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A MIDI-enabled virtual analogue synthesizer with stereo sound featuring 3 oscillators, multiple filters, LFOs, envelopes, and a fully-functional editor to configure different sounds.
This is an exceptional virtual analogue synthesizer. Numerous presets and the included editor provide you with a long list of musical options.
Virtually limitless sound creation
Each of the 3 oscillators, that can be synced separately, offers you a wide palette of parameters including multiple waveshapes and sync. You are provided with filters, MIDI learning and syncing, LFOs, and envelopes.
MIDI-enabled engine with three synchronized oscillators
The 3 synced oscillators deliver rich and complex sound. You can assign multiple phases to the individual oscillators and work with a range of filter types. When working with a MIDI sequencer, you can assign the MIDI notes to one of the oscillators via envelope and filter tracking. This way, you can create a vast range of powerful sounds.
Full editor to connect multiple audio effects
The Audio Editor allows you to connect audio effects and use various features like an advanced time stretch function and a stereo delay. It supports over 200 effect plugins via Import & Export.

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Dragon II

Need to work with a virtual analogue synthesizer? We have designed Dragon II exactly for you!
The plugin emulates a classic 6-voice synthesizer with two oscillators, three detune modes, and a choice between filter, amp envelope, delay, and noise (Pink/White) modes.
Possibility to change three audio parameters per oscillator (Osc1, Osc2, Osc3)
When one of the oscillators is synced to the second, a third wave is generated (when synced to the first oscillator, the first and the second oscillator are generating a combined wave)
Reverb is controlled by two pre-determined reverb settings
Control of noise via a MIDI CC2 (modal)
Built-in effects including band-reject filter, high-pass filter, low-pass filter
Built-in envelope including; attack, sustain and release
Two multimode filters:Band-reject, High-pass, Low-pass
26 full-bandwidth filters with controllable resonance and cutoff frequency
25 LFOs, 12 waveforms each for Sine, Saw, Triangle and Square waves
All parameters accessible via a MIDI CC set to 0 (except a few exceptions)
Multiple oscillator configuration options such as syncing (filter) Oscillator 1 and Oscillator 2, octave difference, phase difference, oscillator sync, noise.
Amp envelope and delay including a semitone range
24 audio parameters are controllable via MIDI
When enabled, the selected Oscillator will take priority over any other Oscillator, including the Oscillators being synced with Oscillator 1 and Oscillator 2
Keyboard tracking (analog and velocity)
When enabled, the keyboard tracking in your host will behave as close as possible to the original analog synthesizers
Advanced GUI interface with intuitive explanations
Easy to use with full documentation included
♦ The built-in keyset comes with the default set up. However, you can easily change the keyset. For more info, please refer to the manual.
♦ To ensure the best performance of the plugin, you must make use of at least two USB ports.
♦ For optimal performance it is highly recommended that you run Dragon II on the latest drivers of your VST host.
♦ In case you encounter performance issues, please follow the troubleshooting tips included in the manual

Dragon II Crack + Download

Project is a MIDI/Audio Interface/Synth Plugin for VST Host applications. All VST functions can be run using only VST host CPU and Hard disk space.
Simply put in your audio data and MIDI data into any digital audio interface or record your sequencer directly to MIDI Note In events and any number of Instruments will be created.
The data is played in real time and with multiple instruments you can create a fantastic program.
Our website and support documentation are at :

The website is not updated often and is only used to communicate our work, you can find basic function documentation at :

Multi track recording, Save as project files and Export as.vst presets are currently supported formats.
Instrument Direct Recording
MIDI data Direct recording by connecting to your audio interface
Multiple tracks and file saving
Full project support that will save and export preset to.vst form
64 bit 16 bit signed float sampling
Includes all data reading/writing, high pass and low pass audio filters with or without delay
Support for up to 4096 instruments per project with multiple instruments can be used simultaneously
The following thread may be helpful to those just getting started:

Quick start video tutorial for how to record and use a project file
Recording for the first time
Connecting an audio interface and MIDI interface
1)Plug the audio interface into your computer
2)On the audio interface, connect a audio cable from the INPUT of the audio interface to the audio jack on your computer (you need to plug a cable into the audio jack of the audio interface)
3)Start the audio interface so it is recording at the sample rate you want.
4)Start the audio interface for recording a song.
5)Connect the MIDI interface.
6) Start the MIDI interface.
7) Press the RECORD button on the MIDI interface to start playing.
8) When the song is finished recording, press the STOP button on the MIDI interface to stop.
9)At this point, the audio tracks on the audio interface will have recorded the MIDI data from the MIDI interface.
Recording multiple tracks
When recording multiple tracks, you need to keep the faders and audio fader levels on the audio interface set to their maximum. Press

What’s New in the?

Dragon II is a lightweight audio plugin developed specifically for helping you work with a virtual analogue synthesizer. The plugin features support for three oscillators, modulation options, filters, amp envelope, and MIDI learning capabilities.
You can deploy the audio plugin on all Windows flavors out there and make use of its capabilities, provided that you have a VST host like energyXT or VSTHost installed on the target computer.
Interacting with the GUI
The plugin provides a well-structured suite of features. However, there are a lot of audio parameters that need to be tweaked so you need to take some extra time and experiment with the built-in options in order to understand how the plugin works. A PDF help manual is embedded in the package and comprises several useful details about the audio tweaks.
Key features
Dragon II offers you the possibility to alter the sound with the aid of three oscillators. What’s more, each oscillator comes with several parameters which are implemented for helping you apply detune options, switch between four waveshapes (Sine, Saw, Triangle, and Square), gain control over the octave, semitone, and pitch, adjust the pulse/width of the square wave, as well as change the volume.
When it comes to sync options, you should know that the second oscillator can be synced to the first one, while the third can be synced to either the first or second. Noise can also be generated, and you may choose either white or pink noise and tweak the volume.
What’s more, you are given the freedom to work with a modulation wheel and velocity control which can both emulate thirty-three parameters simultaneously. Other supported audio parameters are three LFOs (with attack, five waveshapes, and pulse width) and three envelopes (with attack, delay, sustain, and release parameters). Each LFO and envelope can modulate twenty-four parameters at the same time.
Dragon II lets you make use of two multimode filters, choose between different filter types (e.g. band-reject, high-pass, low-pass), alter keyboard tracking, adjust cutoff frequency and resonance controls, and route both filters to the envelope.
Final ideas
To sum things up, Dragon II proves to be a reliable virtual analogue synthesizer that packs a handy suite of audio features. It is suitable especially for music enthusiasts.
Dragon II Screenshots:

Dragon II to Audio Converter is an advanced tool to add virtual

System Requirements:

The image is built using Minecraft (See requirements)
Minimum Requirements:
Minecraft Java Edition 1.6.4 or higher.
Java 8 or higher.
Operating System:
Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher
Linux 3.9 or higher.
GCC for Linux.
Aditional Information:
By default the project is built using OSX for the cross platform support. On Linux and Windows the OSX build