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The Vikings dealt with the loss of cornerback Xavier Rhodes for the year on Sunday. They’ll also be without defensive end Everson Griffen for a while.

The team announced that Griffen will undergo surgery on his injured shoulder on Wednesday. Griffen suffered a torn subscapularis tendon in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Bears.

Head coach Mike Zimmer told reporters on Monday that the surgery would be the first of the season, and that the team doesn’t know how long Griffen might miss. That won’t come as much of a surprise, since the Vikings defense was already missing several key starters.

“He’s a great teammate. We love him. He’s a great competitor. We definitely wish him well with the surgery. We’re hopeful we can get him healthy as soon as we can. It’s not an easy surgery,” Zimmer said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “He’s kind of the heart and soul of the defense.”

Minnesota is expected to turn to a more deep group of backups, but neither Marcus Sherels nor Desmond Bishop looked especially comfortable in their first game as starters, and it’s unclear whether the defensive depth will be sufficient to take advantage of any temporary gaps in the rotation.Q:

Do you have to get the lens hood when you buy the lens?

I have a cheap(60$) 80-200mm lens without a lens hood. Is it likely that the light (sources of light) hits the lens and irises, and transfers energy into the sensor? And this cause damage to the sensor?
Or does it have to be attached, or is it all just overrated?


(To get a little bit of historical perspective, some versions of this question existed before the advent of all modern crop sensor systems. They can be answered in a more pre-digital-era manner

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Download Ebook Computer Organization And Architecture By D A Godse A P Godse.pdf. IORECADER.COM / Free Download Ebook Computer Organization And Architecture By D A Godse A P Godse.. 09/23/2010 .CINCINNATI — University of Cincinnati officials said an emeritus professor’s research on the link between sexual assault and traumatic brain injury is being applied to developing sex-crime kits.

The university announced Wednesday that Dr. David Lisak, a UC professor of psychology and criminology, is working with the university and a handful of researchers to study if there’s a link between the use of so-called sexual assault kits and traumatic brain injuries.

The university said in a release that between 50,000 and 100,000 sexual assault kits are collected each year across the U.S., and that “in some instances, kits are not tested for a period of years after collection.”

The kits are often stored in police or other law enforcement agencies.

Lisak has studied the incidence of sexual assault in women and the relationship between the prevalence of sexual assault and the incidence of suicide, the release states. His research has also shown that even low incidence rates of sexual assault can cause depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

“Because sexual assaults are underreported, the actual incidence of sexual assault is likely higher than that reported,” said the university release. “Sexual assault is a common and severe public health problem, and there is a clear association between sexual assault and mental and physical health.”

UC already has access to sexual assault kits through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Ohio Attorney General’s office. The university is working with outside researchers to determine if the kits can also be linked to head injuries from high-velocity forces.

“The findings could lead to the development of more effective and more efficient tools that are needed for victims to have access to sex-trauma related services, such as advocacy groups and support groups, which could help reduce the incidence of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder,” the release