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Keeping track of GitHub notifications, especially if you’re the type of developer or user involved with multiple projects at the same time, can be quite a hassle.
Sure, there’s always the option of relying on emails or GitHub in-built notification system, but the truth of the matter is that for most power users the system in question a bit clunky, not to mention the fact that it offers little-to-no filtering options.
That is why you might be interested in DevHub, a GitHub client on steroids, built after the model of TweetDeck, the most powerful Twitter client/organizer app. It’s available in web-app form, as well as for some of the most popular platforms out there such as Windows, as well as iOS and Android.
Why is DevHub worth your attention
Just like TweetDeck, DevHub allows you to see everything that is going on GitHub at a glance in multiple panels or columns. These columns can be moved and customized to a great extent. For starters, it’s very easy to clear all the seen items and keep your work organized. Additionally, archived items can be moved to a separate place.
One of the best features of DevHub is the support for a massive number of useful filters which can be applied individually to each column. The filters are organized in the following sections: Inbox, Subscription reasons, Saved for later, Read status, and Privacy. Even better is the fact that these filters can be effortlessly applied or removed with just a few mouse clicks, as the app’s GUI is very intuitive.
These filters and enhanced notification systems allow you to watch repositories and keep up to date with all the activities without the associated clutter. The app also has a feature called Stalker mode which allows you to follow user activities without using the “follow” button. This feature enables you to see activities that usually not shown on your feed such as issue comments and pushed commits.
Customization and even more customization
Another reason why DevHub is such a good application is related to how it allows you to fully customize your user experience. It boasts keyboard shortcuts support, private repos support, and even eight very stylish GUI (dark and light) themes to choose from. You can also set up the app to change the themes for you automatically according to the time of day.
According to the app’s official GitHub repository, future features should include more filters, a new column for trending repositories, push notifications, drag and drop support (for moving the columns), and support for GitHub Enterprise.
To conclude, if your activity relies on GitHub on a daily basis, then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give DevHub a chance to prove its worth. As with all things, there’s still room for improvement in the feature department, however, as it stands, the application is more than capable of catering to most users’ needs.







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Keep up to date with your GitHub projects with the industry-leading desktop and mobile app
DevHub for GitHub is the industry-leading desktop and mobile app for managing and consuming GitHub projects.
The app is designed to work in a manner similar to your favorite social network, from easily subscribing to repositories, groups, users, and more.
DevHub comes with over 30 intuitive, customizable filters to customize the notifications of your interest.
Manage and consume your GitHub projects
• Manage your projects as a list, or add them to your Stream.
• Use filters to customize the app’s feed.
• Receive the latest GitHub updates on your desktop and mobile.
• See what’s happening in your team and the organization.
• Customize the app’s appearance.
Subscribe to project and notification emails
• Receive emails for new commits, merge requests, and other activity on a project.
• Receive push notifications via email for new commits, merge requests, or repos pushed to a branch.
• Receive email notifications for pull requests.
Stay on top of issues and comments
• View active issues on your projects and automatically receive notifications for new comments.
• Mark issues as read to filter what you see in your feed.
Keep up with an unlimited number of projects
• Create projects as lists.
• Keep up with all your projects without having to subscribe to them.
• Clear the collected repositories to stop sharing information.
• Select which team, organization, and repository to subscribe to.
• Clear the app’s database of collected data to prevent it from being collected again.
• Manage which privacy setting to use on each project.
Multiple accounts support
• Import your existing social network connections to DevHub.
• Subscribe to the same projects on multiple accounts.
• Send push notifications via email for the same projects.
• Subscribe to a project through GitHub’s web service.
• Subscriptions created directly in the app are not stored in the database.
Automatic sync
• Work from your computer or mobile device.
• Get updates of all your projects.
Email notifications
• Receive push notifications via email for any changes to your projects.
• Receive emails for new commits, merge requests, and other activity on a project.
• Receive push notifications via email for new commits, merge requests, or repos pushed to a branch.

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DevHub is a GitHub client focused on providing users with an extremely customizable interface, which can help keep up with all the stuff going on in the software development world. It’s available in the web form, as well as for a number of platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android.
DevHub’s main goal is to keep users up-to-date and to simplify their GitHub experience. It uses a grid-style interface which makes things easier, and as mentioned above, it’s very customizable.
– Free support for the service.
– Multiple columns can be moved around in order to quickly change the way the app looks.
– Advanced filter functionality which enables you to customize your GitHub experience in a multitude of ways.
– Multiple keyboard shortcuts for a speedy user experience.
– Support for private repositories
– Support for Trending Repositories
– An innovative feature that enables you to follow GitHub activities by simply pressing the “Stalker” button, without having to click it.
– Six different GUI (Dark and Light) themes, plus a Dark Mode for when you need to get a bit of work done.
– Support for all the GitHub mobile clients.
– Push notification system
– Background notification, so you don’t have to deal with alerts anymore.
– Analytics system, that allows you to track all the activity that takes place on your GitHub account.
– Constant updates are released on a regular basis, to ensure that the application is always at the top of its game.
The Verdict:
The software is really useful, especially for those who rely on GitHub to a high degree on a daily basis. It is also a great application for those who are the type of people who want to see all the cool things that take place on a particular project as soon as they occur.

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What’s New In?

Monitor, organize, and work on all your GitHub projects in one place
Want to keep up to date with all the projects you’re working on? Or just get a feel for the repositories you follow the most? Or just want to work on them as soon as they’re open on GitHub?
DevHub is the only app for that!
With DevHub, all your projects are in one place. As soon as a new commit or pull request is pushed to a project on GitHub, you’ll get a push notification. Additionally, you can:
• Stay up-to-date with all the latest changes to your repositories
• View pull requests, issue comments and commits
• Keep track of your projects and easily organize your work
• Work on any project or repository you want, regardless of which service or team you use
Even if you’re not using GitHub, DevHub is a simple way to stay up-to-date with your projects!
DevHub Features:
• Drag and Drop Your Columns
• Keyboard Shortcuts for Columns, Repositories and Activity
• Private Repositories Support
• Individual Notifications for Repositories
• GitHub Enterprise Support
• Different Themes
If you’re a regular user of GitHub and want an easy way to stay on top of your projects, then you’ve come to the right place!
Visit devhub.io to get started!

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i3/i5/i7
Processor type: x86/64
HDD: 40 GB
OS: 64-bit Windows 8.1/7/Vista
These requirements apply to Windows 7 & 8, although most programs will run without problem on Windows 7/8 if your processor is at least 1 GHz and above 4 GB of RAM. However, if you wish to use your GPU for other tasks such as video encoding/decoding and games, you’ll need the