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Download Lagu Pop Rock Indonesia Terbaru !!EXCLUSIVE!!


Download Lagu Pop Rock Indonesia Terbaru

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Indonesian Pop & Rock BERTIBILAN-RUSHDirected By / Visual

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Indonesian pop music

Composer and lyricist Deddy Corbuzier is an Indonesian singer. Jakarta, a konjektur dengan nama Deddy Corbuzier, part-time pop singer and guitarist. He was born in Kota Tua, Jakarta on February 25, 1962. Deddy Corbuzier first started performing on the radio at the young age of 10. He is well known for his hit albums of the 1980s.

Deddy Corbuzier, began his career as an artist in 1978. At that time, he was still studying at SMA Negeri 1 Jakarta. Corbuzier had been successful in various contests, such as Jakarta Radiorecord Festival and Jakarta Radio Festival. Corbuzier’s first major hit was “Melihat Energi” (1985), written by Boby Sembungan, with lyrics by Deddy Corbuzier. He released another hit song. “MEMILIKI YANG LAGU” (1986). The song’s title was the name of Deddy Corbuzier’s best-selling album that year. This song sold over a million copies in Indonesia. With this success came the song “Kembang karna gosipang lah jangan gempar” (1986), written by Boby Sembungan and additional lyrics by Deddy Corbuzier. The song became the theme song of the Sukarno movie, “Hati terang asal dunia” (1987) performed by Deddy Corbuzier. Later in 1986 he released an album, “Kenangan Indonesia”, of which the title track, “Kenangan Indonesia” / “Poker dan Camar”, was the only single to be released.

In 1987, Deddy released his second album titled Deddy dan semuanya and the “MEMILIKI YANG LAGU” / “Bunga dan Waktu” (1988). The song “Bunga dan Waktu” was an Indonesian adaptation of a song “Chilly Winds”, by The Doors. Deddy and his band, Deddy & Friends, performed the song on a trip to Britain. In 1988, he joined the Jakarta Festival. In 1989, Deddy released his third and last album, which contains the hits “Kembang dan Waktu”, “Pergelangan Wisata”, “Kembali Bagi”, “Ke