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How to test container with Jinja2?

I have a project which does not support Jinja2. But I want to get some idea on how to test if a user is logged in with Jinja2. I am not very good with templates.


It sounds like you are wanting to test that a user is logged in. If that is the case, there are two ways you can do this. First, you can grab the requests.session variable at the end of your login function and use the Jinja2 filter {{ var.get() }}. If you call get() and the user is logged in, the user’s session will be available. If you call get() and the user is not logged in, a HTTPError will be raised and you can do whatever test you want to ensure the user is logged in.
if not requests.session.get(‘username’, ”):
# user is not logged in

Alternatively, you could redirect the user to your login page and test if they are redirected to it. However, if you’re doing this, it’s probably a good idea to use a class based view instead of a function based view.
def test_login(request):
if not requests.session.get(‘username’, ”):
return HttpResponseRedirect(‘/login’)


I have a friend who is a CPA and he likes to complain about taxes. I
assured him that I am an ex-historian and a tax lawyer, so I know this to
be true. However, I sometimes get paid for things like this so I am
reluctant to give advice to someone who is not being paid for any

In general:

1\. I would recommend transferring all your stuff to a family trust.

2\. When you do that, the trust has no tax obligations to pay.

3\. You can take taxes in the trust income tax-free.

4\. They transfer any capital gains to you.

I am not sure if you are

. Capítulo 3 – Memory Manager of the Operating System Software- Part II In Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows. TeksPE2010 (r12.74) – File: freeware-software.txt. Di Milano en la venta gráfica: Clic aquí. Discografia.New front-page, whip-smart daily newspaper from The Oregonian and OregonLive includes Seattle, Oregon

The new 12-page Northwest edition of The Oregonian and OregonLive, designed to run every morning on weekdays, includes both Seattle and Portland, and is the first in the state to be designed and edited by a media company.

The paper went on sale Friday morning at more than 5,000 outlets in Oregon and Washington, including the sports section. A subscription offer of $14.99 a month is also being offered, and will be mailed to new subscribers.

The paper’s editors are from Oregon, and the statewide staff has new Seattle locations. The paper’s lunchtime editorial cartoonist, Marilyn Dillon, was also hired and will also be based in Seattle. Both the editorial page and editorial cartoons will now be owned by The Oregonian.

“Portland is, and will continue to be, the biggest market in the Northwest, and readers deserve a daily newspaper that reflects the breadth and scope of the region,” said Kate Murphy, president and publisher of The Oregonian. “What has been accomplished in the last few months is the creation of a daily newspaper that feels Northwest, and is not some facsimile designed to be more regional or more ‘local.’

“It is Northwest, but it is not the product of one paper or even one organization. It is, quite simply, the product of Oregonians who have been in this region for years and who have tried to create a paper which is as relevant as it is entertaining.”

The Oregonian and OregonLive are both operated by MediaNews Group.

“The next decade will undoubtedly be the most exciting and exciting time in the history of the Northwest,” said Margo Hopper, president and publisher of the Oregonians. “This new paper will reflect that excitement.”

Here’s a look at the paper, which features all of the news outlets from the Oregonian and OregonLive:European stocks have risen steadily over the past five months, as investors have shrugged off worries about the impact of Brexit and the slowdown in China.

Chinese policymakers said Monday