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DeGeurin is fired. He is no longer a consultant to the Atlanta school district. He goes to a new school, starting from scratch, and forgets all about a $140 million mistake. He doesn’t care about the Atlanta school district. He just wishes he could rewrite the four months of his life. He wishes he could tell the kids who he’d be, in school, but he’s not going to be the guy he was before. It’s not going to happen.

I’m writing this from a cheap internet cafe in a town that’s been hit hard by the current economic crisis. I went from the kids who’d never know a world outside the one they live in, to some kids with extended family who are proud to be losing their homes and jobs. I’m writing this while I have my laptop and an internet connection and an old, broken car. I’m writing this for my son, for my brother, and for my sister and her family. I’m writing this for the last time.

‘You are the true God-maker! What can you write that will create the kind of tomorrow you want? You will be in control of your life. You are a true God-maker! God has given you the power to write!’//
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