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foo uie console is a useful plug-in for foobar2000 designed to display diagnostic messages in console mode.
Give it a try and enjoy the new interface of foobar2000!







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The foo uie console For Windows 10 Crack plug-in provides an HTML interface to the logging output from Foobar2000 for diagnostics. It also provides integration with a number of other foobar2000 plug-ins.
Use as a diagnostic tool
Display the logging output for Foobar2000’s main application in HTML format
Also supports diagnostics from other foobar2000 plug-ins
Works with other foobar2000 plugins

foo uie console, an HTML interface to Foobar2000’s log message and diagnostics, is available now on the foobar2000 site.
A new version of foobar2000, version 1.1.2, is now available for download (64-bit). Among other things, this release includes various improvements to help resolving crashes in various circumstances, various changes in the windows installer and some more improvements to the foobar2000 core.
foobar2000 1.1.2 Description:
foobar2000 is the cross-platform media player foobar2000 that supports playing more than 975 media files and offers features such as audio and video encoding and decoding, tagging and playlisting.
foobar2000 also includes a comprehensive set of tools for file manipulation, editing and organizing music collection, compressing and converting to various audio formats, playing CDs, ripping CDs, burning CD discs, audio and video encoding, tag editing and so on.
foobar2000 is available in a free, free-of-cost and a professional version for all popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

ooheh! they went ahead and added the new version of foobar2000 to the official site! Even the site developer was surprised when he found the new version of foobar2000 and noticed that the entry on the site wasn’t updated yet!

foobar2000, the cross-platform media player foobar2000, has now been released as version 1.1.1.
The main features of the new version are:
* improved support for zipping of XML tags (JARed)
* copy of files with the same name to a directory with a different path
* expand drag and drop right-click menu (including adding video files to the playlist)
* better playlist support (more powerful)
foobar2000 1.1.1 Description:
This new version of foobar2000 brings several improvements and bug fixes.
The most noticeable improvement is probably that foobar2000 now supports ZIP files containing XML tags that are being decompressed.

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-uie @macro-name[:args]

Maintained by:
– Esko
– zeno.mn
– mitsuharu
– hiroyuki.kawasaki
– jiaxun (webhelp)
– Xiaomin (w3d742)
– Andrew (divfcd)
License: GPL-3

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I have a drop down list that contains some values which get stored in my database. There is a column called’return_url’ in the table, that is used to pass the users back to the page that they came from if they choose to return to the page they came from.
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Console Window is a simple plugin for the foobar2000 file player.
There are several parameters to configure:
* colouring of the messages
* timestamps of the messages
* whether the messages are autostarted
* whether the messages are restarted on’stop’
* whether the messages are not restarted when exiting foobar2000
* whether the messages are supported for multiple categories
* whether the messages are supported for multiple views
* whether the messages are visible at all
* whether the messages are shown in subcategories
* whether the messages are shown in its own tab
* whether the messages are shown in external file
* whether the messages are shown in additional categories
* whether the messages are shown in the context menu
* whether the messages are shown in the statusbar
* whether the messages are shown in the sidebar
* whether the messages are shown in the setting dialog
* whether the messages are supported for multiple players
* whether the messages are shown in the player context menu


2013/3/16 Edward O’Brien

#For debug information
Foobar2k Version:
File Version:
File Type: Plugin
Latest Release:

Press “Control”+”E”+”S”+”T” to create a new chat session.
Enter a “UserName” to join the session.
If you’re a registered user, enter your “Username” as a “UserName”
(case sensitive).
Then press “Enter”.
Select a “ChannelName” for the session.
Do not enter text into the channel yet.
Press “Enter” to join the chat.
To view chat messages, hold “Control” and press “PageUp”
to move down to the previous message.
Press “Control” and “PageUp” repeatedly to go up the chat history.

What’s New In Foo Uie Console?


By using foobar2000 uie console the following information is displayed:
– Selected formats
– Current playlist
– Selected file info
– Current title/artist/etc
– Current dbms path
– Current output device
– Media info
– Free space
– Selected track or album id
– Selected playlist id
– Selected disk id
– Selected song/album/etc
– Whether track or album is complete/incomplete
– Track/album title/artist/etc
– Track/album path
– Track/album dbms path
– Current year/month/day
– Current track/album/etc id
– Current length
– Current played/unplayed time
– Current timestamp
– Current play position
– Current tempo
– Current volume
– Current file/disk id
– Current codec path
– Current audio/video track/id
– Current status/error
– Current user id


Installing uie console is very simple. Just unzip the package into
`~/.foobar2000` folder, adjust your `~/.foobar2000/uie-console.ini` file if
you want to change the default behaviour and then start foobar2000.

You can also install foobar2000 from a shortcut by dragging the desktop icon
onto the foobar2000 desktop entry (this will open a window as you see on the
screen). You’ll see the name of your foobar2000 installation in the desktop
entry’s text. If you already have a shortcut or desktop entry but the name
is missing you can add it using the `Start` menu or right-click on the
desktop entry and select `Properties` (or `Open Properties`). Find the line
`foobar2000.exe=%programfiles%\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe` in the text
and click `OK`. The foobar2000 shortcut/desktop entry will be changed to
show the correct name foobar2000.

You can also install uie console on a different computer by copying the
`uie-console.ini` file to `~/.foobar2000` folder.

You can install uie console for the entire foobar2000 installation in


To see the full list of messages uie console supports, type `uie-console`
in the foobar2000 console.

The menu shows the messages in alphabetical order. The most important
message is shown at the top of the menu. Below this are messages with the
same significance. The messages are listed with their string as given in the
standard output by foobar2000.


To see all messages, type `uie-console` in foobar2000.

System Requirements:

OS: 64bit Windows 7+
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX260, ATI Radeon HD 5850
Recommended Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i5 2600