPoint presentations.
PowerPoint presentations recovered from SD cards and external memory devices.
Recover text, formatting, images, animation, and fields.
Text recovered from tables and charts.
Images and other objects recovered from PowerPoint slides.
Text, pictures, charts, text, OLE objects, and any other object from PDF files.
Recover PowerPoint presentations, sheets, and charts from the internal memory.
Recover PowerPoint presentations from the internal memory.
Recover images, tables, charts, text, and text fields from PowerPoint presentations.
PowerPoint presentations can be recovered in the following file formats:
Recover PowerPoint presentations in the following file formats:
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Kernel Powerpoint Full 2.5.2
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Recovery of lost PPT presentation from 0:00

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+ Powerful and accurate recovery tool that can help you recover any corrupted PowerPoint file or presentation.
+ Easy to use application.
+ Works on all common Microsoft PowerPoint versions.
+ Easy to use, intuitive and simple user interface.
+ Kernel PowerPoint includes all methods to recover presentation including all popular files formats.
+ Recover text, callouts, fields, charts, animations, sound files and shapes from corrupted PowerPoint files.
+ All modes of recovery process is always accurate and effective.
+ Kernel PowerPoint supports all major PowerPoint versions.

Kernel PowerPoint Shortcuts:
+ Copy file
+ Paste file
+ Cut file
+ Delete file
+ Rename file
+ Back
+ Forward
+ First
+ Last
+ New folder
+ Open
+ Close
+ Refresh
+ Exit
+ Refresh all
+ Page down
+ Page up
+ Save as
+ Delete slide
+ Delete channel
+ Duplicate slide
+ Create bookmark
+ Create subfolder
+ Add to quick access
+ Show hidden files
+ Go to file
+ Go to folder
+ Create shortcut
+ Move to
+ Sort folder
+ Search folder
+ Rename folder
+ Reorder folder
+ Copy to
+ Paste to
+ Select all
+ Delete selected
+ Open selected
+ Copy selection
+ Delete selected selection
+ Check spelling
+ Add word to dictionary
+ Select Next
+ Select Prev
+ Select dialogue
+ Select window
+ Select font
+ Select text color
+ Select color
+ Select directory
+ Select folder
+ Select slide
+ Select all slides
+ Select slide count
+ Select text with formatting
+ Select text
+ Select text size
+ Select text color
+ Select background color
+ Select background color
+ Select fill color
+ Select fill color
+ Select button
+ Select button
+ Select channel
+ Select channel
+ Select font
+ Select font
+ Select font size
+ Select font color
+ Select font style
+ Select paragraph style
+ Select theme
+ Select theme
+ Select theme color
+ Select theme background color
+ Select theme font color
+ Select theme text color
+ Select theme font size
+ Select theme text size
+ Select theme line spacing
+ Select theme line spacing
+ Select menu
+ Select menu
+ Select menu color
+ Select menu style
+ Select menu spacing
+ Select menu style

What’s New in the?

PowerPoint Recovery is a powerful Microsoft PowerPoint recovery tool. A recovery utility which automatically recovers corrupted/lost PPT files and return them to original working state. It is very fast and stable. There are 50+ images recovery options.

Recovery Tools Software

PowerPoint 2004 Recovery is a complete software application that can recover data from any version of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files. This recovery tool can repair/recover lost/corrupted files regardless of how they got inaccessible in the first place.

PowerPoint Recovery X 2.0 is easy to use file recovery software for Microsoft PowerPoint.
The software is able to recover corrupt Microsoft PowerPoint files with any text/picture/graph types. The software is able to recover data from corrupt Microsoft PowerPoint files – as well as open or un-open corrupt Microsoft PowerPoint files. The software can recover corrupted/corrupt PPT files of any format, size, version and version number.

PowerPoint Recovery X is an easy-to-use software tool to recover lost & corrupted Microsoft PowerPoint files. The software works smoothly and effectively to recover any type of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation including RTF, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PDF and many more without any trouble. It supports various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint including 2003, 2003/XP, 2000, 97, 97/XP, 2000/XP, 95, 95/XP, 2000/98, 2000/98/XP, 95/98/XP, 2000, XP, 2000/XP, 97/XP/2003, 97, XP and 98/XP.Portrait of a Sheriff by John Wesley Snyder


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More From the Artist

John Wesley Snyder (1842–1927) was a New York City-based artist and draughtsman who studied with Thomas Eakins, Theodore Seibert, and William E. Hamilton in Philadelphia. Snyder

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Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit / 64bit), 8 (32bit / 64bit), and 10.
Mac OS X (10.3 or later) and Linux.
Windows 7 (64bit) or Mac OS X (10.7 Lion)
Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other supported web browser (No Internet Explorer)
HP graphics card (GPU), a game card, or other hardware that supports OpenGL