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H Force [TOP] Keygen Download 13



H Force Keygen Download 13

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How to have like a facebook app users column in database on cron job?

i’m trying to do what facebook users like column. but it’s hard to make it perfectly. i can just use email user ID to make it, but after all it’s only for the user who create the page. other users can’t see their ID.
so i’m trying to user name for that, but when i use that it’s only works for the user who see the page.
so how can i do it in MySQL?
thanks for helping me


You can add a column named “Likes” to your table to store the list of user which liked your page.
You can use the following query to get all the likes(user id) for a particular page:
SELECT id FROM `fan` WHERE page_id = $id

You can use a similar query to store the new likes.
Note that you will need to query the DB twice(one on creating a page and one on inserting the likes).

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