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Category:Windows softwareQ:

Formatting string including tab

I want to format a string based on the date that is in the format MM/dd/yyyy.
But, I am running into problems when it comes to adding a tab between each date.
The current format is MM/dd/yyyy, M/D/Y.
After placing a 2 in the format field, I get this:
2/15/1912 MM/DD/YYYY, M/D/Y.

So my questions is, is there a way to remove the space in the date?


Your question is unclear, but you want to remove the space in the date.
Use format mask “MM/dd/yyyy”.
As for the space between the months and days you will need to use the formatting mask “M/D/Y”.

There are some truths which we take for granted, but people everywhere now know that it’s 2019, and you can put any video on YouTube now.

For the most part, things haven’t really changed. The Internet is still the Internet, but there are an abundance of new social media and digital media services popping up. Pop culture consumption is still enjoying a Golden Age, so we figured now would be a good time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

We also took a look back at what we were thankful for during 2018. If you’d like to watch our previous year in review, check out our last year in review on our Facebook page.

Now, let’s dig into some of the cultural changes we witnessed during the past year, along with the massive games, movies, and other tech trends that will continue to define the upcoming months.


YouTube certainly doesn’t need a recap. After all, it’s only 2019, and it’s got a very strong grasp on the streaming video market. However, the social media site made a large change to its service in 2018.

YouTube is no longer on Google’s Preferred Network, and as such, many YouTube fans were confused about what this meant for the site.

The change likely had more to do with YouTube being owned by a massive media company like AT&T than it did with some artificial