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Since technology is evolving at an alarming rate and along side it Internet connections, one might ask at what use a download manager is. However, with the help of specialized applications such as Internet Dwonload Accelerator, not only do you get your connection pushed to the limits, but also cleverly organize and schedule sessions.
Compatible with commonly used web browsers
Installing and running the application is not enough to start getting ahold of desired items. You still need to put your web browser to good use in order to be able to provide the address where files are located.
However, the application is capable of working hand in hand with some of the most popular and commonly used browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and Yandex Browser. Whenever a download process is detected, the application automatically takes over, trying to enhance speed.
Create and manage download groups
One of the most useful features is the possibility to have files downloaded to different destination folders, depending on their type. A side panel is home to several presets like programs, archives, music and videos, but you are able to add your own. This is easily done by specifying the name, output folder, as well as extensions to be automatically sent to the mentioned destination directory.
Schedule processes for increased efficiency
In case the application is used in a business environment, an integrated feature greatly comes in handy. You are given the possibility to create basic or advanced download session schedules in order to have tasks automated, thus saving you some time.
You are able to set the process to be put in motion only once, at a given date and time, as well as have it made recurrent, being suitable to keep documents in a workspace constantly up to date. Additionally, post-process operations are available so your computer does not stand by. Choosing to shut down the PC, close the application or stop activity at a specified time are only a few.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Internet Dwonload Accelerator lives up to expectations, being a practical application. It takes little of your time to get acquainted with features put at your disposal and manages to offer a handful of tools suitable both for personal and business use.







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Internet Download Accelerator, or IDA for short, is a utility that accelerates and manages HTTP and FTP downloads by detecting and combining TCP streams to make the download process faster.
It is designed to work with both the Internet and intranet protocols, and can be used in two modes: as a download accelerator, which can speed up the download of a single file; and as an accelerator, which is used to combine several streams from multiple web sites into a single download. The acceleration process is very simple: IDA relies on the use of in-built download management with extensive mechanisms, such as scheduling, aggressive download prioritization, SSL support and the ability to add your own list of regular and quick web sites.
Underlying most of the features are IDA’s handy management capabilities. These include the ability to open, close and define several groups, add quick web sites (of your own) and regular web sites to any of the groups, as well as having the ability to define your own connection mappings. This enables IDA to manage an unlimited number of downloads, saving you precious time.
The following speeds can be achieved using IDA:
– Up to 300% on a single file with a single stream; and
– Up to 600% on a single file with multiple streams.
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Sep 26, 2012

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Internet Download Accelerator Product Key, or IDA as it is called, is a great program for anyone who has issues with downloading data over the Internet. Most of the people are familiar with services like Rapidshare or Hotfile, where data is stored on servers and can only be downloaded through a special software. Downloading these data with a normal browser can be a time-consuming and stressful task. However, using an IDA account, all the data can be instantly downloaded without any waiting time.
IDA has been designed with one purpose in mind: maximizing the transfer speed of your data. It is very useful for people who are working in businesses and dealing with big files. IDA comes with a strong feature list, which includes a few useful functions, such as a scheduler, a log file viewer, a password cracker, etc. IDA is also very easy to install, as it requires no third-party software and a program installer. All you have to do is to run it once and connect to the Internet. Once your Internet connection is established, IDA will work automatically. IDA is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari on Windows.
Key features:
Intuitive interface.
Used by over 4 million people.
Get the latest information
Internet connection required.
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The Internet Downloads Accelerator is a powerful bandwidth limiter that ensures that all the activity is completely legal, while being easy to use. No voids, no hidden costs, no limits.
By using the Internet Download Accelerator Product Key, you are guaranteed not to exceed your data transfer limits. We can even limit your speed to cost less than other solutions.
Easy to install and easy to use, the Internet Downloads Accelerator (IDA) program has been designed for newbies and tech-savvy users. Easy to use, easy to install, easy to control. Because no surprises, we also took care to ensure that no minutiae was missed and the use of the program is

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Internet Download Accelerator is a utility that offers better speed when downloading, especially over slow networks. It’s a great alternative to browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and lets you easily download large files from the web faster than ever.
Internet Download Accelerator has numerous features, such as the ability to download from multiple sources simultaneously, resume interrupted downloads, support for HTTP, FTP, ftp, Gopher and magnet links, multiple profile support, schedule the download for the next several days, and automatic multiple file download management. The program’s interface is user-friendly, and has a clean and clutter-free approach. Internet Download Accelerator is available in English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Internet Download Accelerator download page.
Internet Download Accelerator Full Screenshot:

Internet Download Accelerator Screenshot:

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AppMon Apps Free is an advanced system information and monitoring tool that shows you all the hidden details and powerful features of your Windows system including detailed performance data. AppMon Apps Free can monitor a variety of system parameters and give you a clear view of system health and performance. You can also keep tabs on your installed software and hardware from one convenient location.

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What’s New In?

Internet Download Accelerator is a free download manager, that brings you the best download speed, no matter where and how you transfer files. You can save your time and increase your download experience.
Internet Download Accelerator will even use all possible resources to get you a better result. The program will automatically detect a slow connection, force the server to transfer data through your device, adjust the cache and adjust settings for a better speed and a better experience.
– Faster downloads in 2x times
– Best download speeds in 2x times
– No time limit
– Easily manage and distribute downloads from anywhere
– Simplified connections (without any restrictions).
– Free and for download any files.
– No limits for single file.
– Built-in scheduler.
– Free updates.
Internet Download Accelerator donates.
List price: Free.

There are however, some limitations which would stop you from using it to its full extent. These are as follow:
Limited downloads per day
You are able to download no more than 50 KB in a single day. You would probably think the application is not worth your time or money, but in case you have a slow internet connection, you are able to download considerably more with the help of Internet Download Accelerator. For instance, if you have a 512 kbps connection, you can go to 100 KB in a few hours.
Reduced download speed
As opposed to other applications, Internet Download Accelerator offers constant download speed. However, you are not able to control the download speed. As time passes, your Internet connection speed may decrease, making it difficult to download files faster.
Limited number of connections
Internet Download Accelerator is not able to manage multiple connections. This means you are unable to download on any of your devices simultaneously.
No automatic download
Internet Download Accelerator offers limited automatic download options. You can download the same file multiple times, but you are not able to do it automatically.
Product Features:
Faster download speeds
As stated above, you are able to get 2x faster downloads with the help of Internet Download Accelerator. It is able to utilize a number of resources to connect to the server, save file to local cache or adjust the downloads and settings for a better speed. The application is capable of paying extra attention to the best servers, thus increasing chances of a great connection.
Unlimited download speed
Internet Download Accelerator is able to read both single files and archives. No matter

System Requirements For Internet Download Accelerator:

Minimum system specifications:
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Intel or AMD CPU
1 GB of RAM
2 GB of available hard disk space
Broadband internet connection
Recommended system specifications:
2 GB of RAM
4 GB of available hard disk space