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Among the options for keeping data protected from prying eyes is to encrypt it, and the Internet does not fall short of alternatives for carrying out this kind of job.
dsCrypt is one simple solution created specifically for encrypting data regardless of its nature. It does not require installation and works out of the box.
Minimalist looks, on the fly encryption
A single glance at the interface is all you need to understand the basic principle governing the application: drag an item and drop it into the main screen in order to encrypt it.
The next step ensuing from this action is straightforward and includes providing the protected password, which can be of any length you want. However, a longer string offers increased security.
The application does its magic automatically and the file added is automatically encrypted. A hint that the job is done is the addition of a new extension after the original one.
You can try changing it back to the original but this does not make the file work. Reverting the operation is also available in the program.
Simple configuration options
Setting the application up should not pose any trouble to a regular user and even a beginner could easily understand the options.
Among the choices there is the possibility to use the built-in PassPad utility that provides various characters you can use to protect the target file. This can be a tricky road, though, unless you have very good visual memory.
Also, to hide the fact that the file is encrypted you can choose not to append an extension or any other hint of protection. Additionally, dsCrypt is capable of saving and running a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) to make sure there is no error.
The application is extremely simple and does its job as it is supposed to. There aren’t any complicated settings available and working with it is as simple as dragging and dropping a file in the main screen and selecting a protective password for it.


Download ⚙⚙⚙ https://urluso.com/2mmixv

Download ⚙⚙⚙ https://urluso.com/2mmixv






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dsCrypt is a freeware data security program that allows you to encrypt any file or folder in a matter of seconds. Designed to protect your personal files from unauthorized access, dsCrypt can be used by anyone without having to be experienced in the field of encryption. dsCrypt’s minimalistic interface is simple and easy to use and can be accessed by anyone.

dsCrypt has a friendly user interface and only takes a couple of seconds to encrypt a file or folder. If you are looking for a simple and secure way of protecting your data, then this is what you are looking for. The only available settings are for password length, use of the built-in pass pad, and disabling any info about the file being encrypted. You can optionally set a description for the encrypted file or folder and an optional hint to make it stand out from the other files on your hard drive.

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A big thank you to the designer of this application, which allows us to share it with you. dsCrypt is freeware.

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Simple and very easy to use key management software that allows you to store, edit and protect 16-digit unbreakable password, similar to a human password, on the PC. It automatically stores passwords on the hard disk and encrypts them with strong AES 256.
KeyMACRO can be used as a password manager. If you do not want to use KeyMACRO as a password manager you can remove the password manager functions from the KeyMACRO. Features:

Auto store password on the hard disk.
Protect password from unauthorized access.
Automatically opens files encrypted with KeyMACRO password.
Add password to clipboard.
Copy protected password to clipboard.
Find password by text or contents in a file.
Search for passwords in a list of files, folders and subfolders.

Automatic save of encrypted passwords to the hard disk.
Recover password if password can not be found.

Easy to use tool.

The purpose of this tool is to be a password manager. If you are not comfortable with it as a password manager, you can disable password manager from tools/options. Features:

KeyMACRO Description:
A powerful and easy-to-use software that helps you to encrypt and protect information from prying eyes. KeyMACRO also allows you to store and manage your passwords safely on the computer.

Automatic save of encrypted passwords to the hard disk.
Recover password if password can not be found.
Delete encrypted password.

KeyMACRO is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you to encrypt and protect information from prying eyes.

With password management you can easily organize your passwords and passwords and protect your data.

KeyMACRO provides maximum safety for your passwords by the newest AES encryption and automatically protects them from unauthorized access.

This free utility is easy to use and allows you to store and manage your passwords.
KeyMACRO is a popular utility that allows you to:

automatically save encrypted passwords to the hard disk.
recover password if password can not be found.
delete encrypted password.

KeyMACRO has an easy-to-use interface. Just click and the desired password is automatically saved to your hard disk.
KeyMACRO is not a complicated software, but it can be used as a password manager if you want it to be.

KeyMACRO helps you to automatically encrypt your information and protects it from


DSCrypt is an end-to-end encrypted, file sharing application that you can use to share documents and files with your family and friends.
dsCrypt was created to provide secure file sharing without revealing your encryption keys. While the software uses strong encryption, there is no risk of decryption back-up by third parties.
This gives you the highest level of file sharing security.
dsCrypt looks like an open source application with a “lite” user interface but is actually encrypted. This means your data is safe from spies and hackers.
The application was written with privacy and security in mind. It was designed with the aim of enhancing your online privacy and security.
Unlike other similar applications, dsCrypt does not require you to have administrator privileges and use security settings. dsCrypt is a simple yet powerful application that can protect your data without the use of complicated settings or a lot of configuration.
To activate the decryption capabilities on dsCrypt, you will need to load the following key file in the application.
dsCrypt Pros:
– Easy-to-use
– Works out of the box
– Provides file encryption
– Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
– Supports hiding the added extension of the file after encryption
– Can hide the fact that a file was encrypted
– Short and elegant interface
– Designed to protect your privacy
– Ability to use PassPad for more than 50 different characters
– Supports saving and running CRC
– Supports password auto-renewal
dsCrypt Cons:
– Does not provide authentication
– The application only supports file encryption and doesn’t encrypt folders
– The application only supports the 32-bit architecture
Download dsCrypt

Created by IFLYRL, DS-Crypt is a simple but handy encryption tool for Windows. Using the application you can encrypt individual files and whole folders at the same time.
Here are some of the functions available on DS-Crypt:
Encrypt and decrypt files and folders.
You can select the file or folder and press the button. The selected file will be automatically encrypted and the extension added.
You can also choose to not display the added extension. To do so, press the button and then select a location for the new extension.
You can save and open the file and open the file using the saved location.
Decrypt and encrypt files and folders.
To decrypt a file, select the file and press the button.
You can choose a location to

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System Requirements:

Windows 7 or 8 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit
Intel Core i3 2.2 GHz or equivalent
4 GB
Nvidia GeForce 7800 or equivalent
Version 9.0c
Broadband Internet connection
Intel Core i5