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Download RNS 315 V.4 Map Update – SD Card


. you can choose the SD card with mapping data from the Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen Web sites. All made by TomTom. All this is because this update is out of date. The software update is V4.2 (US). You can choose the hardware and firmware update and download the map update to the SD card.5-2.32 GB SD card. Every Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz website has a software update for the RNS 315. The updates are V1.2-1.0.3. The latest is V2.0.4.3. This update may not be compatible with your current vehicle. Use the download links above to get started.3-3.0.25GB SD card. All the map updates are USB keyed to ensure that the update software runs through the vehicle. I have a 2013 Audi A3 and my updates are.0-2.0GB SD card. There are four update versions.0.5-1.75GB SD card. These updates are for older RNS 215 VW and Mercedes Benz vehicles.1.2-1.6GB SD card. All map updates are compatible with the RNS 315 and are USB keyed for vehicle compatibility and security. Includes mapping updates with priority road types.
Download RNS 315
RNS 315 SD Card is a great tool for city driving and for charging. This system runs with the SD card installed in the map slots of the RNS 315 and at the same time monitors the SD card to check for any updates available. This system will allow you to set your own speed limits and change your speed settings. This system comes with full phone support using bluetooth. This system also has the “EZ Key” system that allows you to set up the day and time for the vehicle starting. See technical details below.
The RNS 315 is vehicle specific and will not work in all vehicles. This system requires that the RNS 315 system be “sold new or with less than 12 months old warranty.” The update is compatible with all map updates available. The RNS 315 SD card is for the most current update to the maps.
Technical details
The rns 315 map update is compatible with the RNS 315 SD Card (RNS315.2.32GB SD card). You must have the vehicle factory installed navigation software in your vehicle if you are using the
rns315sdcard. Your factory installed navigation system will be the source of the data.There are https://www.madreandiscovery.org/fauna/checklists/checklist.php?clid=12802


Mar 11, 2018
What would be the best way to update the maps in my RNS 315 to V4? I have the new maps at my dealer but .
Nov 21, 2018
Sorry for the delay, The “update” is pretty much a new SD card with the latest. I guess there’s a local official dealer that I can get maps from, or an.
Feb 13, 2016
I’ve heard on these forums and at other dealerships that in order to update the maps on the .
RNS315 Step by Step – How to Update Map to 7.4
Mar 10, 2018
If I put map update for my RNS 315 (v.5) on an sd card, will I lose the ability to update the map software .


I don’t know how you do it but you have a manual that explains how to update map on your vehicle.
You will need an official card from your dealer (Im not sure about an RNS card as RNS 315 was the first model to have an official update, I think there are other RNS units).
You can find this manual (for RNS315) here
We had this same problem as you so I posted a question here on VWTA forums that might be helpful:

How to update the maps on RNS 315?

In that thread you will find 2 possible solutions and 3 workarounds to successfully update the map on your device.
Workaround #1

Backup the map on the SD card.
Place the official SD card.
Run the navigation.
Choose your maps to update.

Workaround #2

Backup the map on the SD card.
Place the official SD card.
Run the Navigation.
Insert a blank SD card.
Save and exit.
Put the new map on the SD card from the beginning and save.

Workaround #3

Go to a licensed service center that is able to update the maps on your RNS.

Usually the service centers do a “map renewal” on your device.

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