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Hair Stylist Calendar Crack + [Mac/Win] (Final 2022)

Clean, functional, and user-friendly software application for creating and maintaining a work calendar. In easy-to-use interface with an attractive user interface, you will be able to schedule a variety of business or personal appointments. Moreover, you can keep an eye on all your scheduled appointments, synchronize data with Outlook, manage backups, print reports, take action on the unexpected, create sound notifications, and configure holidays.

Organize your business as it should be – create or delete events with the click of a mouse, record all vital information about appointments, appointments, clients and customers in an easy-to-read calendar format, get a report on your work in useful Excel, Word, PDF, Text or HTML formats, and much more.
Key Features:
Single Calendar Interface
Hair Stylist Calendar Cracked Version sports a single calendar interface with a vertical or horizontal layout where you can create, delete or modify events or appointments.
Multiple Calendar Options
You can switch between different calendar views: year, week, month, and week-work.
1-Touch Event Creation
Hair Stylist Calendar 2022 Crack makes it easy to create new appointments by simply clicking on a day.
Multi-User Support
Hair Stylist Calendar can be used by up to 50 users.
Automatically Generate Reports
Hair Stylist Calendar supports multiple file formats to generate useful reports. You can generate reports based on the current database, selected calendar events, all events, and for the same client.
Export Filters
Export the calendar data to a text, HTML, iCalendar, or Outlook file format.
Scheduling Backup
Backup your database at your convenience by scheduling a backup to occur at a time of your preference.
Customization and Color Support
You can apply different themes and colors to give your application a polished and professional appearance.
Restore Undone Events
Restore all missed events in one click.
Recurring Appointments
Recurring appointments can be adjusted to be displayed as every other week, monthly, or yearly.
Task List
Task list functionality is available for users who schedule work on recurring basis.
Hair Stylist Calendar supports multi-task scheduling for work that is scheduled to occur on different days.
Import and Export to iCalendar
Import appointments from iCalendar (v4 and v5) files to the database.
Export appointments to iCalendar (v4 and v5) files.

Hair Stylist Calendar Crack Download (2022)

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Hair Stylist Calendar With Key [Updated] 2022

Hair Stylist Calendar is a software application which can help you handle all your appointments and scheduling concerns.
This easy-to-use program gives you the possibility to create and edit multi-use timelines, which you can easily switch between various view modes, such as day, week, month, or year.
In addition, you can preset information about the employee, such as the customer’s name, phone number, area of the hair salon, and recommended hair stylist.
Thus, the software allows you to make various appointments in a data-driven approach, organize all of them on a single timeline, and keep your busy hair stylist organized in no time at all.
Main features:
• Clean feature lineup
Hair Stylist Calendar comes packed with a comprehensive set of features. You can specify a target date, cancel an appointment, edit and import/export information in multiple formats, such as XLS, XLSX, TXT, HTML, and XML, and much more.
• Create multiple timelines
You can view a vertical or horizontal timeline that lets you quickly and easily switch between different view modes, including week, day, month, and year view. You can also create multiple timelines by navigating between different tabs.
• Calendar
You can set up a timeline and assign a color to it. This attribute displays a calendar in the main window, allowing you to make an appointment by simply clicking on a target date.
• Background image
Hair Stylist Calendar comes with an attractive background image. You can change it by accessing the settings tab and clicking on the “Appearance” subtab.
• Favorite tips
With Hair Stylist Calendar, you are given the opportunity to set a custom sound notification (WAV, MP3, MID) when triggering alarms. You can also store information about the employees, such as the customer’s name, phone number, area of the hair salon, and recommended hair stylist.
• Attach a contact
You can attach a contact to an appointment and keep it in the database. This attribute lets you set up multiple users, such as employees and visitors. You can add information about their names and contact details, assign a nice image, and color the entry.
• Import/export schedule
You can import data from other calendar services, such as iCalendar, Outlook Calendar, and Google Calendar. You can also export data to a.ics file format.
• Import/export contact

What’s New in the Hair Stylist Calendar?

Hair Stylist Calendar is a software application whose purpose is to help you keep track of appointments for professional hair salons. Clean feature lineup You are welcomed by a well-structured suite of features. You can preview the appointments on a vertical or horizontal timeline and switch between different view modes, namely work week, week, month, or year. The tool displays a calendar in the main window which allows you to make an appointment by simply clicking on a target day. You can set up multiple users in the database, such as hairdressers and cosmetologists. You can add information about the name and phone number, pick a suggestive image, and assign a color which is displayed in the timeline. Schedule appointments Hairs Stylist Calendar gives you the possibility to schedule a new event by giving details about the name, phone number, start and end time, customer info (e.g. address, email, comments), job details, problems, and recommendations. What’s more, you are allowed to set up reminders, configure payment parameters, cancel appointments or events that are older than a custom date, as well as export data to XLS, XLSX, TXT, HTML, or XML file format. Keep an eye on all reservations Hairs Stylist Calendar reveals a list with all your reservations and detailed information about the start and end time, customer’s name, phone number, hair stylist, and charged fee. You can edit or delete events and filter the entries by date. Advanced printing options are available for helping you customize the information that you are about to print. You can sync data with Outlook and import and export information from/to iCalendar and Outlook. Keep an eye on all reservations When you are done configuring all of the information that you want, simply give Hair Stylist Calendar a try and be happy with the results!

This software enables you to view and edit your calendar from the outlook Outlook program. The program lets you add and edit appointment categories. This allows you to easily get an overview of the upcoming appointments. You can also customize the look and feel of your calendar and even set appointments to auto-fill the remaining time. A calendar is also provided which contains a list of categories and appointments which has been stored in the outlook calendar.
Powerful calendar features
This software enables you to insert or remove categories from the calendar. You can add and edit appointments and export them to a file which can be opened in excel or access. You can also import

System Requirements:

*OS: Windows 7 64bit
*CPU: Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz
*RAM: 2 GB
*Free Disk Space: 6 GB
*VGA Graphics Card: 2GB Video memory
*Mouse & Keyboard:
*DirectX: 9.0
*Storage Devices: Hard drive space of at least 7 GB.
*Playstation 4:
CPU: Quad Core @ 3.2GHz