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Fable The Lost Chapters Highly Compressed Free Download


Fable The Lost Chapters Highly Compressed Free Download

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It doesn’t take long in the fantasy world for the elements of our own reality to collide and start doing some weird things. Us, the humans, have been living in cities, hunting for our dinner and playing around with science, as usual, for ages. During that time everything normal has been crushed and turned into the odd. But even then, there’s still one thing most of us have been chasing after: immortality.

Dreamt, buried and forgotten, in a tunnel beneath the mysterious and huge ancient ruins of Gravenwood, the legend of the medusoid monster Srengt, living under the mountain, has been haunting your country since time immemorial.

The state orphanage, the only home the medusoid has ever known, is mysteriously closed down and the keeper of the abbey, the only one who still remembers the monsters existence in real life, died some time ago. All the inhabitants of the village were moved, and the miner who found the remains of the old man committed suicide, as well as his insane daughter, pretty desperate to perform the ritual to revive her mother’s undead body.

Now, at the beginning of the autumn, the forest around Gravenwood is known to start looking differently from ordinary trees. People are disappearing, and every now and then you hear rumours of a metal monster flying over the